Ryzom Tryker Island Beginner’s Guide

Ryzom Tryker Island Beginner’s Guide by shirwyn


As the title suggests this is a guide based on a couple of days playing as a Tryker on the NA server. This is not a build guide for creating the Ultimate Uber End Game God. Just a little advice to see you through the first few days without going nuts.

Character Creation

Everyone of all races starts out equal. Male and female, Fyros and Tryker have the same stats so just spend a couple of minutes making a decent face and body that you think suits your personality and move on to Actions.

The general wisdom is to take the Level 1 packs in Harvesting, Magic and Crafting. Everyone can melee fight when they arrive on the island (either bare knuckle or using the Magic Amplifier you get with the Magic pack as a club) and weapons are pretty cheap from the NPC vendors so, unless you want to be a Magician from day one (in which case get a Level 3 Magic pack and look for another game guide) this seems to be good advice.

When you get to the map asking which of the starting villages you want to go to, scroll through the names and see where each is on the island and jot it down on a piece of paper. This comes in handy if you take a delivery mission or are asked to meet someone.

This done, head into the world.

The First Half Hour.

(Note: RIght now the “Welcomer” npcs that are supposed to greet you and give you a simple tour of the village aren’t working on Tryker island.)

You arrive in the world with a screen full of menus that can block your view. Hit the “K” key and you get another menu that shows all the key commands to open and close these windows. You’ll want to kee your chat window open(set it to Region or User so you can listen to people chatting or so you can ask more experienced players questions) your own health bar, your target bar and the actions button bar. The last lets you access your skills and equip weapons and tools (click on your right or left hand and you get a list of available tools and weapons you can use and click on the item you want equip).

Once you have your interface set up the way you like it, equip your Armor Crafting tool then click on the Armor Crafting button in the action bar. When the menu opens up click on the box and select the Tryker Boots (the only plan you have so far). You start the game with 50 generic crafting materials. Use them to make boots until you run out of material. Examine the boots (right click on them in the inventory) to see which has the best physical protection percentage then right click on them again and chose the “Equip” option. Then take the rest of the boots over to one of the merchants (in Tryker villages look for the low domed building next to the main structure) and sell them.

You should have enough money from this to buy one or possibly even two weapons. On Tryker Island the merchants sell Daggers, Swords, and Staffs.
You usually get two of each weapon to chose from. Examine them all (again, right click) and you’ll get a lot more information about the weapon than you probably can understand. For now the important points you’re looking for are the Minimum and Maximum Damage and the Speed. Later in the game the Durability will be a big factor but, for now, you’ll be replacing the weapons long before they wear out so the cheaper weapon may actually be better for you.

There are no Ranged weapons sold by vendors on the starting islands and everything I’ve heard from other players seems to indicate that Pistols and even Rifles are underpowered and with expensive ammunition. Unless you’re aiming for a high end character with one of the rocket launcher/gatling guns they talk about stick with melee.

In the game there are 3 main types of melee weapons including Blunt, Piercing and Slashing (you start with one handed and get 2 handed versions later on). Different creatures have different resistances to each type of damage. If you’re fighting a creature and you notice the damage messages you’re getting have numbers like “you do 18 (20) damage” this means the creature is resistant to the weapon you’re using. The full damage you might have done is 20 but, because of the resistance you only did 18. Having one of each type of weapon to switch between can save you a lot of pain.

The Staffs sold on Tryker seem pretty poor and you already have a blunt weapon with your Magic Amplifier so stick to the Swords and Daggers for now. Personally I’d suggest getting 2 daggers (if you can afford two) to start out with as the Suckling Yubos you’ll be fighting have no resistance to piercing damage. The Daggers are a lot weaker when it comes to their damage compared to Swords but they are very fast so you’ll get more attacks and, over the course of a full fight, you’ll do only a little less damage than with a Sword (assuming there are no resistances).

