Mortal Online Thieving Guide

Mortal Online Thieving Guide by Diphling

0. TL/DR

Race: Sheevra or Veela
Age: 18-25 (22 prefered)
Stats – High dexterity and constitution
Mandatory Primary Skills: Pilfering, Snooping, Lockpicking, Athletics
Technique: Be sneaky, snoop pockets, steal things, haul ass out of town.

1. Introduction

This guide is here to explain to players what it takes to be a thief, its advantages and disadvantages, and other important information that most people do not think about. In short, this guide is to teach you how to put their items into your pocket.

Firstly, a question that needs to be answered is, “Why play as a thief?”. Well, there are many reasons. For many players out there, they desire wealth, and see thieving as an easy way to obtain it. For another smaller minority, the lure is excitement, adventure, and just flat out being a stealthy monster. They could also be a saboteur with political reasons. My personal reasons for choosing to take this career path was the adventure and being stealthy. I cannot explain through text the amount of entertainment I have pulled from pilfering. Whatever your reason for wanting to be a thief, there are many things you need to know.

You probably have expectations. A lot of fledgling thieves genuinely believe that they will be reaping in the crop day in and day out, and nearly immediately. This is wrong. If that is what you wanted to get out of my profession, you would have a better chance with woodcutting for making money fast.

Before I begin with the actual guide, I want to give you a warning. Thieves are not popular, by any means. People hate thieves more than murderers. Before you snoop your first pocket, think of the reprocussions you could possibly have if your name gets well known.

2. Starting your character

The biggest part of any character is its racial choices. A successful thief can be of any race, and it seems as if its more appropriate for the Alvarins. My personal choice is Sheevra. With Sheevra, it is possible to hit 116 dexterity, with 100 constitution, and even higher dexterity if your character is a “Slim” build.

Dexterity is very vital in thieving. For the act of pilfering, your pilfering skill rolls directly against your victim’s intelligence to see if you successfully stole an item. Dexterity is essential for your movement skills, and the skill bonus on some of the most important. A Veela can obtain a dexterity of 125. However, this is all personal preference. Aesthetically, many people find Veela more appealing. You’re not going for looks though, are you?

The prefered food to maintain weight at Slim seems to be Rye Flour.

One more thing about Sheevra: They blend in with the night the best.

3. Skills and Stats

Stats are vital. Dexterity and constitution are your main focus. Constitution is important being as it adds not only HP, but also stamina and run speed slightly, which is absolutely vital in getting away with the goods. It doesn’t matter how fast you run if you can’t keep a pace.

Your other attributes are all up to you. If you’re going with magic or taming, i’d recommend psych and intelligence. If you’re using a melee weapon, go for strength. Your playstyle is all up to you.

My personal stats as a 22 year old Sheevra:

STR 10
DEX 116
CON 100
PSY 36
INT 100

There are many skills that are absolutely essential for being effective. Here is a small list of primaries that I consider necessary.

1. 100 Snooping
2. 100 Pilfering
3. 100 Athletics
4. 100 Survival
5. 100 Endurance
6. 100 in either Resting or Anatomy
7. 100 Lockpicking

The books for Pilfering and Snooping can be found in Fabernum in the back alleys, Gaul Kor, and Meduli in the north part of town. I highly highly recommend reading the books to get your skills up before you even start. You can also get the skills for free in Toxaii, down near the work benches. The trainer will initially give you Snooping, but once you hit 30 you can go back and he will teach you level 1 pilfering for free.

For SECONDARIES here is what I consider required:

Passive Regeneration, Crawling, Diving, Resistance Swimming, Footspeed, Jumping, Landing Technique, Breathing Technique, and Sprinting.

Here is what I consider optional primaries:

1. Balance
2. A weapon skill. Preferably Spear or Dagger, as your Str is naturally going to be lower than normal.
3. Combat maneuvering. Only if you take up a weapon skill.
4. Aggressive and Defensive Stance. Once again, only with a weapon skill.
5. Ecumenical. A Thief/Mage is a very effective build, with tons of utility.
6. Taming / Creature Control. Useful as a way to harvest resources while you’re laying low.
7. Active Regen. I use this myself so that i’m ready in a heartbeat.

