Mortal Online Housing Guide

Mortal Online Housing Guide by Azharan

Here is a little guide answering some FAQ about houses.


House Vendor (Meduli/Fabernum/Morin Khur):

House Tier 1/2/3: 500g each
Expansion C/D: 250g each
Shop/Stable: 250g each

Workbench Vendor (Meduli/Fabernum/Morin Khur):

Armor/Shield/Weapon/Bow/Butchery(not working atm)/Furnace/Fabricula design: 100g each


Right click on the plan in your inventory. A message appears: “Now looking for a house spot”
You will see a ghost image of a house when you’re close to a house spot.
You cannot find a house spot when mounted !

House Construction skill is needed as following:

-Tier1: 25
-Tier2: 50
-Tier3: 75

Tier1 is required to start a Tier2 upgrade.
Tier2 is required to start a Tier3 upgrade.


To start the building process, you’ll need to put resources into the chest (“use” button while you face the chest)
Around 35k stone, 20k wood and 3,6k metal needed.

Passive building (slow): people inside the house without doing anything AND resources in the chest.

Active building (fast): people inside the house pressing (spamming) “use” button facing floor (or walls) AND resources in the chest.

Resources used in the build disappear progressively from the chest.

There are two “signs” (one inside and one outside) at the house’s entrance you can interact with.
During building process, It will shows you details about materials (rock/wood/metal) needed, materials already consumed and current house’s hitpoints.

Same way to upgrade your house => tier2/3.

A shop ‘OR’ a stable can be added in a tier1 house.
A guildstone can be added in a tier1 house.
An expansion room (needed to build a worbench in) can be added in a t2 house and one more in a t3 house.


Best quality ===> Low quality

Stone : Gabore, Granum, Saburra, Calx
Wood : Ironwood, Blackwood, Brownwood, Dapplewood, Greywood, Firmwood, Whitewood, Spongewood
Metal : Tungsteel, Steel, Bron, Silver, Cuprum, Bleck, Gold, Pig iron… (not tested all)

Look at the signs again when the construction is completed.
It’ll open a window with some informations: owner’s name, hitpoints, taxes
and some options (only if you are the house’s owner): create key, change lock, change owner, vote, buy siege weapons.
You can buy the Siege weapon Hail Caster in your keep for 100 gold.
You need a keep to buy the Siege weapon Manganon for 350 gold.


Right click on the key in your inventory to lock a door/chest.
You can make copies of a key.
Keys are lootable !

Make some tests to familiarize yourself with key/lock system.

Hope It’ll help

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