Mortal Online Potion Making for Casteless Guide

Mortal Online Potion Making for Casteless Guide by Sindas

This is a very basic guide to Potion Making, as part of my “for Casteless” series. A much more advanced and detailed version along with recipes will be available on Mortal Info after it’s remake and reopening here soon and will be posted here a few days later.

Potion Making for Casteless

Primary skills are bold.

Required Books

  • Alchemy
  • Potion Making

Total Primary Points: 200


Optional Books

  • Advanced Potion Making (Requires 70 Potion Making)
  • Taste Identification
  • Alchemical Dissolvents
  • Botany
  • Botany Appliances
  • Agrostology
  • Mycology
  • Carpology
  • Vegetology
  • Herbology
  • Herbologium Expertise
  • Herbalism
  • Milling
  • Crafting appliances
  • Alchemy comtraptions
  • Fabricula expertise
  • Ore Extraction Appliances
  • Mechanical Appliances
  • Press Operations

Total Primary Points: 800

Complete Primary Point Total: 1000
Leftover points for character: 100


Important Stats

First Steps


First, you need the Alchemy skill. Alchemy will show up under Studies. You have multiple ways to do this. The first way to get Alchemy is to drink a potion or eat food. This gives you Alchemy and Taste Identification. Taste Identification is a child of Alchemy. The second way is to buy the Alchemy book at any Librarian for 250s. If you have gold, and time, and you want to get potion making as soon as possible, I would do both, since either way is extremely slow, even with reading high leveled.


Buy the book Alchemy and start reading. While reading, setup a macro to continuously jump your character. This will make your character hungry, and you can eat food. As you eat food, your Taste Identification goes up, and as this goes up, your Alchemy also goes up. This will speed up the process.

Once you reach 20 alchemy you can cancel your book and stop jumping. Make sure to sleep and eat and get your reserves back up before going out of town. Now you are ready to buy the Potion Making book at any Librarian for 100s.

Taste Identification


This is used for both foods and potions. It works the same way. If you don’t have enough skill you will not see what is in the potion or how powerful it is. Some examples are below.


How to Craft a Potion

You will first need to buy a vial. Medium vials can be bought at the Utility vendor. Big and Major vials can be gotten from Risars. I have explained how to get small vials further below.


First, go to the Potion Making skill under Alchemy and drag the Icon to your hotbar. Then, find the nearest Fabricula. This should look like a table with some vials on it. Hit the hotkey for the Potion Making icon while your crosshairs are on the Fabricula. If you’re low-leveled you should have space for one vial and two ingredients. Chose a vial size, and chose your ingredients. Then hit Create.


How Potions Work


To the right of your Hunger bar is a blank bar. If it is not blank it should have a small bar of purple in it. This is your Potion Bar. You can have up to 20 “units” filled at a time. A minor potion, made from a small vial, contains 5 units. A medium vial contains 10. The number of units used in your potion bar goes down fairly quickly over time. There is also an internal cooldown to how often you can drink a potion, so that even if you have enough room in your Potion Bar, you cannot use potions too close together.

Beginner Ingredients Around You

Most towns have ingredients you can gather right around town, or even inside it. Look around for bushes, plants, or grass and try to use the Gathering skill on it. Even some patches of grass can be picked. Other ingredients can be bought from the grocer in any town.

There are also other less well-known ingredients that can be bought from other vendors. Use your imagination.

Beginner Recipe

A beginner recipe to try out while learning the craft would be a healing potion, which does a small bit of direct healing. The amount healed by this recipe is incredibly small so do not try using these, you’re better off with a Minor Health Potion. This is simply for learning purposes. The recipe:

Red Jambura (Sold by Grocer)

This is a cheap ingredient and will create a Direct Healing potion. Remember to buy enough of them, because if you only buy 4-5 of each ingredient there will not be enough to create a potion.


You can make poison potions just like poisonous food, but if your potion has any healing effect, it will negate it and become useless. I do not suggest nor advocate the use of poisons for anything and I am not giving you any tips on how to create poisons. *wink*

Power Leveling

If you want to level skills quickly, the grocer is your best friend. You can buy tons of ingredients and just make useless potions, drink them, and re-use the vials. This can quickly raise Alchemy, Potion Making, and Taste Identification. Using the right ingredients can also level all of the Botany lores. Since Potion Making can level pretty slowly, I would suggest reading the book while doing this. Drinking water and using it to create potions is also a useful trick if you are close to a water source.

Recycling Vials

When you drink a potion, the vial is not destroyed. Look in your inventory and you should see an empty vial ready to be re-used. When practicing making potions or finding a new recipe, I would suggest using the same few vials over and over again rather than wasting money to buy 100+ of them, and then finding out that they are reusable. Remember, be green, save the planet!

How To Get Small Vials

Small vials, to my knowledge, are not sold in vendors by themselves, nor drop from mobs. They are hidden under the name Minor Health Potion. So, if you want a small vial for some reason, buy a Minor Health Potion, and chug it down. This will give you an empty small vial to be used in your potion crafting needs.

Potion Color

It is unknown if there is any way to create a potion that is not blue. Currently it is understood that all player-made potions are blue and vendor-bought potions are always red.

Optional Skills

There is a long list of optional skills that can affect your potion making, either directly or indirectly. Most of these, like the lores, can be learned when you’re trying to find new recipes. I would suggest making a few potions first to see which books you might want to spend your money on, as many of them go up quite fast just by doing.

Known Issues:

  • When you create a potion, the Ingredients and Vials are not updated correctly. It will show the original numbers you put in, but your inventory will show how much ingredients you have correctly. You can re-drag-and-drop the ingredients and vial to the crafting window to fix it.
  • This one isn’t really a bug, but it is a problem. All potions are named Potion, and have no description of what is in it nor the ability to rename it. Be careful when making multiple mixtures at once, because it’s easy to get them mixed up. Remember where each potion goes. This will become easier once you level your Taste Identification.
  • There appears to be a hidden stat or other mystical force affecting how certain characters react to ingredients and certain potions. Entirely speculation.

I was unable to use as many pictures as I wanted to, but there is enough here to explain to the most simple-minded casteless how things work. As mentioned at the top a more complex, advanced and detailed version with more pictures and recipes will be posted on Mortal Info when it is reopened.

If you find any problems with this guide please PM me or make a post here.

I would like to give some credit to Kuroi for helping me with a few things I wasn’t sure about.

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