Also you can Dual Wield a Dagger in your left hand if you have a Sword or Dagger in your right hand. This lets you get extra damage and finish the fights faster with less damage to you. Later, when you have a little money saved up and are starting to fight Suckling Messab’s you can buy a Sword and switch it in against creatures that are resistant to piercing.

If you have your two Daggers and still have a little money left over, check for some body armor. The Suckling Yubo’s you start out fighting mostly (but not always) attack the legs and feet. You already have a pair boots you made yourself so get a pair of pants if you can afford it.

Out Into the World

Once you’ve taken care of these chores look around for a “Corporal”. These are NPC’s that give out missions to kill critters and gather raw materials. Most of the missions will be too high level for you but right click on each to see the details and look for missions to kill Yubo’s or gather meat or hairs from them. Be sure, when you take a gather mission, that the Quality of the items they’re asking for is Q5 or lower. There are tougher versions of the Suckling Yubos, called Weanling Yubo’s that will drop the higher Quality items but they’re far too tough for you to fight just yet.

Other npcs that will give you missions are “Local Overseers” who get you to craft items and “Local Suppliers” (the latter is a merchant that will buy from you but has nothing to sell so you have to right click on them to get the Missions option) that give delivery missions. These delivery missions are “urgent”, ie time restricted, and have to be finished in a set time (5 minutes in the ones I saw). To see how much time you have left on a mission hit “J” ( for journal) then click on the mission and you’ll see a timer in the description. The time for these delivery missions is pretty tight and, even when I knew my way around, I was only able to succede doing the ones to or from the central village of Barkdell because of the shorter distance.

For now stick to the kill Yubo missions and head down the dock to dry land. Once you’re there you’ll see a few more NPC’s such as wandering guards, more Overseers and Corporals and a “Karavan Guide”. This is the NPC you talk to when you’re ready to leave the Newbie Island and head to the mainland. Stay away from her for now so you don’t accidentally get zapped out to the cold cruel world. If you see another Corporal though check and see if he has any Kill/Collect Yubo missions for you. You can do two of the same missions at once. You’ll just have to kill twice as many critters or gather twice as much stuff.

So you’re on shore and you see some Suckling Yubo’s. You click on once and get the Attack option. You click on it again and you run up to it and start attacking. This can be a handy feature but dangerous as well if the critter you’ve targetted should decide to run off into the middle of pack of agressive Cloppers or Goaris. Try and get in the habit of getting close to the critter before initiating the attack when you’re starting out.

Another helpful hint for fighting is to use the mouse wheel to roll back into 3rd person view so you can watch your back and see if any other critters have wandered by and decided to join the fight.

Also be careful not to be too close to town and the guards. If they see you fighting another creature they’ll kill it and you’ll get no experience from the fight, even if it was already nearly dead. On the other hand if you get jumped by several aggressive Cloppers or Goaris and you can run fast enough to get to them, they’ll kill the critters for you and save you from dieing.

After the fight left click on the corpse and you’ll get the “Quartering” option. Left click again and in a few seconds you’ll see the items you can loot. Some items are used exclusively for quests (you can tell which by right clicking them) and others are for use in trade skills. The quest items won’t sell to merchants so, unless you have a mission to gather them, leave them on the corpse or chose the Take All option and right click and chose the Destroy option on the items when they appear in your own inventory.

Leveling Up.

Right now, fighting just one Suckling Yubo should be all it takes for you to get your first level of Fight. As soon as you level up head back into town and go into the main building. Go up to the sliding doors and onto the teleport pad that will give you the option of going to the different trainers.

Go to the Fight Trainer and get your first skill upgrade. Admittedly my experience in the game is limited but I’ve found Enhance Damage is an excellent choice. It, and the upgrades you get to use against higher level creatures, lets you do double damage when it’s successful. It’s the attack I’ve spammed 30 plus levels on the newbie island and I haven’t regretted the choice. To use it, make sure it’s in your Actions bar and click on it while you’re fighting. In your status window (the one with your HP/Sap/ Stamina/Focus Bars) there are two little boxes at the bottom, showing your current action (left hand one) and your next action (the right hand one). Make sure to click the Enhanced Damage, or other special attack if you use it, whenever the right hand box empties.

