Ragnarok Online 2 Card System Guide

Ragnarok Online 2 Card System Guide by Sushipao


Personal experience of card system. Results from google are a bit outdated because it shows the old card system. For example, OLD SYSTEM: combining 3 normal poring card will give you 1 silver poring card. NEW SYSTEM: The card system has been revamped into combining 5 different cards to get 1 random card of higher rank.

What is cards?

Cards give status boost to a character when equipped. Higher rank cards will give more boost.

How to use cards?

Drag the card into your character window (shortcut key:C) More cards slots are unlocked as you level up.

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Where to obtain cards?

Kill monsters and pray hard they drop one(usually green card). Higher ranks can be obtained through synthesize and occasionally boss/dungeon drops. Cards obtainable can be checked in the card album. Credits: Flash2k6

Card Ranks. Need to be confirmed

There are 3 ranks in accordance to the color of the card frame. Green (Normal and Normal+), Blue (Silver), Yellow (Gold), Source: RO2 website. Higher ranks card are obtainable through combining 5 cards of the same rank. Read “results from combining cards” for more info.

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What is card sets?

Card sets are combination of certain cards equipped in card slots. In return, it will give extra stats boost(read card description).

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How to combine cards?(only tested twice and need more confirmation. However, simple steps are provided)

Talk to card npc and buy 1 card refine stone from npc. Prepare 5 cards(must be 5 different cards). Talk to npc and select “combine” option. Place 5 cards and stone inside (I don’t know what is the extra slot for but I am guessing cash items to boost the success). Press combine and pray hard it is successful as it has 50% of success rate only.

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Results from combining cards (Need confirmation as well) Special thanks to Flash2k6, Dztnhy, Hikyuu for helping.

5 different cards combined together to produce a higher ranking. In regards to higher ranking, for example, 5 different normal card = 1 normal+ or 5 different normal card = 1 blue. I don’t know how it works but I am guessing that it is random or certain requirements have to be met(level of card). The combination of 5 green cards may result in either normal + or blue.

Apparently, the card obtained from combination is one of the original 5 cards you used. The level of the card produced seems to be the card(used in combination) with the lowest level.Different input will affect its result though I don’t have enough data on that yet.

How to replace cards?

Just drag a new card over the card you want to replace. Warning: Old card will be destroyed

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