Ryzom Zorai Beginner’s Guide

Ryzom Zorai Beginner’s Guide by xorte

Of all the races in Ryzom the Zorai seem to be the most unpopular. It’s not that hard to see why either – we do tend to look like a cross between slipknot and eminem in his chainsaw mask !

also we are blue in colour! But don’t be put off by our appearance wait till you
arrive in the depths of the Zorai jungle.

It’s a very inhospitable place usually alot of mist, darkness and heavy rain, but now and then it clears up revealing a beautiful jungle vista.

I’m going to suggest how you might get started as a Zorai fighter/mage.

Don’t listen to the people who complain that all they can do is harvest because they can’t kill anything – it’s not true – and I’ll show you how.

My first advice is to select all 3 magic action packs when you create your
character – this will give you acid 1 and fear both essential for a solo career.

There are three important things you need to know first though:

(1) The best village to start in in the middle village (shen-wo)
(2) Since the patch 1 you cannot kill a suckling yubo by yourself using magic.
(3) suckling yubos are the easiest creatures (mobs) to kill so you won’t be able to kill anything else so don’t try.

So if you want to be a powerful battlemage you need to be able to level up at a decent rate. The quickest way to level up is to fight. Now this is where
most beginners get stuck because they hurl magic at yubos and get killed immediately.

What you need to do is somehow accumulate enough money to buy a weapon. Preferably a quality 20 choice weapon – the best ones in Zorai are made by players. The easiest way is to be very nice to someone who can make or give or lend you a weapon.

Once you have a weapon of quality 20 – a one handed zorai sword is best you can kill a suckling yubo. You will almost be killed yourself but you’ll get good xp and if you keep killing and resting and using the self heal spell you’ll soon get a few levels in fight. Which will give you fight sp to spend. If you walk out of any exit of middle town you’ll walk straight into a bunch of yubos. don’t worry they don’t attack you they just run up occasionally and bark at you.

As you kill collect all the loot and sell it at the raw materials merchant (you can only sell 128 items max in one village – or at least I found that limitation)

you’ll soon amass enough cash to buy another weapon a choice quality 20 player made dagger is best. Equip the dagger in your left hand. This makes you fight even better.

Soon you’ll be killing yubos and levelling up. When you get to level 2 or 3 in fight you can start hurling acid 1 at yubos some distance from you and when they get to you start thumping them with your weapons.

You should go train (run up the village ramps and select a trainer inside)

the best things to get first are all vital statistics boosters. Like HP, metabolism, strength etc.

Now thats how to get started if you are alone. And lets face it the Zorai island is pretty lonely as there are only a handful of players at the moment.

Afterall Ryzom is a team game and so you should really try to get together in packs of small numbers and fight together. This will really help you level up fast.

Ideally if you can find a higher level fighter such as a level 20-25 and ask them to team with you. They can tank – i.e. take all the damage while you hurl acid 1 from a safe distance and use heal on the fighter so she doesn’t die.

This is the very best way to fight – in groups. Soneone tanking and mages hurling magic from a safe distance. I found while I tanked, 2 mages of level 2 were getting 400-600 xp per kill when we were killing Mekatoubs. (big elephant like things)

They went from level 2 – 10 in less than a couple of hours.

However I think it’s a good idea to train fighting skills as at lower levels mages with magic only are pretty weak. It will take longer but I recommend getting fight to level 20 at least at some point.

Finally if you manage to get your magic up to level 20 you will be able to kill weanling or weeny things in this manner if you are soloing – first cast acid at the target some distance away – then you might get another acid in before the mob reaches you – then hit it with fear – it will run away wildly – keep hitting it with acid till it comes after you again – then keep repelling it with fear so it doesnt get near enough to cause you any damage. It’s alot slower than using a sword and ultimately I’d say the best way is to fight in groups rather than soloing. It is a multiplayer game.

Lets take a quick look at the wildlife:

suckling yubo – they dont attack you so its safe to walk around them
weanling yubo – same as suckling yubo
weeny ragus – beware they attack and usually in pairs or more
puny ragus – dangerous much harder than weeny
suckling mekatoub – they don’t attack you its safe to walk around them
weanling mekatoub – same as above
fledgling javling – beware they attack you and disarm you
lesser Izam – same as javling
kippee – they don’t attack you but they are the hardest to kill

suckling yubos are near every village entrance, weanling yubos are found a little further out usually to the left or right of village entrances.

The rest are found a little further out roaming around. Kipees are found only in certain areas.

Well I think thats it for now. hope it helps

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