Mortal Online Fighter Skill Build Guide

Mortal Online Fighter Skill Build Guide by Bronzen18

I am Branflakes and I would like to lend you a nice helping hand. I was going to use this as a template for helping out newbs I would PM, but will just post it as it is simple and I want more people to avoid the reroll =)

The below is the lineage/bloodline you should use and the correct age/size needed to get the optimum stats.

Halfbreed Khurite Khurite
Age 23 and 180 size

Strength 110
Dexterity 104
Constitution 116
Psyche/Intelligence 10/10 (not needed on fighters/tamers/archers/etc)

Start in Meduli or Fabernum (Meduli may be easier).

To raise your characters attributes, you will want to
put Psyche and Intelligence to – by clicking the plus sign until it changes. Then hit L and get the sleeping/resting buttons in your hot bar by dragging them.

EDIT: Use a springbok spawn or use another newbie as pigs de-aggro as of Awakening.

Up next is getting skill books and gear (joining a guild is usually a good idea). If you plan on being solo then go out and kill semi passive mobs with a short sword and bring back carcass one stack at a time unless you can get a horse. If you start at Meduli to stat up you can run to Fabernum to kill Urials (will show you location in game) to get 5.7 gold per stack (2-3 kills). That will get you some serious book money and you can work on combat skills (archery/etc). You need to max out all Movement skills and all major combat skills.

Athletics (for all movement skills)
Combat Manouvering (They spell it wrong….not me)
Weapon of choice (not just archery)
Riding (Get Swift/Controlled from Vadda ASAP)
Defensive Stance
Aggressive Stance
Anatomy (Damage Assessment)
Armor Training (Read Heavy Armor Training, but stop it after it gives you the skill)
Endurance (Provides extra stam, subsisting, passive regen, resistance swimming)
Survival (If you want to swim)
Mounted archery/Mounted combat (preference)

After you get your skills all up you can start getting in practice fights with friends or guild members and get more involved in the server wars, killing harder creatures, etc.

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