Pokemonium Fishing Guide

Pokemonium Fishing Guide by GozertNL

Hi guys,

There are a lot of questions about fishing, I had some trouble in the beginning too. That’s why i’m making this.

Well fishing huh?

To fish you need to get an ‘old rod’. You can get one in Vermilion City, in the house next to the Pokemon Center.

To fish you need to be faced to the water and press the ‘R’ button for the old rod. Or you can simply go to your bag, click on the rod, click use and select a pokemon.

If you press the ‘R’ button you will fish with your old rod.
If you press the ‘T’ button you will fish with your good rod.
If you press the ‘Y’ button you will fish with your great rod.
If you press the ‘U’ button you will fish with your ultra rod.

In the beginning you will almost always get the pop up with “Not even a nibble!”. When fishing you will get that a lot, so get used to it. After a while you will encounter pokemons and your fishing level will go up.

I started fishing a few days ago and wrote the FISHING xp down that you get from a fishing attempt:

Not even a nibble! 1 xp
The fish was too strong for you! It got away! 10 xp

You encounter shelders at 55 and lanturns at 65, gyarados above that and dratini at 90. I don’t know if using a different rod will affect this.

As you may have noticed there are also different rods. You can use better rods when your fishing lvl is high enough.

Lvl needed

Old rod
lvl 0

Good rod
lvl 15

Gread rod
lvl 50

Ultra rod
lvl 70

The better the rod, the higher your fishing lvl, the better pokemon you can catch while you are fihing.

Fishing is still bugged and only a couple of places allows you to fish freely, MyAnxiety suggests to fish on route 21.

Here is a list of pokemon you can catch by fishing.

Pokemon name – Experience given – minimum fishing level – minimum required rod

Magikarp 35 0 0
Poliwag 45 0 0
Goldeen 50 15 15
Grimer 65 15 15
Finneon 65 15 15
Chinchou 75 20 15
Remoraid 100 20 15
Qwilfish 100 25 15
Carvanha 125 30 15
Shelder 125 30 15
Clamperl 125 30 15
Barboach 130 35 15
Corphish 130 35 15
Relicanth 150 40 15
Wailmer 175 45 15
Lumineon 185 50 35
Feebas 200 50 35
Crawdaunt 225 55 35
Shellder 225 55 35
Poliwhirl 250 60 35
Whiscash 250 60 35
Lanturn 300 65 35
Sharpedo 300 65 35
Corsola 300 65 35
Horsea 400 70 50
Staryu 400 70 50
Wailord 500 75 50
Octillery 575 80 50
Gyarados 650 85 50
Dratini 750 90 50
Dragonair 1000 99 50

Well this is everything I know about fishing, this threat is nothing near complete. If you guys have suggestions, improvements or you just want to correct my grammar. Feel free to post them, I really appreciate if you correct my grammar because my english s*cks and I have dyslexia. And of course I will put your name on the page. ;D

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