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RAD Soldiers FAQ by tinker

What is RAD Soldiers like – what is a “asynchronous online strategy game”

Rad Soldiers – or games that belong to this genre – are somehow a mix of Worms, Chess, and Team Fortress 2(at least the models)
You play vs people from all over the world or vs the Computer. In each turn you move your characters and try to either kill the enemy or save strange rockets that fall from the sky. If you save the rocket for 5 turns you win the game. If you kill the enemy(who now cannot save the rocket anymore) you win the game.
Different Characters that you may buy for the money you earn from playing have different abilities and different pros and cons.

what do I do after downloading the game?

You play the tutorial. It shows you how the game works and what you should take care of.
Before you start playing now you should Register/log in (Options/Settings–> log in/register) You get a free character for doing so.
Here are some helps for deciding

Just a tip for people. * spoiler allert*

if you like playing aggressive i’d pick the AGENT since his range is quite nice.
if you play more defensive the agent is also fine but the medic is way better for defense.
the engi is a bit of both… he may place a turret (with 150 hp) which he may heal for 50 each turn once, which can attack each turn AFTER the set once for 5-8dmg x 4hits and autoattacks for the same once on enemy turn when they move into range. his weapon meanwhile is best in melee.

if you want to have the most choices in playing different each game you may wanna pick the engi because you’ll else have to wait until you have the money… your commander may choose an ability( you get one of currently 8 abilities every 2 levels) and he also has healing (once per round for 50) and artillery (about 50dmg 3×3 aoe on long range or so)
well… if you will play alot with your friends / against the same enemy you’ll probably don’t wanna sit there 2,3 or 4 games with the same build and perform the same play… but i don’t know

What shall I do to improve my gaming?

Play play play. Do some challenges first and then start playing online.
Don’t be afraid to loose. Good Judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement. Everyone was new at a point.
Here are some other Threads where you can read about it
RAD Soldiers Tactics and Setups Guide
RAD Soldiers Tactics Guide
These Threads should also answer some of your questions.

Are there any good characters or good Setups?

There are (at the moment) no overpowered setups or characters in the game. Each character has pros and cons. Characters in the game have a little rock-paper-scissors feature. There are characters that counter each other and other characters that fit together very well.
Do not think that people who bought characters have stronger teams or are playing better. I have already many characters and tested very many setups and I still play my first characters the most(Dave, Commander, Sneaky Pete) and I am not losing very often.
Play the characters you like and adjust your strategy to this setup.

in-app-purchases (iAP) — what are they for, why are they so expensive?

You do not need any iAP. They give you whatever you need FASTER. There are only a few things that you only get for money – Skins for your characters (personalize your play) 3 extra maps (while you already had ~ 6 before) and more single-player challenges. You don’t NEED that. It is for people who want MORE or say “thank you” to the developers.
And if you look closely – they are not expensive. for about 5$ you can buy 2 characters(expensive characters) for which you had to win about 100 games. You CAN “work” in the time you would usually play and earn that money in a low-payed job within 1 or 2 hours – you would have to think and answer the games in about 5-10hours (waiting not calculated) SO: THE iAP ARE NOT EXPENSIVE.
The Game gives casual players the opportunity to get the game content for quite good prices.

Why are some characters cheaper than others when they are not “worse”

Some Character like Suds are not worse than others (like Ivan). They are just not used very often in 14pt games. Their ability is better in 20 or 26 pt games Or harder to use( need more experience)
Suds c4 for example needs to be exploded when the enemy is closed but the enemy may see it before you get a good chance.

What is in each bundle?

RAD Soldiers Bundle Contents List

How to get Rad Bux?

The only way to get Rad Bux is by leveling up, getting all the free Rad Bux and buying them. At the moment the game does not have other ways of earning Rad Bux.

I see dead people :O – why are there characters without hp standing in the enemies turn?

If a character is poisoned or burning and dies in the enemies next turn, you will still see him BEFORE your next turn, when you see what the enemy did. The character might be dead but the system still shows him as alive. This is not a real bug. your not shizophren. The devs. are probably working on this issue.

Why do my characters sometimes do more and sometimes less damage?

The damage comes mainly from the weapon. Only Sneaky Petes ability gives you extra damage for your next shot. The damage calculation for Abilities and shooting has a random value – you have chance for a critical hit (about 10% more dmg) and a little variance from the average damage which is often 3-4 dmg (so you have a damage range from (Average damage -3~4 to Average damage +3~4)
The damage is also calculated from the range to the victim. some weapons need to be in close range to make a lot of damage(shotguns) and other weapons need to be on their max range (e.g. sniper rifles). The optimum range can be found on the weapon stats. another thing that calculates into the damage is the cover – there is green yellow and red – the damage reduction is somewhat like 20% – 40% – 60% (not certain about that)

The calculation of abilities is very different. Some abilities do massive damage on a huge area( e.g. artillery, dave’s grenade) and some do massive damage on one cell and nearly 0 dmg around that (rambos explosive arrows) You have to test that once and know it then

Why are there so many players who play with 2 characters on 14pt games with cheap weapons?

tbh : I do not get this at all. If you start 20 games you have 5-10 opponents with only 2 characters and not even fully used squad points. These players PROBABLY did not claim their free character for registering or did not change the weapons to use their 14 pts fully

The effects of juans molotov cocktail and kates gas grenade – information

At one time one effect can only be once at a target.
Burning and poison may be at one target at the same time
if you cast the skill at an already infected enemy, he gets the effect refreshed and the initial damage again.
Both dot (damage over time ) effects do dmg at the throw (gas 20-29, burn 30-45) and damage in each of the enemies 3 next turn (gas 25, burn12 )
Poison effect may be cured by a medic medikit, burn can at the moment not be cured.

(this is hard to make it clear for new players. If someone has a nice formulation please send me a private message)

how long do I have to wait for the opponents turn – when does the game expire?

Currently the game expires after 4 (?!) days. If one player does not do his turn within 4 days the game expires. The player that did the last turn in that game gets all coins from it.
Currently you can have 20 games at a time.

How is the Movement Speed Calculated?

Movement speed depends on the body type:
There are 3 body types – Light, Medium and Heavy.
Light has the lowest health (200) and action points (12) but it only costs 1 AP per square of movement.
Medium has 250 health and 14 AP and it costs 2 AP per square of movement.
Heavy has 300 health and 18 AP but it costs 3 AP per square of movement.

This makes heavies slow to get into combat but if they can stand still and fire then they can fire _a lot_!
Lights can quickly get places but their low health and cheap move means they’re best at nipping out of cover, shooting, and nipping back in.

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