Pokemonium Leveling Guide

Pokemonium Leveling Guide by zachhalla

This guide is how I been playing atm and how I plan to level my pokemon. However until I get my main pokemon to level 65-70 I’m not worrying about iv/ev(even though my pokemon for the most part have decent to good). When 5 have obtain this level I’ll swap out my pokemon 1 by 1 getting them perfect or near perfect IV and training their EV to my specifications. After that I’ll start on my magikarp flail team.

Why start training EV from day 1? I find it better to grind your pokemon up a bit. make sure your team composition is to your liking, then catch great IV’s and train their EV. First off when you start you don’t have enough money to throw pokeballs like they’re stones for the perfect IV. I also bring the point of grinding a pokemon’s EV then wanting to change it out for another pokemon would waste a LOT of time.

well I been playing 2 days now and all my pokemon are level 50 so imma start a guide and update it when I can.

~~The Lower Levels~~
when you start out pick the pokemon you like and all that I suggest kanto region, or atleast what im going with for the guide since I havent tried the other atm.

just like any other game grab your birdy while going viridian city, but after make sure you head left and grab a mankey for sure and nidoran if you want. then head north toward pewter city and make sure to grab a pikachu in the forrest. Right outside the forrest you should grind until all your pokemon are about lvl 10 then skip the gym and head to mt. moon. if you want an arbok the grassy area right before the mt. moon pokecenter has some. now once in mt moon grind up pika a bit on the zubats. then leave towards cerulean city. Once hear I suggest heading north past nugget bridge(if you can beat it) or grinding to the west until you can. once you beat it get an abra A.S.A.P alakazam is one of the strongest un-legendaries. his sp atk and speed as well as being psychic make getting places easier, but the only prob is youll prolly have to get your level 12 abra 4 levels. little annoying but 4 levels is 4 levels. I suggest grinding the bush abra is in until the following

1: all your pokemon counting abra(which should be kadabra) are level 20
2: you obtain psychic from the random abra encounters.

why grab psychic when Abra learns it later as kadabra/alakazam?

1: if you get it early you can have abra levle himself.
2: psychic is such an awesome skill it practicly obliterates msot everything especially early levels.
3: when you learn psychic through levels and already have it from the disc you can have 2 Psychic slots. Thought I’m assuming it’s an exploit and will be fixed.

now you want to skip the gym(or beat both if you want/can atm) and head to vermillion to grind to trainer levle 15 if you don’t have it already. diglet cave can be nice exp for kadabra, but most likely your other pokemon will just be diglet feed.

now before we continue I highly suggest to head east of celadon and grab some of the pokemon. Great captures are murkraw and houndour with also having growlithe and vulpix there if you want.

so once everyone is 25ish give or take head to lavender town and head into the ghost grind as I call it
run up the tower fast you can until you reach the woman on the glyph. and grind grind grind grind. dont forget to heal when you get low on pokemon hp though. you can easily get all your pokemon(except ones with only normal/fighting moves) to 35 or even 40 if you wanna spend a little longer.

actually. let’s just say bare minimum grind your trainer levle to 25 here. This is where the guide could split paths but ill say what I did.

Since I wanted electavire in my end game group I headed to the powerplant and caught me a nice electabuzz with good moves(quick attack swift, shock wave, thunderpunch) after that I spent thye next couple hours first surfing down and grinding tentacools using electabuzz(pikachu too if you kept which I don’t suggest) after they run out of moves or die move into the power plant and roam around leveling the rest of the pokemon(suggest any fire pokemon save the good/only fire spells for magneton) and stay here until your pokemon run out of pp or just die.

Rinse Repeat.

I got all my pokemon to 50 doing this while trying to find an electralizer and still haven’t yet. However I’m currently taking a break to find myself a good IV Larvatar. Got 5 to check on so iunno if im done yet.

Anyways. after the power plant head over to mt. silver. make sure you grind any electric pokemon in the water on the 35-40 politoad/poliwhirls and the rest on the 38-47 ponyta/rapidash/dulphan/tangula/dodrio/trio

There is a pokemon center near the entrance of mt. silver but I dont think it works or atleast my 20 minute straight trying to get into it walking around corners to un glitch yada yada did nothing. so make sure you save in Viridian. If you have any grass pokemon you may wanna take a peak inside since you find more grass weak enemies. Fire also has steelix inside to fight. However I dont suggest any electrics inside unless you wanna fight the water seakings. cause the only 2 pokemon electrics can hit are golbats and gulducks however the rest have ground which makes it a 2/5 chance of being able to fight. Monsters inside are levle 48ish btw.

so quick breakdown before I shut myself up

5-10: Viridian forrest/pewter
10-15: pewter/mt. moon
15-20~25: cerulean
20~25-40: Lavender Tower
40-50: Power plant
50-55~60: Mt silver
55~60+: Inside Mt Silver.

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