Ragnarok Online 2 Culvert of Abyss Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Culvert of Abyss Guide by Sammyren

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Culvert of Abyss

Aside from the guide given by the developers:

Here’s my guide to Culvert of Abyss.

1. Boss: Rockstar Heroes

Bosses Skills

Piani Skills

Cloud – This skill will hit the player standing at the furthest. Have one of your raid member stand at the back to attract cloud.
Stun shot – This skill will be used on any random target. So that person will need some quick heals.
Piani Beam (Red AOE) – This skill will always hit on the direction Piani is facing. Have your tank face it away from ranged position.
Piani Blast (Blue Circle AOE) – This skill will almost always hit you you will not have enough time to run. Have your Sorc/Priest Deluge/Sanc at that time.

Guitari Skills,

Bleeding – This skill has a bleeding effect that affects the entire team. Have diffrent Sorcs Land Recovery on melee and ranged at the same time it will control the bleeding damage.
Guitari Beam (Red Aoe)- Same as Piani Beam.
Guitari Blast (Blue circle Aoe) – Same as Piani Blast.

Vocali Skills,

Red lightning – This skill will be targeted at a random target and it’s an AOE. Have a guy look out for his lighting mark him with a strategy mark and ask your raid members to move along with him. Tankers will get affected by this too.
Vocali Beam – Same as Piani beam but bigger.
Vocali Blast – Same as Paini Blast.

Piani, Guitari & Vocali each has their own buff when they’re about 30% hp.

Paini – Hit rate increase 50%
Guitari – Atk power increase 30%
Vocali – 30% Def & Invic at times.

Positions and overview

Positions to stand at
Ranged targets should be standing near the river, Melee and tanks should be tanking inbetween Ranged targets & bosses spawning area. Which boss to take out first is up to you. I personally take out Piani,Vocali then Guitari.

Tanks – Face boss away from Ranged and avoid bosses skills.
Melee dps – Stay and move with tanks.
Off tanks – Kill off all adds ASAP.
Sorcs/priest – Deluge whenever boss uses their Blasts.
Ranged Dps – Help with adds then boss.

2. Boss: Golden Robberbug

Golden Robberbug: 2.1m HP
Rage timer: 7-8 mins

Boss’s Aura

Gold Aura, boss will be invicible during this period
Blue Aura, boss will be hitting random targets and increased speed.
Red Aura, boss will gain 100% atk power and reduced speed.

Boss’s Skills

Poison Puddle – Boss will spawn 5 puddles of poison
White Tornado – Boss will summon tornadoes that move very slowly but does deadly damage.
Robberbug Beam – Boss will target a random target and hit everything in it’s facing.
Robberbug Slam – Boss will jump/fly and slam into the ground dealing damage and it’s unavoidable.
Theif wing ally- Boss will summon Theif wings every once in awhile.

How to counter bosses skills

Gold Robberbug Eggs, should be killed before going after Gold Robberbug.

Poison puddle, could be easily avoided if tank were to tank in the center of the entire room as poison puddles always spawns at the same spot.

Robberbug beam, will be easy to avoid if ranged targets stand no further than 3m behind tank. Avoid it by moving out of Beams AOE.

White Tornado, will be summoned on the furthest target. So have 1 player get white tornado’s attention and mark a player with a strategy mark before the fight and ask him/her to look out for white tornado then ask your raid members to follow and stick to the mark for synchronized teamwork.

Robberbug slam, is unavoidable so have your Sorcs/Priest Deluge/Sanc when he starts flying.

Theif Wings, should be kited by off tank. All dpses should focus their damage on Robberbug this includes Sorcs as Robberbug don’t deal much damage.

Red aura, should be kited by main tank

Gold aura, is to be waited out.

