RuneScape Fight Caves Guide

RuneScape Fight Caves Guide by Bon Jovi

Hey there :) I’ve noticed a lot of guides, Fight Caves in particular, haven’t been updated to account for the changes with the Evolution of Combat. Fortunately for people seeking Fire Capes, they are *much* easier.

Table of Contents:

Optimal Gear Set-Ups
Fire Cape

Optimal Gear Set-Ups

One of the changes introduced in the Evolution of Combat is armor. Armor is now very, very important in the Fight Caves. It determines your maximum LP, and has a more significant effect on your defensive qualities, namely abilities. Those will be covered later. For now, I’ll outline a few gear set-ups for various combat styles; obviously, if you lack the highest tier gear, scale down. If you have any questions feel free to ask:)

Although this should be common sense, use a full slayer helmet for all gear set-ups should you be on a slayer task. Tokkul-Zo is also optimal should you have one fully charged.


Magic is the most effective combat style in the fight caves BY FAR. It is highly, highly suggested that you mage the Fight Caves if possible.

Weapon: Virtus Wand/Polypore Staff/Chaotic Staff/Ahrim’s Staff/Elemental Staff

For lack of space in this post, sticking to the level requirements of armor is a decent idea. I’d recommend something along the lines of

Armor: Virtus/Subjugation/Ganodermic/Ahrims/Mystic
Shield: Arcane Spirit Shield, Farseer Kiteshield, Ward of Subjugation/Mage’s Book


Weapon: Chaotic Longsword*/Chaotic Rapier/Chaotic Maul/Korasi’s Sword/Dragon Weapons/Rune Weapons

*=the rangers are the only monsters in the caves directly weak to melee; their weakness is slash. When choosing a weapon among a set such as chaotics, dragon, or rune, pick weapons that use slash.

Offhand: Chaotic Longsword/Chaotic Rapier/Enhanced Excalibur

For now, I’m not going to list a Range set-up. Range in the Fight Caves is incredibly ineffective, and I highly advise against using it. If you really are desperate to range it, then just post, and I can add a set-up for it.


Tz-Kih-Level 122: These are the small, bird-like creatures. They attack with melee and drain prayer points upon each attack; these were formerly targeted first due to their prayer draining qualities. However, prayer is much less important now, and they may be targeted as you see fit. They are weak to water spells, though any form of magic is effective. Melee is less effective, but still viable*

**-Kek-Level 124: These attack with melee, and are also weak to water spells. When killed, they will break into two smaller, weaker Tz-Kek. Be mindful of this if you are getting piled and do not wish to have multiple monsters attacking you.

Tok-Xil-Level 126: These attack with range and melee if you are in melee distance, and are weak to slash attacks. It is highly advised to kill these first, as they may be killed in mere seconds with melee.

YtMejKot-Level 128: These attack with melee, and are weak to water spells. They have very high LP but hit quite low, and as such are very good should you need to soul split or build up some easy Adrenaline.

Ket-Zek-Level 130: They attack with mage, or melee if you are in melee distance. Their formerly feared mage attack is now quite weak. They are weak to arrows, but any form of Range is most effective. Because Range is very ineffective on all other monsters in the Fight Caves, it is advised that you melee or mage these. I do not advise praying against these, unless you are very very low defense. They can be killed quickly and with little damage taken.

Tztok-Jad-Level 140: This is the final monster in the fight caves, encountered on wave 63. He attacks with all 3 combat styles, though if you are not in melee distance he uses only Mage and Range. He will summon healers at half LP, which heal him to full LP unless distracted. It is highly advised to prayer switch against his attacks, though they are much weaker than previously. He has no specific weakness.

YtHurKot-Level 130:Heals Jad when summoned.


It is suggested that you use Basic and Threshold abilities repeatedly in the style(s) you are using. Multi-target abilities such as Chain are very useful, as they deal damage to enemies clustered together. Asphyxiate is a very useful Magic ability, dealing massive amounts of damage and only requiring 15% Adrenaline as a Threshold ability.

Rejuvenate-Requiring 52 Defence and a shield, this ability will be your best friend in the Fight Caves. It requires all of your Adrenaline, and heals 40% of your maximum LP over 10 seconds. The shield must remain equipped for the effect to take place. Most often, your Adrenaline far will fill long before the monsters in the Fight Caves can deal 40% of your LP; this ability will negate the need for food for most people.

Ultimate Abilities: If speed is your goal, use these to increase your DPS. Be warned however, that using offensive Ultimate Abilities means you cannot heal using Rejuvenate until your Adrenaline refills, so time these wisely.


Potions-Stat-boosting potions, the highest you can use. Overloads>Extremes>Supers

Gear Switches: If you are using more than 1 combat style, I recommend bringing armor switches in your inventory. This will greatly increase your effectiveness with that style, and depending on how it compares to your second set of armor, possibly increase your max LP. It is highly advised to bring a melee gear switch for the Rangers, and to mage all other monsters including Jad.

Food- Use food that corresponds to your Constitution level. This will be the most effective, and heal the most per slot for you.

Prayer Potions- If you absolutely feel the need to pray throughout the Caves, bring a lot of these. I personally don’t recommend protection prayers except for Jad. However, you may want to use boost prayers such as Piety, or Turmoil. It will be quite difficult to maintain these Prayers throughout the duration of the caves, though if you wish to use them, bring more Prayer Potions as needed.

Shield-You really don’t have to use a shield, and you can opt for a different offhand if you wish, but I recommend bringing one only for the Rejuvenate ability. Switch to the shield, activate the ability, wait 10 seconds for the ability to take full effect, then simply switch back to your offhand.


Use your highest boost prayers as you see fit. For Jad, you’ll mainly be utilizing Protect from Mage or Protect from Range. Curses are advised if you have them.

Soul Split can be used in the waves for healing, but it really is not a necessity by any means.

If you are using Curses and lack Turmoil/Anguish/Torment, Leech prayers are recommended for Jad. Leech Range and Leech Magic are recommended.

*You MUST Reserve Prayer Potions For Jad*

There’s no getting around this. I’d recommend at least 2 Prayer potions/flasks for Jad though feel free to bring more based on your Prayer level. If you are low on Prayer, cease using all boost prayers and use only Protection/Deflect Prayers. Remember, boost Prayers only speed up the kill; Protection Prayers are the ones keeping you alive.


This is probably the reason most of you clicked on this thread. Fortunately for you, Jad is much, much easier with the Evolution of Combat.


Range: Jad lifts both of his front feet up, and slams the ground, causing a boulder to fall onto your character. Watch his front feet to anticipate the attack. When he raises them up, switch to Protect/Deflect Range.

Magic: Jad will slide his *back* foot back, rear up, and shoot fire from his mouth. Watch his back feet to anticipate this. When they slide back and he rears up on his hind legs, switch to Protect from Magic.

Melee: This has no indicator, such as the other two attacks. If you are meleeing Jad, keep Protect from Melee on. When he does a Range or Mage attack, switch to the corresponding protection prayer, and immediately switch back to Protect from Melee after it hits you.

I personally recommend using Mage on Jad.

Remember to use abilities, they can be extremely helpful. Ultimate abilities are devastating, but I personally killed Jad so fast I didn’t have time to activate them.

When the healers spawn, attack them each once if you can so they stop healing Jad, but this isn’t nearly as important as it used to be. If you’re mid-high level you can easily hit Jad through their rate of healing, and kill him without worrying about them.

Fire Cape:

In the Evolution of Combat, the statistics of the Fire Cape have changed somewhat. It now has:

+180 to Armour
2.2% Melee Crit
+2 Prayer Bonus

And is classified as “Melee” armor.

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