Scarlet Blade FAQ

Scarlet Blade FAQ by TheNinjaKitten


• When is Scarlet Blade Beta/Release?
There is currently no official date set for beta or release, aka Soon™.

• Will this version of the game be censored?
There will only be slight adjustments made to the Sentinel class and NPCs that share the Sentinel character model. All other graphical content will remain as it is in the native version. [Official Statement]

• Will Aeria offer an optional patch to remove the censoring?
There is no official statement on this.

• What are Scarlet Blade’s system requirements?
The system requirements can be found here.

• Is it true you can only be female in SB?
Yes, you can not make a male character in SB.

Beta Phases

• What is Closed Beta?
Closed Beta is a stage of development in a game’s life where players are able to play the game for a short time in order to help find any problems. In most cases, only those invited by the company or those that have beta keys (codes to get access to the game) are able to participate. However, in my experience with Aeria, everyone who applies for Closed Beta is allowed to participate.

• Where can I apply for Closed Beta?
You can apply on the Scarlet Blade Homepage.

• How long does Closed Beta last?
Generally it lasts a few weeks, however this can vary on how the testing phase goes.

• Will Closed Beta be wiped?

• What does wiped mean?
Wiped means that everything is erased from the game. Characters, items, levels, everything.

• Why bother playing Closed Beta then?
Note that this phase is only a test. It is not the live or full-release of the game yet. However, you do get the knowledge ahead of time of gameplay elements, and knowing you helped test and refine the game for better gameplay. Sometimes players who participate in Closed Beta receive items as a thanks from Aeria, in the full release version of the game.

• What is Open Beta?
It is the last testing phase before the game goes live. Everyone is welcome to participate in Open Beta as well.

• Does Open Beta get wiped?
Most likely not. Generally, Open Beta merges into Release, however if there are game breaking issues, a wipe may be required.

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