Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Skill Trees and DPS Cycles Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Ranger Skill Trees and DPS Cycles Guide by gangtopian

there are many different Rangers and DPS Cycles.

Before we start, there are some mistakes on rowskilsim.

Falcon Eyes -> True Sight.

Foc. Arrow Strike -> Sharp Shooting

A. Vulcan Rangers.

early in this game, most of the rangers were Vulcan Rangers.

reason why it was because A.I of the Falcon was really stupid.. when Bapho..tornado..still now, if you summon Falcon, it chases after tornado. not bapho..

A-1 Vucan Skill Tree


A-2 DPS Cycle.

Charge Arrow(Charge)X2- Posion Arrow (Poison) – Focus Arrow Strike( Sharp Shooting) – Double Stafing(Duble)

– Arrow Vulcan(Vulcan) – Wind Walk – True Sight(True) -repeat.

B. Falcon Rangers

note that Vulcan tree was well-known on Mar- May 2012.

but Falcon Rangers are known better

B-1 Falcon Tree


B-2 DPS cycle.

ChargeX2 – Falcon Assault(Falcon) – wind walk – true – Falcon – Charge – Posion – Charge.

repeat.(* if you see double sign. then use it. never waste it.)

C. my own skill Tree.


i gave up on Wind walk. because i play game from KSA and internet speed is real slow, and i don’t get any effects from Wind walk and Guardian. so that’s what i chose to do.

C-1 DPS Cycle.

ChargeX2 – Falcon – True – Falcon – ChargeX2 – Poison – Sharp shooitng – double – Vulcan.

repeat when CD returns.

I would’ve taken wind walk and throw Vulcan away if i was in Korea. but..i’m not. so..vulcan..to minimize my deal loss.


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