Ryzom Tips and Tricks Compilation

Ryzom Tips and Tricks Compilation

contributed by philu

Just a couple of things I’ve noticed recently that have prompted me to post here.

Tip 1: When you die, don’t respawn straight away as I’ve noticed a few people doing recently. You have about 5 minutes following your ‘death’ when you are actually in a ‘coma’. During this time, if you are healed you can be brought back to life without suffering a DP. So what you should do is go to the region chat and ask if anyone can resuscitate you (or rez/res for short). If anyone is nearby and has the heal spell, they will more than likely come and heal you and save your life. However, it depends where you are and IF they have heal, there may be no-one around who can help.

Tip 2: I’ve also seen situations where people put out a call for help along the lines of “can someone rez me pls?”. To which the response will come “where?”. My point is this – don’t ask for a rez without saying where you are! It saves time and may save your life. So check where you are on the map and include your location in the rez request. Try to give people a good idea of where you are so they can find your body.

Tip 3: When someone is on their way to you to rez you and is trying to find you, keep an eye on your compass. When you see a blue dot appear near you, start talking on around chat. It will make you easier to spot from a distance because they will see the speech bubble easier than a body lying on the ground.

Above all remember, you don’t HAVE to die and respawn straight away, you can wait the full 5 minutes and hope for salvation!

contributed by dlice

4. give a message when youre up again, otherwise you might have someone coming for you while you dont need help anymore, and thats most annoying (for them)

5. Another way to help people find you has emerged since I originally posted this. You can now use the long range team invite to help. If you ask for a rez and someone says they’re coming, type in /invite followed by their name. They will be invited to your team. They can then use the option to make you their compass target, making it easier to find you.

NOTE: this only works if you are a) not in a team or b) team leader. Otherwise you can’t invite people.

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