Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Hybrid Specialization Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Priest Hybrid Specialization Guide by LineWalker06

First, i’m sorry for my english..
Why Hybrid priest? Just saying, if you go full heal / offense, rate it 10/10. But hey, lets not play with boring 100% heal role. If you go hybrid you can get 8/10 at both offense and healing. That’s mean, you can go with 8/10 at dungeon, 8/10 with your hunt (surely can solo), and 16/10 in pvp ^^ (because you deal high damage and you can heal yourself too).

Benefits :
– You can solo hunt, EASILY.. even with mini boss..
– You can do healing role at dungeon, still do pretty much healing.
– PVP will be possible for priest. I dont know with offense build, weak defense and cant heal, what do you expect? lol


I believe, hybrid priest still have the same build with the other build. So you can go with few choices :
– 8 vit, 40 agi, 40 int
– 8 vit, 25/30 agi, and the rest for int (I go with this build, because i think with 30 agi, i only have 6% dodge rate and 12% crit, and adding 10 wont make that much different)


Here’s my skill build :http://www.ro2skillsim.com/class/pri.html?10dFeBdDnOrBeA2oeA

For Offense Line :

1. Holy Light – 1
I only go 1 with this. Why? it’s true that you can deal more damage this 3 times crit (using aspersio) rather than Ray of Genesis. But trust me, you wont have much time to
cast it, as you are a hybrid priest, you have a lot of skill to use.

2. Lex Divina – 1
1 as well, it’s not worthy to spend your skill point with this max level effect.

3. Oratio – 5
Have to max skill. Your main weapon is DPS. No cast, you can do it even while running. Very nice.

4. Judex – 1
Just increase the skill damage, not much, not necessary. just use it with aspersio, you can stun the enemies. (max 3)

5. Crescent – 5
It’s the same with oratio, but more POWERFUL, last LONGER, no question.

6. Adoramus – 1
Lvl 1?? but it’s also DPS skill? Yea right, i wish i could max this skill, but it has 1 second to cast. So sadly, i have to sacrifice this one.

7. Magnus Excorcimus (ME) – 1
Just aim for the combo with aspersio, it will cast oratio to max. 10 enemies. no need to increase the damage.

8. Ray of Genesis (RoG) – 5
It deals less damage than 3 times crit Holy Light, but it can do pretty high damage with 1 cast, not 3 times. Good for safe your time.

For Middle Line (Support, i guess):

1. Blessing – 5
Your only buff, max it.

2. Increase Agi – 1
Useless (to increase it).

3. Ressurection – 1
Lvl 1 has 50 mins cooldown and lvl 5 has 30 mins coodown. You still cant ress your party member 3 times in 1 run at the dungeon.

4. Aqua Benedicta – 1

5. Aspersio – 3
Just max it, you use it a lot.

6. Gloria – 0
Lvl 0?? with max lvl you can instantly cast holy light and heal with 15%. Just not worth, you cant depend on luck.

7. Recovery – 0
because u cant. lol. gloria lvl 0..

8. Suffragium – 0
10% more haste rate, 10% quicker casting. 1 second casting become 0.9 second. For 5 skill points, it’s a waste.

9. Angelus – 0
More 9% def rate, only 9%?? seriously?? better leave it.

10. Archangel – 0
Not taking this skill will make you do less healing or damage rather than full healing type.
I want to max this skill actually, but u have to spent 4 skill point for useless skill to get this skill. So, better leave it too. Moreover, last only for 30s.

For Heal Line:

1. Heal – 4
Not enough skill point, 3% wont make that much difference.

2. Renovatio – 3
Most useful healing! It does heal per second. Woo Hoo!

3. Meditatio – 1
Not necessary.

4.Highness Heal – 5
With aspersio, it does 92% heal of your magic power (64 + 32 %), plus it will heal over time. Very good skill.

5. Sacrament – 1
You are a hybrid, reduce attack 10% and increase heal 10% is the same as nothing happened to you. dont use it.

6. Colucceo Heal – 1
Full HP heal! maxing this lvl only reduce cooldown time. At max lvl it become 3 mins from 5 mins. Dont waste your points on 2 mins.

7. Assumptio – 1
Actually this is a useful skill, but only at pvp and boss dungeon. It will reduce damage taken for 40%, but last only 10s. So it’s okay if you wanna max it, just take some points
from the other skill that only affect little difference. (for example, oratio will only add 1% for each point, and heal only add 3%)
But still, i go with lvl 1 Assumptio. if u wanna stand out at pvp, max it.

8. Sanctuary – 5
Another crazy healing skill, just max it, very useful in dungeon.

That’s it.. With priest, i think you can only pvp with this build, or maybe full offense build.
But i’ll tell you, pvp with pretty high damage and healing priest at the same time is PAIN IN THE *SS!! lol ^^

If u wanna ask or critics my build just post a comment below, or u can mail me at : line.walker06@gmail.com. Thanks!

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