SimCity Social Secret to Rare Random Collectibles

SimCity Social Secret to Rare Random Collectibles by caleido

For those who just starting up and find it hard to find specifically some rare collectibles from where they should be dropped, here’s the ‘secret well’ I dug from…..

guess what…


Instead of wasting your energy into other buildings, try spending all your energy on action/task at Train Station you had already, and see what’s coming out.
You wouldn’t believe that your Train station not just drops the collectibles they should!

Other than Ticket Stubb, Finger Foam, Souvenir, and Arch Pizzazz, Train Stations drops everything. Here’s the list I confirmed so far:
Hard Hats, Bushel of foods, business card, Cash Registers, punchcards, business cards, Teamwork, Llama Manure, Fury, Rage, Trust, Goodwill, Elbow Grease, Harmony, XRay, Hayseed, Medal of Bravery, Police Badge, Safety Award, Business Savvy, etc (I believe every other stuffs).

Haven’t got Bliss & Wrath yet.

If you tried this, please share what you got.

I hope this helps before EA start to think it as a ‘fix-needed bug’.

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