As you can see, the main focus is on mobility. You can be the best pilferer in the world, but if you can’t haul ass out of town to safety, it doesn’t matter.

You can either choose between resting or anatomy. I personally chose resting because it was free, and does not require me to go to a bank to heal up every time I am killed.

The reason I include survival with the essential skills is two fold. Firstly, if you steal from someone and you manage to get to a water source and they have armor on, they typically can’t chase you. Because they’d sink. Secondly, if they magically can float, with survival, you can swim faster than them.

4. The Art

The lockpicking book is obtained by acquiring Tindremic noble heads, which are obtained currently by killing Tindremic commoners. After you acquire enough heads, go to the Assassin vendor which is in the sunken district of Tindrem, Kranesh, or in GK.

After you learn lockpicking, you need to acquire lockpicks. I will not give the exact location of the vendor, but I will say that he is within Tindrem.

Now that you have the lockpicking skill and lockpicks, go find a chest. There are many around the world. Once you find a chest, right click on your lockpicks while targetting the chest. Below is a video of how to pick, courtesy of my old friend Pockets!

To thieve an enemy character, you must first have the Snooping and Thieving skill on your hotbar. Walk up to the player, and target them using the tab key. First snoop into their inventory, which will open it up. Be careful though, if someone is observing you or the target’s intelligence is high, you might be spotted and will become a hidden criminal.

You will have to wait 5 seconds before you can pilfer anything. After the short wait, press your hotkey for pilfering and take the item. At this point, your flag CAN go grey. If you are grey, you are vulnerable right then and there, but if you are a hidden criminal, you might have some time to get out before someone pushes you. Either way, haul ass out of town. After a 2 minute timer, the items you have stolen can be deposited in your bank. I find it fun to sneak into town while I still have a hidden criminal flag to deposit the item. Plus you can get right back to work with that flag, you just need to be cautious and listen for a weapon draw or fists being hit together.

Now teaching someone to be a good thief is impossible. With the information and wisdom I have given you above, it is up to you as an individual to hone your skills and be elusive and cunning. There are a few tips, however, that will get you started on your way.

Important thieving information:

1. Read the books before you start. If you are labelled as a thief before even being capable to actually commit the act, it will only hurt you. Read your snooping and pilfering up to 81 before you even attempt to actually steal something.

2. There is a special flag called “Hidden Thief”. It is slightly purple, with two stripes on it. Whenever you have this flag, you actually appear as a blue flag to other players, but have caution! if you are pushed or struck by another player, you will be grey flagged, and thus killable in town. This flag can take up to 10 minutes to get rid of, and you cannot resurrect at city priests.

3. If you die, which you will, you will have to wait. Suck it up, this is the downside of thieving. Have something else ready to entertain yourself for 10 minutes or so until your flag is back to blue.

4. Do not even attempt at pilfering stacks of items over 75. I personally have only been able to steal 100 cuprum coins in a single go, ever. Also avoid stealing heavier things, because you are far more likely to fail.

5. Try to avoid stealing from crafters, as usually their intelligence is very high, thus increasing your chance of failing.

6. Find a fence. If you can find a steady buyer of the items you steal, do it. It will be a steady source of income and will build trust between you two, and will build your reputation as an honest person to deal with.


1. Do not steal from the poor. It never helps anyone. If anything, help the poor out so that they may one day become rich, and only then you should rob them blind. It’s like growing a plant. If you take away it’s water source, it dies, but if you sprinkle a little bit of water on it, it will bear your fruits.

2. Keep your enemies guessing. If they have a constant fear of looking over their shoulders, it is good- but in the times when they are most vigilant, dissapear. If they keep their guard up too long, return at a later time to strike when they are weakest.

3. Keep your ears open. Many-a-times have I overheard a tradeful conversation in the local area which has led me to a great discovery. People saying “5g for xyz”, or “Hey, I will buy that Keep deed you have” will be a clear indicator that you need to watch out for.

4. Keep silent. This is the inverse of rule 3. If you are likewise heard, you might be stopped before you can even start.

DONATIONS ACCEPTED. But even if you choose not to donate, I’m still going to get your money anyway, whether you like it or not.

Thanks for reading, and godspeed, you crook.

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