Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard DPS Cycle Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Wizard DPS Cycle Guide by gangtopian

wiz skill tree that i am using.


before you use any of skills the know-how is to know what effect that arms can do.

there are 3 arms,

fire, water, wind.

there are mainly two types of wizard, fire wizard and/or wind wizard.(why no water? check the skill expains..)

fire wizard -> increase Magic attack.

wind wizard -> increase speed of attack.

my skill tree is fire wizard tree. why? because i found wind wizard isnt’ that fast.

DPS cycle. (how to dps..)

when you enter, you buff/fire arm..(and when one of your party memeber is dead and revived, give buff..that’s common knowledge and basic manner.)

1. maintain all buffs/fire arm,

for the little bosses, don’t use blast arms,

during the boss,

blast – Fire flower(make sure you know your average damage number, because it’s so random.)

then, fire bolt until you can see that you can that you can use fire ball with “F”key.

if you see F key for fire ball, use it and repeat.

and if you have full pyromaniac, you can use Fire expolsion.

but don’t use it right away.it has 30secs. use pyromaniac effect until 10secs remainning, and when countdown shows about 10sec., use fire explosion.

and repeat.

*use Blast arms, when Blast arms is cooled down and ready.

**usage of Frost Nova, Ice wall, Teleport, Inferno, Meteor Storm

Frost Nova usage-> PVE boss no.6 when summons grasshoppers.

Abyss boss no. 1 little ones, before the boss no.1

Abyss boss no. 3 Tornado.

Ice wall -> ice wall is the best skill yet known.when to use? self protection.from all- range attacks from bosses.

Teleport-> two usage. 1. go fast.-_-;;;

2. in PVE hard, all bosses use wide range attack, and before this attack, you’ll see blue

circle. that’s when you use to put your self out of the circle(you’ll survive). this is when your items are not good and your HP is LOW.

Inferno/ Meteor -> when boss summons little ones and too many enemies, set the direction and inferno then meteor untill one or two is remainning.

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  1. lawizwiz says:

    i recommend to max out the water emblem. is very useful especially in COLO :)) when you are near to death. teleport>water emblem>seal explosion>icewall :)

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