Ryzom Zorai Cities of Intuition Guide

Ryzom Zorai Cities of Intuition Guide by gretchen

OK, so I’m hoping to make this a helpful little guide to Cities of Intuition, the starting area of Zoraï within the larger domain of Witherings. First up is Zora, our capitol city, a bustling center of commerce.

Notes, I numbered the areas starting with the Stables and working in a counterclockwise spiral, with each major structure and surrounding activity. Look at the map and it will make sense. (M) merchants, (TR) trainers, others missions or npcs of note. Merchant numbers (50, 100, etc) denote the highest ql NPC goods for sale, no limit on player-sold goods. Exits lead to CoI (Cities of Intuition,) KoD (Knot of Dementia,) HoP (Haven of Purity,) MG (Maiden Grove,) or GoU (Grove of Umbra.)

Will expand as time allows.

Witherings-Cities of Intuition-ZORA
(lvl 50 nodes/lvl 50-100 npc goods)
1.) Stables and environs:
(M) Cedon Lyseus (hawker outside s gate) misc goods
Cities of Intuition Kami Welcomer (e by teleporter) misc Missions
Hon Sai-Fuang (corporal) low combat Missions (local)
Sai-Ju Fuangi (welcomer)
(M) Sigio Nirini (hawker outside s gate) misc goods
(M) Vao Pa-Sang (stableboy)
(e to cemetary, not an exit)
(exit s to CoI)
(zora kami altar, pacts 12250 dappers)
Visible Resource Nodes (50): (choice jungle/fine/basic Pha Amber)

2.) Trainer pit and environs:
Fai-Cu Fung (barman sse) medium Cube Mission
(TR) Fung Bai-Kung (crafter nne)
(TR) Hiang Vo-Nuang (harvester ese)
(TR) Tao Nai-Da (fighter ssw)
(TR) Zhao Shuai-Nang (magician wnw)
(nearby merchant hut ne of pit empty)

3.) Kami Temple and environs:
Zora Kami Master (inside temple) source of post-low Cube missions
(nearby merchant huts s of temple empty)
(exit e to HoP)

4.) NE player Residence and environs:
(M) Dai-Fan Liangi (apt caretaker w door) apts 1M dappers
(M) Gai-Guan Len (apt caretaker s door)
(M) La-Viang Chi (apt caretaker ne door)
(nearby merchant huts e of residence empty)
(exit n to pocket of CoI and on to KoD)

5.) North Ramp platform and environs:
(no npcs)
(nearby merchant hut s of platform empty)

6.) NW player Residence and environs:
(TR) Hiai-Kang Hon (fighter by fire)
Jalius Dessen (booth sw of apts) Comrades of the Drill lodge master (info)
(TR) Kai-Feo Guai (magician by fire)
(TR) Nako Sam-Lin (by Jalius) Tree-Bore Crafters trainer/merchant (Kami)
(TR) Pu-Fu Vang (crafter by fire)
(M) Qu-Bin Bian (apt caretaker s door)
(M) Sai-Ju Din (apt caretaker ne door)
(TR) Shuai-Chon Ki (harvester by fire)
(M) Shuai-Nang Biani (apt caretaker nw door)
(TR) Tanan Be’Ledorn (by Jalius) Big Trepan Crafters trainer/merchant (Karavan)
(M) Xo-Yuang Biani (hut to s) jewelry, all player sold
(exit n to pocket of CoI and on to KoD)
(exit w to KoD)

7.) SW guild Residence and environs:
(M) La-Viang Cuo (guild apt caretaker s door)
(M) Pei-Jeng Fuan (hut se of guild apts) jewelry, all player sold
(M) Sai-Ju Dao (guild apt caretaker ne door)
(M) She-Jua Len (guild apt caretaker nw door)
(nearby clump of merchant huts(3) sw of guild apts empty)

8.) Highmart District and environs:
Be’Darins Breggie (ambassador, town hall) medium tryker missions
Fuan Shu-Quan (guild clerk, town hall) guild register and official finding
(M) Geng Xo-Yuang (se hut) range weapons & ammo 50
(M) Hiang Zai-Suo (s huts outside) crafting tools
La-Po Len (zora intendant, town hall) Amber missions
Liao Fa-Ling (dynastic magistrate, town hall) citizenship
(M) Mu So-Suang (w huts outside) melee weap 50 (dagger, sw, mace, axe, sp, staff)
(M) Nao Li-Qiao (w huts outside) melee weap 50 (2h sw, 2h axe, pike, 2h mace, amp)
Onaru Wu-Seng (guild dynastic magistrate, town hall) guild citizenship
Shua-Lao Zhuangi (local messenger, east outside) messenger Missions
Shuai-Nang Ciai (corporal, east outside) combat Missions
(M) Tao Ba-Ben (s huts middle) light armor 50, bucklers
(M) Vang La-Po (s huts west) heavy armor 50, shields & bucklers
(M) Vang Tei-Woo (s huts outside) medium armor 50, shields & bucklers
Vara Frechini (ambassador, town hall) medium matis missions
Xyrius Zessen (ambassador, town hall) medium fyros missions
(M) Zhao Ma-Seng (s huts east) raw materials 50

9.) Central plaza and environs:
(M) Ba-Ben Ging (nw of plaza) male hair
Cai-Ci Du (sage, plaza) amber missions later?
(M) Do-Vi Geoi (nw of plaza) female hair
Ki Tei-Woo (local messenger, n of plaza) low courier Missions
Kitin of the West Observer (plaza) kitin news?
Liangi Vo-Nuang (apprentice overseer, sw of plaza) crafting Missions
Mi Pa-Sang (corporal, e of plaza) low combat Missions
Shuai-Chon Vao (Zora guard chief, plaza) possible amber missions later?

10.) Central guild Residence and environs:
(M) Ba-Nung Cioi (w tent outside) male tattooer
(M) Cai-Ci Vang (w tent outside) female tattooer
(M) Chaoi Zai-Suo (nne hut) light armor, buckler 100
(M) Dai-Fan Luoi (guild apt caretaker se door)
(M) Fung Nai-Da (nnw hut) heavy armor, shield, buckler 100
(M) Geng Bai-Fuang (nnw hut) medium armor, shield, buckler 100
(M) Jeoi Li-Qiao (nw hut) range weap & ammo 100
(M) Kei-Yao Din (guild apt caretaker sw door)
Luoi Bai-Kung (local supplier, e tents outside) low delivery Missions
(M) Pu-Fu Tao (e tents outside) crafting tools
Qui-Le Bian (local supplier, e tents outside) low delivery Missions
(M) Shuai-Nang Len (guild apt caretaker n door)
(M) Sun Nai-Da (wsw hut) melee weap 100 (dagger, sw, mace, axe, sp, staff)
(M) Tao Bai-Kung (se hut) melee weap 100 (2h sw, 2h axe, pike, 2h mace, amp)
(M) Vao Pei-Ziao (e tents outside) raw materials 100

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