Mobsters Criminal Empire Defense Guide

Mobsters Criminal Empire Defense Guide by thekillergreece

First of all, I will post my FIRST guide and some tactics.This thread is for defenses.Okay..Alright, everyone ready?

Machine Gun tower=Effective against light enemy troops,useless at versus soldiers and bruisers if you have not moved it to a high level building.

Sniper Tower=One single shot! against light troops,2 shots vs medium troops and useless or more shots against soldiers and bruisers unless is not on high building.

Grenade post=Worst defense ever made.Useless when dealing with 1 group because its range and…damage.It is effective against grouped enemy troops because it dont just select one target, but all group target because of the splash damage.This tower hasnt long range,high resource need and 35 waste defense space.Remove it if you dont find it useful

Bunker=Way more useless than Grenade post.Troops in bunkers almost do nothing.It has shortest range and medium resources need, 200 WASTE OF DEFENSE SPACE!Upgrading also need more defense space which is a:Waste!Remove it at all cost, why?Influence!Where you get?By helping friends.A total waste of defense cap.There are 2 opinions for developers to change:Remove influence required and add muscle or, remove 200 defense space to 50 and put range 20 in 1 level bunker.Or it will be useless FOREVER.

Mines=Totally waste of defense, they dont kill enemies in one explode.No more useful informations.

Roadblocks=Again useless,need defense cap each upgrade.Remove and prefer add defenses or bunkers if you want.

Okay, here we go:

Machine gun tower+Sniper tower=Deadly paired defense at light and enemy troops.As well as soldiers(If you have moved them to a high building)But wont work if you deal with bruisers, as bruisers are very strong can survive, unless you moved to them high building.

Machine gun tower+Sniper tower+Grenade post=Grenade post will just damage grouped enemies for a while,sniper tower will require less shots,machine gun will reduce enemy damage=ONE SHOT!

Sniper tower+Grenade post=Not recommended.Grenade posts are way slower to throw grenades and has short range which means enemies can outrange grenade posts and let sniper tower only shoot.

Grenade Post+Machine gun=Unknown.

Bunkers inside defense range=Might be little bit usefull.Dumbs in bunkers will get off the bunker and go shoot enemies which means high damage(Depends what dumbs troops you put it and what their level)and a nice war.

I wont discuss about mines and roadblocks because they are useless,and I never use them.

Once again, if you have unlocked soldiers and bruisers,try help some idiot friends to get some ass influence, put soldiers and bruisers into bunker, it might do a nice job.

Need more defense space to test some more…And some free empire bucks anyways…Well, reduce bunkers defense space because I see this game is getting unpopular because of more bad news updates.Good luck beginners!

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