Ragnarok Online 2 Mineral Farming Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Mineral Farming Guide by boaayumi

Hi guys,

I decided to post this as I found that iron ore was so hard to farm as they scattered around the hills and filled with aggro mobs. I spent 1 hour walking around the whole Izurd map and I found the best route to farm iron rock and it gives me 8 levels after 3 hours of non stop farming.

Why this is the best route? Because they are all focus in 1 spot and NO aggro mobs to waste your pots or time to regen your health

Please kindly support my post…Forum Mods pls kindly help to pin this topic to serve as the guide for new blacksmith players.

I will update it in future once I reach new map and explore the best route for farming the rocks !

Lets start

This is the where you will need to go…beside the beach

We start from this place at the right side of the map. This is your first rock / first point…remember the rock is before the bridge !! After you done, go to the rock circle in red, that will be your 2nd rock, after you done, go straight ahead…

This is your 3rd rock, remember it is always before the tree, it will definately spawn nearby and always is before the tree ! After you done, turn left !

This is your 4th rock, the one which is beside the stellaria, you need to becareful as sometimes the violent wildrose will spawn beside it but no worries, most of the time they are not there, and it wont be too hurting to kill it before u continue to farm.

After you done, turn left and the rock in circle is your 5th rock to go !

This is your 5th rock, careful of Rudbecka but most of the time he will be having enough distance from you for farming. After you done, go straight ahead with the rock in circle at front is your 6th rock.

Once you done, go straight ahead for your 7th rock which is in circle…

Once you done, go straight ahead for your 8th rock which is in circle…be aware that ppl might be doing VADOR quest and his minions you should be avoiding, or else it will be safe and peace…

After you done, turn left and the rock in circle is your 9th rock…careful of the agro mobs on the left and right, you will have enough distance from them and they wont disturb you most of the time…

This is the last rock I mentioned in the picture earlier…once you are done, you are back to step 1 and they will spawn accordingly without error…

I got about 700 small iron rocks, 600 medium iron rock, 400 large iron rock and 200 large copper rock in about 3 hours continuous farming (I forgot the exact numbers but this is the nearest I could remember, I gain 8 level of blacksmith from 24 – 32 )…

Alright, that is all for now…Hopefully I can go to the nxt map asap to come out with the new guide…

PS: If you don’t see the rock which is suppose to spawn at the spot in my pic, that means some nerd just dig it off, wait for 1 min and if it doesnt spawn, continue your journey and do not wait for it…it will spawn back by the nxt cycle…

Thank you guys !! Enjoy crafting !!

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4 Responses

  1. the full moon knight ! says:

    nice ! these is a good farming guide ” i have my place for faming at circles to but at the peco peco island. i made lots of levels there so i can unlock these new area of farming couse my lvl was too low. these will come in handy :D thanks

  2. Pdro says:

    @Myhazael: What next area do you mean? Payon forest? (If so, that’s a good tip.)

    Good guide, had fun with it :)

  3. RagPen says:

    or you can build an assassin and save up skill points so that you can max out hiding exceed, hide, and shadow form at level 25

    seems you can mine/eat while cloaked

  4. Myhazael says:

    Hi, just go to the next area, there are ~15 Nodes without enemies right at the first outpost

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