PlanetSide 2 Light Assault Tips

PlanetSide 2 Light Assault Tips by Axxe

Hey guys!
And of course fellow freedom fighters, this is a giude on how to use the LA class efficently. But first im gonna state that im a Swede and my English is not as good as a native english speaking person.

This guide will apply to all factions.

First of all you should get some certpoints down into your jetpack since it is the only thing thats gonna keep you alive (i get to this later).
Also pick up some C4, and a reflex sight.
With those upgrades you are almost as good to go as you can be.


When playing LA its really good to think outside the box, becuse its the key to survival. As opposed to a heavy you have less armor and firepower. An infiltraitor is better at range and more of a speciallity class. The MAX kills you in seconds if you mess up and get infront of him. Even a medic will have more firepower than you except if you pick up a shotgun. Now more about mobility and thinking outside the box. First of all never sit still after you have shot at someone. They know where you are and if the find you, you are dead. So look at it like hide and seek. You cant be seen, you must see them first from a reasonable range.
So here’s what you have to do. Use that mobility to your advantage!
Sure if the heavy see you first you are prolly dead, but if you just happen to fall down 5 meters behind him you cant fail to kill him.

Hit and RUN!!!!!!
Here’s a story about me earlier today. I had desided to defend a Bioplant, alone becuse i knew some straglers would come out right after the blue tide had moved on. So i sat on a roof waiting for the cap-points to start blinking. Suddenly i see C blinking and i watch over to roof and see 1 MAX and 2 others. I jump down behind their group and spray away at one of the guys. Right when I see the kill I jet away as fast as i can out of sight. I keept doing this until they were dead all 3.
Im not trying to brag, this dont happen often for me as im a mediokre player, but it feels good i promise you. Making them paranoid and killing them one by one slowly.

Pick your targets!
This could be applied to all classes but its really important for a LA. If you see a guy running around by some building dont just take the first stray shot you can “to do some damage”. It will reveal your position and thats the last thing you want. Instead wait until you get into the right position and blaze away. If you see a group of 3+ moving around, dont jump them alone. Wait until your allies engage or they split up and take them out one by one. And remember hit and RUN!

Worst case scenario!
I am not perfect and neither are you, sometimes when we turn around that corner we will look into the eyes of a bigger and more badass guy or more of them. In this scenario you have two options, flee or fight (obviusly). But theres more to it, sure they are more and have bigger guns but you still got an ace up your sleeve for these situations. JET away!!!
Shooting someone who is flying around is more enoying than you can imagine. But dont just fly straight up (often find myself doing this as a reflex). Fly up and down in circles! I know it sounds hard but its not. You just stafe as usual in a close quarters battle except you must pump your jetpack in 1,5-2 second bursts. This will make you fly around like crazy and your enemy will most probably panic and empty the magazine. After that you can gun him down while humming on <insert music>.

So we can easy the whole thing down.
Get stuffs that makes you fast, be smart and dont engage in a stand up fight. Being a LA is more about being a Commando soldier.

This thread is not for ppl who want to QQ but a learning thread about LA. I know im probably alot greener than most of you guys but i just wanted to share some stuff that worked out well for me.

Axxe signing out.
FOR NC AND FREEDOM and remember to hi…… RUN

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