Mortal Online Mage Starter Guide

Mortal Online Mage Starter Guide by Jaiceaf

First off hello, and thanks for reading my guide. I know there is a mage guide out there that lists the skills that are important for a mage. However, there was a huge flaw in that guide. It did not exactly point out a good way to get there.Our books are very expensive, as are regents, and there needs to be a way to get to that point. Becoming a mage is time consuming if you do not have a guild or a few players backing you. Well that was me 5 days ago when I started my first REAL character. I want to share with you how I did it.

=Disclaimer= I am not saying this is the best nor the fastest way. I just know as a new player with noone to help me, this is how I did it. And it WILL work for you too. I will be referencing some of Yanowski’s points and giving credit where it is due. Mostly in character creation. His guide got me started.

1) Character creation– I started as a Sheevra with all parents Sheevra which I read about in Yanowskis guide. I chose the Age 62, Yamowski’s says 65. 62 you get 1 more PSY and 1 more CON. AT max you will get 116 PSY, 108 INT. I also put my starter points into Size and Constitution. It gives you more base hit points, carry weight, and the consitution will help you on the first part of our grind. As Yanowskis stated, start as an acolyte.

Next- I started in Toxai. I know Mhorin Khur is popular for many, but I found it to be too contested over for spawns and whatnot. Noone bothered me in Toxai, I was free to do as a I pleased.

2) In Game- So now you are into the game. First, find storage keeper, and bank your pickaxe….dont want it to get stolen. Equip your sword.

Find your way out of town up the huge ramp. At the top of that ramp you will see a bridge. Cross the bridge and run right. There you will see weasels and pigs. This next part is annoying, but hey….you just started right? You need to grind kill weasels and pigs and sell their loot until you have 20 Silver.

3) 20 Silver- Ok so once I got 20 silver, I went to the librarian and grabbed the books Gathering and Woodcutting. Read gathering first until you get a skill point. Then stop it. Then read Woodcutting. (You can also choose mining, though I liked woodcutting due to the location of the trees being RIGHT OUTSIDE OF TOWN).

4) Now you can cut wood– So go back up the ramp, and take a sharp right, you will see trees along the edge of the cliff. These are Dapplewood trees. Their Wood sells for 2 Copper a unit. So a stack of 1000 gets you 20 silver. Cut wood until your pick axe breaks. Once it breaks, run back to town, sell your wood, and…you guessed it. Buy more pickaxes. Bring two this time if you were able to buy 3.

Continue this process of cutting wood. It raises your Strength, to carry more loot, and constitution raises your hitpoints. I cut wood until I had max STR/CON and 100 Silver. Yes I know, this took a while. But there is a reason I chose this method.

a) You are RIGHT beside the town. No red really comes that close to Toxai to bother you. You dont have to worry about your labor being taken away from you. The trips to sell are quick as you are once again right by town. Toxai is VERY lowly populated, so I competed with noone for these trees.

b) A tree cannot kill you, so no corpse runs. =D

5) 100 Silver- Ok awesome! Way to grind out that silver. Now you have enough money to buy a VERY important book. Creature Control Basics. I know Yanowskis guide mentions Mana Regen and Mental Offense/Mental Focus. THOSE ARE VERY IMPORTANT. Just not now. Regeants are too expensive for us right now, and we want to be able to farm without spending money for materials.

6) So you read creature control, it takes 8 hours. During this time its up to you. You can sleep, or you can go cut more wood. I chose to cut more wood.

7) This is the important part. Now we need to work on taming. You need to find your way to Mhorin Khur, you can search the forums for advice, ask someone in game or /W Jaice in game, and I can give you instructions. Take your starter sword and find your way to the springbok spawn not so near to Mhorin Khur. Tame springboks until it says you no longer gain any skill. Since you have max constitution by now, you can also fight springboks. Because you have read Creature Control Basics, you can control Springboks.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? YES! Tame a springbok, make it protect you, and go kill springboks now. Once y ou get hit, your pet will run and help you. Springboks hit for about 7-10 damage on us in rags. You will have about 140+ HP so this is no problem. Kill springboks and gather loot. Sell the loot in Mhorin Khur. Rinse and repeat. Gather 500 Silver now for your second creature control book. This will go much faster than last time farming for the first book, because you are making ALOT more money.