(Note: If you see a guide recommending Bleed attacks check the date. In Beta testing it was a very powerful damage over time attack but it was severely weakened just prior to the game being released and I would advise against spending the skill points on it. Of course, check the date on this guide in case it changes back again).

Also, if you took my advice about crafting the boots to pay for your first weapon, check in at the Crafter trainer and see if there are any useful skill upgrades he can offer. Some very useful skills like the Self Heal line (Self heal 1 restores 100 hit points and can be used every 2 minutes with Self heal 2 healing 200, Self heal 3 healing 300 etc) are available from each of the Trainers so, even if you don’t want to be a crafter or harvester, spending a little time working on those skills will give you the points to raise the generic skills and save the points in your main skill for craft specific upgrades.

As you get more levels you can also increase your stats at the trainers. For example boosting your Constitution at the trainer will raise your Hit Points by 50. Boosting Strength raises your Stamina which is used by fighters for making special attacks like the Enchanced Damage I mentioned above. There are also stats for increasing your regeneration of the hit points and Stamina and you want to keep those maxed out as well.

Rinse and Repeat.

Now that you have your skills sorted out, head back out and keep killing the Suckling Yubo’s until you’ve completed your missions. If you have a simple kill mission you’ll get the message and the money as soon as you’ve killed the number of critters required.

If you have a collect mission then head back to the npc who gave it to you and click on them. You’ll get the option to “Give” him the item. Left click again to open the trade window, hit “I” to open your inventory then drag the items from your inventory to the trade box. If the npc asked for a quality level of item that’s the minimum he’ll accept but if you loot items that are higher than the minimum you can hand those to him instead (ie if he asked for Q4 Yubo Hairs you can give him Q5 or even Q15 if you find them).

As you level be sure and keep doing missions at the different villages you go to and sell any looted items you don’t need for crafting to merchants to raise a little money. If you log off and come back on check back to the Corporals for fresh batches of missions. All that money is going to be going towards getting better weapons and armor. Store bought weapons and armor are Q10 and should actually serve you quite well up to level 20 but keep an eye out in Region chat in case you have a craftsman making Q20 items. Just remember not to equip that Q20 too soon. There’s a serious penalty for using equipment too high above your skill level.

Once you get more skilled and have saved enough for a full set of armor you can move on to tougher creatures. After Suckling Yubo’s try your hand at Suckling Messabs (the deer/cattle sort of critter) or Fledgling Ybers (the flying critters). From there try Weanling Yubo’s or Messabs or even take a shot at a Weeny Clopper (a crab/bug creature) if you can find one off by itself. From there move on to Weeny Goaris and Lesser Ybers then try Puny Cloppers, Puny Goaris and finally Weeny Kipees.

As you head out to find the tougher creatures be increasingly careful. The Yubos, Messabs, Ybers and even the Kipees are non-agressive and, on the island at least, non-social so you can kill one right next to it’s brother and not have to worry about them ganging up on you. The Cloppers and Goaris though are aggressive and will attack you on sight. Remember to roll back into the the 3rd person view to watch your back and be ready to run to town and the guards if you get jumped.

Of course, eventually you’ll run into a situation where you get in over your head and you’ll die. This isn’t a huge problem in the game. You’ll lay on the ground “in a coma” for a minute or so and if some one casts healing on you before the timer runs out you’ll be fine, just low on hit points until you’re healed. If there’s no one nearby though you can opt to hit the Respawn button (you can change your respawn point to a different village if you want and if you’ve physically been to that location by clicking on it in the death map) and you’ll appear back in town with all your gear and at low health.

You’ll now have an experience penalty but kill 3-5 critters close to your level and you’ll be back to normal. Or, if you want, you can spend a little time crafting or harvesting while your hit points recover, and the experience from those activities goes to pay down the debt. Personally I find it’s easier to fight for experience at these levels so I try and save my crafting and harvesting for when I can raise them.


