Ryzom Titles Details List

Ryzom Titles Details List by usinuk

1-20 Fight (Warrior Apprentice)
21-50 Melee Fight (Melee Warrior)
51-100 1H Melee (Light Armsman)
101-150 1H Melee Smashing (Bludgeoner)
101-150 1H Melee Piercing (Skewerer)
101-150 1H Melee Slashing (Slasher)
51-100 2H Melee (Heavy Armsman)
101-150 2H Melee Smashing (Smasher) (200 Heavy-Maceman)
101-150 2H Melee Piercing (Impaler) (200 Pikeman)
101-150 2H Melee Slashing (Cleaver) (200 Heavy-Swordsman)
51-100 Close Combat (Close Fighter)
101-150 Close Combat (Advanced Close Fighter)
21-50 Ranged Fight (Range Fighter)
51-100 1H Ranged (Gunman)
101-150 Advanced 1H Ranged Fight (Advanced Gunman)
51-100 2H Ranged (Heavy Gunman)
101-150 Advanced 2H Ranged Fight (Advanced Heavy Gunman)

1-20 Magic (Magician Apprentice)
21-50 Offensive Magic (Offensive Magician)
51-100 Offensive Affliction (Disturber)
101-150 Advanced Offensive Affliction (Affliction Bringer) (Black Mage=200) (250 – Avatar of Sorrow)
51-100 Elemental Magic (Destroyer)
101-150 Advanced Elemental Magic (Archmage)
21-50 Defensive Magic (Defensive Magician)
51-100 Defensive Affliction (Mentalist)
101-150 Expert Defensive Affliction (Summoner)
51-100 Standard Healing Magic (Healer)
101-150 Advanced Healing Magic (Priest) (200 – Master of Life)

1-20 Craft (Crafter Apprentice)
21-50 Armor Crafting (Armorer Apprentice)
51-100 Light Armor Crafting (Light Armorer)
101-150 Light Boots Crafting (Advanced Light Armorer)
101-150 Light Gloves Crafting
101-150 Light Pants Crafting
101-150 Light Sleeves Crafting
101-150 Light Vest Crafting
51-100 Medium Armor Crafting (Medium Armorer)
101-150 Medium Boots Crafting (Advanced Medium Armorer)
101-150 Medium Gloves Crafting
101-150 Medium Pants Crafting
101-150 Medium Helmet Crafting
101-150 Medium Sleeves Crafting
101-150 Medium Vest Crafting
51-100 Heavy Armor Crafting (Heavy Armorer)
101-150 Heavy Boots Crafting (Advanced Heavy Armorer)
101-150 Heavy Gloves Crafting
101-150 Heavy Helmet Crafting
101-150 Heavy Pants Crafting
101-150 Heavy Sleeves Crafting
101-150 Heavy Vest Crafting
51-100 Shield Crafting (Shieldsmith)
101-150 Buckler Crafting (Advanced Shieldsmith)
101-150 Shield Crafting
21-50 Melee Weapon Crafting (Melee Weaponsmith Apprentice)
51-100 1H Melee Weapon Crafting (Melee Weaponsmith)
101-150 Axe Crafting (Advanced Melee Weaponsmith)
101-150 Dagger Crafting
101-150 Mace Crafting
101-150 Spear Craftin
101-150 Sword Crafting
101-150 Staff Crafting
51-100 2H Melee Weapon Crafting (Heavy Melee Weaponsmith)
101-150 2H Axe Crafting
101-150 2H Mace Crafting
101-150 Pike Crafting
101-150 2H Sword Crafting
51-100 Close Combat Weapon Crafting (Light Melee Weapon Smith)
101-150 Close Combat Weapon Crafting (Advanced Light Melee Weaponsmith)
21-50 Jewelry Crafting (Jeweler Apprentice)
51-100 Anklet Crafting
101-150 Advanced Anklet Crafting
51-100 Bracelet Crafting
101-150 Advanced Bracelet Crafting
51-100 Diadem Crafting
101-150 Advanced Diadem Crafting
51-100 Earring Crafting (Jeweler)
101-150 Advanced Earring Crafting (Advanced Jeweler)
51-100 Pendant Crafting
101-150 Advanced Pendant Crafting
51-100 Ring Crafting
101-150 Advanced Ring Crafting
21-50 Ranged Weapon Crafting (Ranged Weaponsmith Apprentice)
51-100 1H Ranged Crafting (Ranged Weaponsmith)
101-150 Pistol Crafting (Advanced Ranged Weaponsmith)
51-100 2H Ranged Crafting (Heavy Ranged Weaponsmith)
101-150 Autolauncher Crafting (Advanced Heavy Ranged Weaponsmith)
101-150 Launcher Crafting
101-150 Rifle Crafting

1-20 Harvest (Forager Apprentice)
21-50 Forage (Forager)
51-100 Desert Forage (Desert Forager)
101-150 Advanced Desert Forage (Advanced Desert Forager)
51-100 Forest Forage (Forest Forager)
101-150 Advanced Forest Forage (Advanced Forest Forager)
51-100 Jungle Forage (Jungle Forager)
101-150 Advanced Jungle Forage (Advanced Jungle Forager)
51-100 Lake Forage (Lake Forager)
101-150 Advanced Lake Forage (Advanced Lake Forager)
51-100 Prime Root Forage (Prime Root Forager)
101-150 Advanced Prime Root Forage (Advanced Prime Root Forager)
200+ (Expert <ecosystem> Forager)

Cheers, and let me know if there are any corrections and I’ll correct the chart.

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