SMITE Handling Feeders Guide

SMITE Handling Feeders Guide by MCTeamwork

Scenario: You are doing your best to win the game, however there is one guy constantly running his mouth about how bad everyone is even though you’re 9/2/5 and he/she is 0/6/0. You’re upset that your carrying is potentially going to be foiled because of one bad.

Lesson: First off, Smite is a team game and you shouldn’t be trying to carry by yourself. That is NOT the type of Teamwork that we’re looking for. You should seek to be encouraging. Yes I understand that MOBA players are arguably the biggest d-bags in gaming when it comes to in-game interaction, but here at Smite we seek a higher level of community and brotherhood.

For that 10 minutes (because you’ll probably surrender due to the bad) you should take the feeder under your wing and explain the tremendous importance of teamwork and communication for sweet victory cannot be achieved without it. Don’t believe me? Tell your whole team to stay in base and see how well you can win by yourself? Anyway, teach the feeder the power of VGS and utilizing chat to set up ganks, lane covers, teach them about maintaining their lane and about patiently waiting to capitalize on an opponent’s misstep rather than charging a tower with 15% health and no mana. Also, the importance of making missing calls to foil ganks. Do not be lazy and not call MIAs because you were too busy tower diving a fully built Ymir at the tower with half health.

If they are resistant and keep telling YOU what to do, calling you a noob or other horrendous names, and you’ve done your best than at some point THEY have destroyed the potentially enlightening and mutually enjoyable experience of working as a cohesive team working towards the ultimate goal of DESTROYING the minotaur! The best thing to do here is make use of our awesome Mute feature that I like to use when team players like to try to play solo when they’re 6 levels behind.

The Pay-Off: You don’t have feeders telling the team what to do even though their score doesn’t even begin to justify their self-proclaimed genius level of strategy. They learn how to actually play the game. They grow as an individual by having an open-mind about the importance of Teamwork. YOU grow as a leader and develop a higher level of patience when dealing with these scenarios.

That is all for now… You’re welcome!

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  1. devildevil21 says:

    Ty alot :)

    In fact i was almost becoming a feeder because I am pretty mad… I made 41 games, and I lost 41 games in a row because of feeders. I kept telling them to be careful and not feed (and to play peacefully and safefully) but they kept calling me names. I muted and reported him at the end, but still lost, and lost, and lost… Sometimes the players get so mad of allways losing that they can’t think by themselves anymore and start feeding, trolling, offending,spamming, etc.

    Nice guide to how to make feeders stop feeding or how to ignore them at 100% :)

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