Crafting is a tough skill to raise and expensive in terms of skill points. For example if you want to make armor it costs you 3 levels of experience for the plan of each item you want to make. Assuming you start with the basic crafting pack as I recommended it will take 15 levels of experience to make a full set of armor. And that will be a maximum level of Q10 (which people can buy in the shops) as you then need another 2.5 levels of crafting to get the upgrade to make Q20 items. Plus you’ll want another level to get the HP buff option to add to the armor. And after all that it will be useless because no one wants to buy the kind of Light Armor you start out with, only Medium or Heavy. Oh, and did I mention you have to experiment to figure out which materials work best for each item?

What I’m saying is that crafting is not a practical choice as a hobby in this game. Unless you’re planning to be a serious master craftsman you should leave it to the players that are.

That said, grinding a few levels of crafting now and then can be a useful way to build up the skill points to spend on generic Trainer upgrades like Stats and Self Heal. Just use the low end items you harvest from creatures as you go to make a bunch of boots. If youre short one or two materials go to the resouce vendor in the starting town to fill in the gaps.

As you gain in skills as a craftsman you’ll need to use better and better materials to get the same kind of experience gains. Of course, if you’re fighting skill gets too far ahead of your crafting skills, don’t use looted materials too far above your level of Crafting skill. You’ll suffer the same kind fo penalties that a fighter gets using armor or a weapon too high above his level. For example with my Crafting skill at Level 12 I made better boots and daggers with Level 10 Material than with Level 20 material.

If you want to be a Ranged fighter then crafting ammunition can also be an option as ammunition is very expensive and you can save a little (a very little once you factor in what the raw materials would sell for) by making it yourself.


Again, I’ll warn you I’ve only played the game a couple of days and admit Harvesting still has me baffled. I can prospect and extract but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong to get higher quality materials. I’d seriously suggest you find a good, in depth guide for this. Otherwise you can grind it like crafting for generic skill upgrades.

Just start out by equipping your mining pick and head along the lake looking for big green gas bubbles along the shore. Click on the resource and you’ll get the option to harvest from it. You’ll bend over and work at the resource for a minute or so before it collapses and you’ll get some experience and either some Sap or Oil you can sell or use for crafting.

Once you have a level go to the Harvester trainer and get the Basic Prospecting upgrade. This will let you make your own resources nodes to harvest from. Basically you stand for a minute or so after clicking on the button then, if resources are close by, a node will apppear and you can harvest it.

This skill consumes Focus so, if I was low on hit points from a fight, I’d prospect a couple of times while my hit points regenerated. Once my hit points were back to full I’d go back to fighting and my Focus regenerated. Of course if I’d just sat down my hit points or Focus would have regenerated faster but this way it broke up the monotony.


Sorry but, aside from casting Heal on people as I wander around, I’ve done nothing with this. I haven’t even gotten any experience from healing the people as this spell only gives expereince if you’re grouped with the person you’re healing. It’s actually a little bizarre and rumours are floating around that they may replace the Heal spell with a damage one.

Meanwhile your best bet for raising the skill enough to get a Damage spell (I’m told you need 5 levels of magic to pay for that first Damage spell) is to group with another player and agree to heal him while he fights. Better still offer to take turns with another magician want to be and heal him while he fights then turn around and fight while he heals you.

Once you have the first Damage spell (most guides I’ve seen recommend Acid)you’ll want to save up for Fear. You cast the Damage spell as it runs at you then Fear and it runs away. While it’s running away from you and turns back you can hit it with another couple of Damage spells before hitting it with Fear as it gets close. Keep doing this until it’s dead or you’re out of Sap and have to melee (going by what other guides say and not based on any personal experience you’re best off with a 2 handed weapon to maximize your magic experience points using this method).


Well that’s my advice. Take it for what it cost you and good luck in the game.

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