Side note- If you can find someone to make you a decent sword, get it as it will help you kill faster.

8) So you have 500 Silver. Guess what you are buying now? YEP! Creature Control 2. This will allow you control Wisents and a few others. Now you can either make wisents fight eachother. Or you can make your wisents fight springboks and kill them faster. Its up to you. Wisents are better money, but you run the risk of running into reds. Springboks are a bit more safe.

9) Just grind money until you can afford some armor , maybe you see books you want. You can grab riding if you choose. At this point, this is where building your character comes into play.

10) Things to keep in mind….Don’t worry that you have max Strength right now. It will be decreased once you start casting spells. Dont get worried if you have a high sword skill (I chose to lock mine from the beginning). Dont worry if you start getting low on Primary points. As an Acolyte, we start with so many skills we will never use, they can be decreased to make room for the stuff we need. And as you play, you will figure this out.

ADDITIONS========================================= ==============

*TIP* Question: When do I buy books and when do I start casting magic??
Answer: Once you have read Creature Control 2 and you can control Wisents, money will start pouring in. The sooner you get the books below, the better. But this is your character, build him/her how you play. This is a General Guide, not a cookie cutter mold. However, my personal advice would be to buy the most expensive of books first and read those. Save money while you read, and buy more.All of these books are very important in your ability to pvp effectively, so I would not suggest pvping before you have maxxed Passive Mana Regen, Mental Offense, Mental Focus and Ecumenical Spells.

11) Riding was brought up by Khayman below. Riding is a HIGHLY SUGGESTED book to acquire. However there are definately some reasons not to take it at this point. If you want to be a summoner type. Currently you can have only one pet. Unfortunately because of this, you can either have a horse, or you can have a very nice pet such as the snapping turtle. For mobility, a Horse is the obvious choice. If you rarely travel across the continent, I can see as to why you might not want to have a horse. If you just want to fight, a snapping turtle definately puts up a nice one.

12) Raising Psy/Int. The First way you will be raising INT/PSY will come from reading/taming/creature control. Remember I talked about STR being maxed out due to woodcutting?? Well if all of your attributes are accounted for(that means some into dex from using the sword) as you tame/cast spells, your INT and PSY will raise as points are being taken from STR and DEX.

a) Adrala added this input on Raising intelligence. A good way to rise Int. and Dex is snooping players arround towns.

b) This brings up another good point about dropping Riding for Agility/Jumping/Sprinting and what not. You could also consider dropping your int/psy down if you plan to use pets in battle. Increasing your dex will give you extra points into the Agility skill group, increasing their effectiveness. I will be testing this feature out in the next few days.

13) IMPORTANT BOOKS. Mana Regeneration 1 and 2 can be found at the Petrologist in Toxai. She also sells Mental Focus. Passive Regeneration is said to be found in the jungle camp. I have not been there myself but once I go, I will include directions there.

a) Do not buy Mental Offense. Once you start casting spells, you will be casting them on yourself. This will increase mental offense and most if not ALL of your magical skills.

14) REGENTS- The beginner spell regents can be bought from the CATALYST vendor in any town. Until I speak with a friend of mine concerning Extraction, the method I can suggest to you for getting regents is heading over to Meduli. People are constantly spamming what they want to Buy or Sell. I am sure having an extractor alt would work out nicely for a mage. But I don’t do well with alts. Never have. I like to play one character only.

a) There is also a guide Stickied to the top of this subforum titled MINING TO METAL GUIDE. If you are interested in creating a character to provide regents to your mage, this is the place to start.

15) Spell Skills LVL UP

This information can be found at….
*NOTE* Earthquake is currently disabled.

some might take you a little higher or lower i noticed. Currently Earth Quake is bugged and not raising skills or doing damage or knock-back currently, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Well thats pretty much all folks. If you have any questions, or need more explanation, I will answer them in this thread. IF you have any additions, please post them, and I will gladly add them in with all credit to the poster. Like I said, I did all of this with NO HELP from anyone. IF you are a new, and want to be a mage, this is how I did it. And it can work for you too!

Thanks for reading.

Jaice Specurious.

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