PlanetSide 2 Basic Teamwork Guide

PlanetSide 2 Basic Teamwork Guide by WyreZ

Hi all,

I’m writing this post in the hopes to spread some ideas which I think are generally beneficial for all new players to understand – Stuff which will ultimately benefit everyone’s gameplay experience through courtesy and teamwork.


This is the most important thing. Your spawn point is your victory. The closer your spawn point is to the capture point, the more likely your team will win that battle. SO LONG AS THE SPAWN POINT IS ALIVE. It doesn’t matter how big your army is if none of them can spawn nearby. Spawn points keep your faction focused on objectives.

For offense – the Sunderer and spawn beacons are the most important assets your team has. So when you spawn at the sundy, and some reaver is shooting at it, that’s the time you need to jump to engineer and start repairing as best as you can. Hide underneath/behind it to avoid getting shot as best as you can, and keep that thing up. Because that spawn point is the best chance your team has to succeed in the mission of capturing a base. I cannot stress this enough!

Sundy-Defending Tactics include:
-AA Max – Bust out an anti-aircraft fitted max to shoot down aircraft. Aircraft love to hunt sundies, until they start getting shot with flak. Then they flee pretty **** quickly.
-Sundy Guns – The unupgraded sunderer’s fitted with guns great for shooting light vehicles and infantry. So jump into the sunderer where you can’t be shot directly for your own protection, and use the cannons on it. Every sundy has at least two weapons on it.
-KEEP THE SUNDY ALIVE by REPAIRING it. Also, as an engineer – if you’re being covered by Anti Air MAX (who are also defending the sunderer), you can keep those guys alive by repairing them if you get the chance.
-Location – Parking the sunderer in a location that covers it from view from air (under trees, hidden between rocks etc) is also beneficial to the survival of your spawn point.

For defending, your SCU (Spawn Control Unit) is your spawn generator. If that dies, you can no longer respawn at your main base spawn room. If this happens, you’ll need a Sunderer (see above) or spawn beacon etc. So, as a defending team it is in your absolute best interest to defend the SCU generator, and the SCU SHIELD generator. All main bases have an SCU shield generator that keeps shields up around the SCU. So if this SCU Shield generator is taken out, then the SCU is vulnerable to attack. Though the fight isn’t over because you can still defend the SCU itself, it’s a hell of a lot easier to defend the SCU with the shields up.


Do not destroy enemy vehicle terminals when you’re attacking a base. Or equipment terminals. Infiltrators can hack these to turn them so that only the faction of the infiltrator can use it (until it’s hacked by another faction’s infiltrator).
That means, if one of your teams infils gets to the terminal and hacks the vehicle pad, everyone on your faction can use that pad to start pumping out sunderers and tanks, right from inside the enemy base.
You cannot repair an enemy terminal, so if it’s destroyed before it is hacked, it cannot be repaired and then used until you capture the facility, in which case you may not have as much of a need for said tanks and sunderers.


Grenades – Check your minimap, check for friendly triangles before lobbing a nade. We all make mistakes! But we can all afford to make less of them in regards to grenade friendly fire. :D


There is no ‘right of way’ on the roads of Auraxis. Infantry certainly do not have right of way! It’s in your best interest as a soldier to be mindful of your minimap with regards to moving around friendly vehicles. They may not see you, so go out of your way to give ’em a wide berth.
As pilots, I’d recommend maneuvering through friendlies in Third Person view (hit T) until you’re actually in combat and need your reticle. That way you can actually see who’s next to you, who’s about to run in front of you etc. ;)


If there are friendly medics around when you die, and you feel like there’s a chance to get revived, it can be worth waiting that extra second or two before hitting the Respawn button. If they can get you up, it means you’re respawning right at the battlefront, ready for action. It also means that your friendly medic gets their Revive exp, which every medic loves!

6) THE USE OF /re VERSUS /yell

So, for those who aren’t yet aware – /re broadcasts to your team only, in the area/zone/base that you’re in. /yell broadcasts to everyone, including enemies. As such, asking questions in game and throwing insults at your enemies /yell is more appropriate because then more people can hear you. /yell should NEVER be used for disclosing tactical information, such as “Let’s head through the north gate, it’s undefended!” because your enemies will go and defend the north gate, and you’re gonna have a bad time. All tactical information and team-based intel/direction (which base are we attacking next?) should be done through /re chat.

That’s it from me – does anyone else have any other points or ideas they’d like to add?

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