PlanetSide 2 Engineer Tips

PlanetSide 2 Engineer Tips by NewSith

Empire Specific Tips:

Mercenary Carbine:
Laser Dot + RDS/IR
Primary Way of Firing: Zoomed Spray

GD-7F Carbine:
Foregrip + RDS/4x
Primary Way of Firing: Bursts

General Tips:

ACE (MANA Turret)

  • MANA Turret can not only be used as a weapon, but also as a temporary, but rather effective cover.
  • ACE (The MANA Turret Spawner) spawns ammoboxes. You just need to switch firemodes while holding it in your hands.
  • ACE ammobox lasts exactly 3 minutes.


  • Always leave ammoboxes in your wake. You may not need it, or the people around you, but sooner or later, somebody behind you will require ammo. Free XP and good deed are always appreciated.
  • Due to the class, basically having unlimited ammo, you should always be first to use your primary weapon on enemy ESFs. Don’t be greedy.
  • Carry C4 with you at all times, preferrably maxed out. Mines can easily take out vehicles, but are harder to use as immidiate AV means.


  • Engineer dispenses ammo to himself, so never cert into ammunition armor upgrade.
  • If you use the class for combat, – use shield regen speed upgrade.
  • If you use engi as a pilot, or, especially driver, – use flak armor upgrade. Because usually you find yourself repairing a tank in a middle of tank combat.


  • Never let your gluegun overheat, if not overheated it recovers faster, plus it can be used to start emergency repairs in the middle of cooling down.
  • Never repair manned vehicles from their back or front for NC and TR. For VS Magrider I’d advise repairing it from the front.
  • Repair tanks ducked, because for some very funny reason, a tank can run you over with its cannon.
  • Repair Phalanx (Stationary) Turrets, terminals and generators before you are leaving for a new fighting place.
  • When you are inside a Phalanx and it is under heavy fire, hop out of it and let the enemy destroy it. Don’t try to repair it until it’s fully destroyed, otherwise you will be killed by a blastwave or else. It will also drop some attention from your turret and you can relatively safely repair it afterwards.
  • Don’t repair MAXes at night during their engaging a heavy enemy. You make them light up like a christmas tree.

Terminal Interaction

  • If you are an engineer and see a hacked terminal, but you have no way to switch to an infiltrator to hack it back – kill it and repair it. After dying it will switch back to the original ownership.
  • This one is general, but if you are near a terminal and you are damnaged – switch to medic, hit the ability button, heal yourself and switch back.


Any extra tips from other engis? Or, perhaps, feedback?

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