3.Boss : Mini Mongi

Boss’s Skills

Guitar Toss – Stuns and hits a random target.
Mic Throw – Deals huge AOE damage along with a 400-500 damage over time.
Mini Mongi Beam – Hits everything in frount of it.
Purple Circle – Silences Players inside of circle.
Eardrum Damage Debuff – (Still need more work on this.) 3 strikes you’re out?~

I’m still having troubles with this guy, So if there’s anything u wanna add in please comment below.

The only tip I can give you guys so far is to get all his speakers down before challenging the boss. Simply kite the boss around the room until all the speakers are down.

*You can kill the speakers without agrroing the boss. Simply hit the speakers/DJS while you’re in the river if you go any closer to the boss you’ll aggro it. If the speakers has regen ask someone to taunt it and it’ll be gone.

4. Boss: Aromine

Boss Skills

Poison Breath – Deals 400-500 DoT
Poison Whip (Red Aoe) – Deals huge damage + DoT
White Circle – Buffs Aromine with 40% damage increase, no debuffs on players.
Poison Puddle – Deals DoT
Breath of Death – Reduces a targets def by 50% (Needs to be confirmed)
Random Whip – Aromine stuns and whips a random target.
Fire Whip – Deals Damage

How to counter bosses skills

White Circle – White circle always comes after fire whip, during the casting of fire whip have your MT run 20m away from Aromine. If done nicely no buff will be on Aromine.

Poison puddles – Can be avoided if u tank at the corners of the room.

Breath of death – Have OT get threat over Aromine and wait out the debuff. MT is then required to get back aggro after that.

Random whip – Can be removed by taunting Aromine after she whips for the 1st time. (Or when she face away from MT)


Cursed Frog – Bleeding on hit.
Mucous Frog – Slows players movement speed by 50%
Lord Kubogi – Attacks random players.

How to counter boss summons

Lord Kubogi – Can be resetted by kiting it to the opposite side of where u are tanking
Cursed/Mucous Frogs – Can be resetted if you’re far from where boss summons them. (Summoned area depends on where boss is standing)

5. Boss: Rat Master

Boss’s Skills

Sleep – This always happens when the fight starts.He sleeps for 4miins. He will also summon Reo before he sleeps.
Mini Hadoken – This skill damages a random target and traps them with a net. It will be followed by a Large Hadoken.
Large Hadoken – This skill always happens after he uses a mini Hadoken, damages all targets around guy that got hit by the mini Hadoken.
Poison Claws – This skill deals damage and debuffs players with a DoT poison
Dark Wave – This skill hits everything in front of Ratmaster. (Shown with a red AoE)
Flashing lights – This skill has a light flashing animation like drake’s from Ghost ship. (Same effect)
Comet – This skill will be used when boss is less than 600k HP It will hit everything inside of blue circle.


Armor Rip – Reduces 7% armor (Stack-able, can go up to -49% Def rate I’ve yet to see any higher but it seems to have no limits)


Abyss – This summon will hit you pretty hard, stun and kill it ASAP.(This mob ignores armor It hits by the % of your hp.)
Core – This summon will boost bosses damage 30% per summon. I usually don’t hit them for safety reasons.

Reo – I did not mention this because so far I’ve only been bugging it. (Sadly) Personally contact me if you wanna know how it’s done. There’s also a way to do this w/o bugging I’ve managed to fight it once or twice before. But I’ll save it for next time since Reo has his own set of skills.

Always heal the guy who got targeted by Mini hadoken 1st or they might not survive the next hit. If ratmaster has no buffs (Given from core) just deluge right after he uses mini hadoken.

IF Ratmaster has Buffs (60% atk pow up) Deluge + Sanc before mini hadoken even hits it’s target. (Easily spotted when he turns around and faces ranged. )

Prepare for MT to die. 49% def reduce + Mini hadoken will be deadly. But that’s when it’s OT’s job to take over and have MT ress-ed. Hadoken don’t come often so you’ll have enough res to spare until u down ratmaster.

Ratmaster (normal) is pretty straight forward in my opinion. He just hurts alot.

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