Pokemonium Gym Leaders and Badges List

Pokemonium Gym Leaders and Badges List by TheqeMert

1.Note:Gym leaders using double pokemon sometimes.Pokemons is variable.
2.Note:After got 8th badge all gym leaders is going to have 80level pokemon

Kanto Gym Leaders

Pewter City Gym Leader Brock:Tyranitar,Onix,Golem,Kabutops,Omastar,Aerodactly
[All pokemons 15 Lv.][Reward:Boulder Badge]

Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty:Seaking,Quagsire,Golduck,Lapras,Blastoise,Starmie
[All pokemons 22 Lv.][Reward:Cascade Badge]

Vermilion City Gym Leader Lt.Surge:Raichu,Electabuzz,Ampharos,Electrode,Jolteon
[All pokemons 26 Lv.][Reward:Thunder Badge]

Celadon City Gym Leader Erika:Vileplume,Meganium,Sunflora,Victreebel,Tangela,Bel losom
[All pokemons 33 Lv.][Reward:Rainbow Badge]

Fuchsia City Gym Leader Koga:Muk,Weezing,Drapion,Skuntank,Swalot,Arbok
[All pokemons 37 Lv.][Reward:Soul Badge]

Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina:Slowking,Exeggcutor,Alakazam,Espeon,Hypno
[All pokemons 41. Lv][Reward:Marsh Badge]

Cinnabar Island Gym Leader Blaine:Arcanine,Charizard,Houndoom,Flareon,Rapidash
[All pokemons 44 Lv.][Reward:Volcano Badge]

Viridian City Gym Leader Giovanni:Dugtrio,Nidoking,Nidoqueen,Rhyhorn
[All pokemons 50 Lv.][Reward:Earth Badge]

Johto Gym Leaders

Violet City Gym Leader Falkner:Noctowl,Pidgeot,Fearow,Farfetch’d,Murkrow,Dodrio
[All pokemons 15 Lv.][Reward:Zephyr Badge]

Azalea Town Gym Leader Bugsy:Scyther,Heracross,Butterfree,Beedrill,Yanma,Parase ct
[All pokemons 22 Lv.][Reward:Hive Badge]

Goldenrod City Gym Leader Whitney:Miltank,Blissey,Snorlax,Ursaring,Granbull,Clefable
[All pokemons 26 Lv.][Reward:Plain Badge]

Ecruteak City Gym Leader Morty:Gastly,Haunter,Gengar,Misdreavus
[All pokemons 33 Lv.][Reward:Fog Badge]

Cianwood City Gym Leader Chuck:Poliwrath,Machamp,Primeape,Hitmonlee,Hitmonchan,Hi tmontop
[All pokemons 37 Lv.][Reward:Storm Badge]

Olivine City Gym Leader Jasmine:Steelix,Magneton,Scizor,Forretress,Skarmory
[All pokemons 41 Lv.][Reward:Mineral Badge]

Mahogany Town Gym Leader Pryce:Dewgong,Jynx,Cloyster,Delibird,Piloswine,Lapras
[All pokemons 44 Lv.][Reward:Glacier Badge]

Blackthorn City Gym Leader Clair:Dragonite,Dragonair,Charizard,Gyarados,Kingdra
[All pokemons 50 Lv.][Reward:Rising Badge]

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