Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops FAQ

Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops FAQ by El Guapo

Here are some notes from our developers intended to help players master Spec Ops.

Q: What are Spec Ops?

Special Operations are brand new missions available for a limited time. This includes three missions with new boss fights and a hidden epic boss.

Spec Ops adjust to your Agent’s level to provide a challenge regardless of where you are in the game.

Q: What are the rewards for Spec Ops?

Each boss has a unique weapon only available from that boss. These include Madame Masque’s pistol, Thunderball’s ball and chain, and Wrecker’s crowbar.

These weapons are new “Customized” weapons. Customized weapons set their power level based on your Agent level when they are acquired, so the weapon should be good for any player that wins them.

In addition, by completing 5-star mastery on each of the missions, you can gain permanent access to the powerful new hero Mockingbird.

Q: What is Unstable Iso-8?

Unstable Iso-8 is a chaotic and rapidly decaying form of Iso-8 discovered in a recent meteor shower hitting the earth.

Unstable Iso-8 is required to start any combat or deploy event in Spec Ops missions.

Q: Where do I get Unstable Iso-8?

For a limited time, you can trade unstable Iso-8 with friends through the gift page. You can request more through gift requests.

Enemies and even players in all missions are known to carry Unstable Iso-8 that they sometimes drop during combat.

Bosses in the Spec Ops missions have a chance of dropping Unstable Iso-8 in the boss reward.

If all else fails, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a backup supply of Iso-8 they are willing to part with, for the right price. Click the [+] symbol next to the Unstable Iso-8 canisters while on a Spec Op mission to get more.

Q: Can I keep playing my normal mission or does starting Spec Ops cancel it?

Spec Ops does not interrupt your normal mission progress.

While Spec Ops are active, you can keep your progress in one Spec Op and one regular mission at the same time.

Swap between Spec Ops and Story by clicking on the Mission button from the Flight Deck, then clicking on the Story or Spec Ops tabs at the top of the Missions screen.

Q: Does the timer for Spec Ops start when I first start a mission?

No, the timer starts when Spec Ops is released. Time is running out!

In addition, the Unstable Iso-8 will no longer be available for gifting once the mission timer expires.

Q: What happens to my missions when Spec Ops finishes?

When Spec Ops close after the timer expires, you will no longer be able to enter a Spec Ops mission, so be sure to finish your progress before it happens.

Any deploys in the Specs Ops mission will be cancelled and any heroes deployed will be returned.

In addition, your current supply of Unstable Iso-8 will decay, rendering it unusable, so be sure to use all of it you can before the time runs out.

If you haven’t finished the Spec Ops mastery quest, it will be cancelled and removed from your quest list.

Q: Where are my heroes? They are busy, and I can’t find them!

Be sure to check both your Story mission and the Spec Ops mission to see if they are on deploys.

They may also be busy from training or on flight deck missions.

Q: How do I get 5-star mastery?

Get mastery by maximizing your final map score. While there are many ways to do this, the following should help improve your score each playthrough:

– Try not to lose any combats, as defeat takes away from your final score.
– Try not to lose any heroes or your agent during combat. You get a survival multiplier for each character still standing at the end.
– Finishing the battle close to full health provides a large bonus.
– You also get a bonus for overkilling, or dealing far more than lethal damage to a character. It’s easier to overkill enemies with low total health than bosses.
– Similarly, you can get a large bonus chunk for defeating an enemy in a single attack. Some heroes are better suited to this than others.
– The faster you finish a combat, the more speed bonus you get. It decreases for each round you spend in combat.
– If you can finish a combat without taking any damage, you get a huge Perfect Strategy bonus.
– Certain hero combinations can grant additional, small bonuses. For instance, bringing any two Avengers gives an Assemble! bonus, while bringing any two spider-themed heroes (Spider-Man, Spider-Woman or Black Widow) grants Arachnophobia
– Click the Details button at the top of the post-combat screen to see a full breakdown of all of the score bonuses you earned
– Deploys only reward 1000 points at the end of each map, but are necessary to reach the epic bosses. Decide for yourself if they are worth pursuing

Bringing the right hero can make the difference in each battle

– You need to make a balance between bringing the correct class and bringing your best heroes
– Having access to more heroes and training them up will let you respond to more situations
– By buying different class uniforms for your best heroes, you can use them in more situations
– Some heroes, such as Hulk, are well-suited to maximizing score

Bringing the correct Agent and heroes’ equipment is the best way to maximize your effectiveness against any situation

– By having a uniform of each class you can adapt to any situation
– Make sure your weapons are the best available for your level. As you level up, new researches will come online in addition to new premium weapons appearing in the store
– Make sure all of your uniforms have the best Iso-8 available in both your agent and heroes
– By leveling your heroes and buying better uniforms for your agent you will gain access to new Iso-8 slots

Items can greatly help you maximize scores. Here are some useful ones:

– Any of the “strike” items: Revenge Strike, Tactical Strike, Counterstrike, Double Strike, and Penetrating Strike
– Chrono boost, or any item that grants bonus turns
– Protect, so you can direct your enemies’ attacks to your bruisers
– Norton Shields are a great way to keep your health up and clear out status debuffs.
– Team Health or Team Restoration packs are a great way to top people off for the maximum bonus
– Shawarmas are delicious.

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