Knight Age Knight Skill Build Guide

Knight Age Knight Skill Build Guide by frostx91

Before you begin reading through this guide, i must emphasize that this is a PvE (Player versus Environment) skill build and also a pure Knight Ability skill build (i.e. 104 Knight Ability at Level 35). So if you’re a player that likes high damage and PvP (Player versus Player), this build is not suitable for you. However if you’re a casual player and isn’t really particular about damage then i would recommend you to give this build a try.

There are two reasons why i chose this build. The first reason is level cap. As of now the level cap is 35 which is to say if i chose a hybrid build (i.e. 70 Main Job Ability / 69 Secondary Job Ability) the potential is not that effective as compared to a level cap of 50 (i.e. 100 Main Job Ability / 99 Secondary Job Ability). So i choose to play as a pure now and slowly build up my funds so that i can convert into a stronger hybrid in the future when level 50 cap is out. The second reason is because i’m only playing on weekends so a pure build allows me to play casually and ignore PvP / Seige War.

* But don’t be mistaken that a pure build is not good for PvP / Seige War, its just that a hybrid Knight-Warrior stands a better chance in PvP
/ Seige War because a Knight-Warrior gets the defense/hp of a knight while utilizing the offensive skills of a warrior. In conclusion it’s stronger but it also cost a lot more time and effort to become a strong Knight-Warrior.

Skill Points Allocation:
Spiral Strike [7/7]
Defensive Instinct [5/5]
Impregnable [5/5]
Spiral Hack [1/7]
Shield Resonance [1/7]
Devout Mind [5/5]
Spiral Blow [1/9]
Dodging [5/7]
Overwhelming Defense [6/7]
Tactical Command [7/7]
Agile Hand [1/5]
Counterattack [9/9] or Strong Mind [9/9]

Total Skill Points : 53

Skill Build Part 1

Skill Build Part 2

Skill Build Part 3

Skills Explanation:

Spiral Strike [7/7] : 1 point is added to this skill by default but i chose to max it because it is a prerequisite for Spiral Blow.
This skill is optional and you can choose not to max it or max it at a later stage. Since it is a single target skill it doesn’t benefit you in PvE where your normal attack can attack 4~5 mobs at a time.

Defensive Instinct [5/5] (Recommended) : This skill is important for Knight, not only does it increase parry which increases the activation rate for Dodging and Counterattack, it increases Evasion by 32% which can really make a difference with high Evasion.

* Right now this skill doesn’t seem to be working because it does not increase Evasion at all. Despite that this skill is a prerequisite for the other defensive skill so we still have to max it.

Impregnable [5/5]
(Recommended) : This skill is a situational skill. You won’t really use this skill during PvE because it doesn’t really makes a difference. But i believe at higher levels with more defence and well augmentated equipments, this skill will really shine. It compliments well with the other skills that require parry for activation, increasing the activation rate which grants you more survivability in Seige War / Excalibur event.

Spiral Hack [1/7] & Shield Resonance [1/7] (Recommended)
: This two skills are the AoE (Area of Effect) and PvP skills. Both skills provide stun/knockback which is essential in PvP as you can dismount the opponent from their mount. For PvE, i prefer casting Spiral Hack first then Shield Resonance because i realize that the casting time for Shield Resonance is slightly delayed and slower than Spiral Hack.

Devout Mind [5/5] (Recommended)
: This skill is really beneficial in PvP. This skill is a life saver in PvP which can negate stuns and other effects that will dismount you from your mount. This skill is definetly worth the points to increase the activation rate to 40%.

* You can choose not to max this skill until level 25 because it serves no purpose during level 1 to level 25. At level 25 you can start to grind Wolf Forest and this skill can be a life saver for the DoT (Damage over Time) claw attack from Red Eye. However if you choose to not grind Wolf Forest, then you can pump this skill whenever you want to.

Dodging [5/7] (Recommended)
: This skill increases Evasion when parried which is a bonus during PvE. Right now Defensive Instinct isn’t working properly so there’s no way to know if Dodging stacks with Defensive Instinct. However if it stacks then this skill becomes even more useful. At level 5, there is 25% chance to increase 85 Evasion when parried. While at level 7, an increase of 2%, there is
27% chance to increase 115 Evasion when parried.

* For all the max level players now, their only concern is PvP / Seige War. That’s where Evasion and Accuracy comes into play, with high Evasion
you can ensure your survivability against low Accuracy players and with high Accuracy you can defeat your opponents fast. If you have both high Evasion and Accuracy then you become almost unstoppable because you can survive and also kill. However that’s for players who really put in time and effort. For normal casual players, before we even manage that feat perhaps a new level cap is released.

Overwhelming Defense [6/7] (Recommended) : This skill provides a
3 seconds stun to melee target and nullify ranged attack when activated. If you ever play dota / dota2, you will know that it is similar to Tiny’s passive skill. This skill can be invaluable in PvP when your target gets stunned on his very first attack and ends up dying. In Seige War, it gets even better when your opponent becomes a free target board when he is stunned. This skill is just a bonus for PvP / PvE.

* If you realised, it is not neccessary to max out all the skills. Sometimes it’s better to leave the skill at certain level and save the skill points for other skills. If you compare 25% against 27% (for Dodging) and 30% against 32% (for Overwhelming Defense), the increase of 2% is insignificant and you will barely notice the difference. However whether you choose to max the skill or not is based on personal preference.

Tactical Command [7/7] (Recommended) : This skill is a must add. A skill that adds 45 STR, 45 DEX and 45 INT while it activates so often and benefits the whole party. Who would say no to this skill?

Agile Hand [1/7] (Optional)
: This skill increases parry based on DEX, with more parry, there is a higher chance of activating Dodging and Counterattack. However i chose to add only 1 point because there might or might not be a huge difference. Also i didn’t not focus on DEX equips thus 1 point would be sufficient for now.

* If you choose to go DEX build and forgo Spiral Blow then you can choose to max this skill. Right now there isn’t much information to confirm whether maxing this skill is worthwhile or not, so i would appreciate feedbacks for this skill.

Counterattack [9/9] (Recommended) : This skill is really awesome with high parry rate because the damage return is not that bad. However
this skill is more for PvE because against single target, the chance of it activating is really low and you probably will feel that this skill doesn’t work. This skill will only work well when you lure a big group of mob during PvE and this skill just provides a bonus attack.

Strong Mind [9/9] (Recommended) : This skill is invaluable and don’t be mistaken by the description in-game because the description is wrong. At level 1, you will gain a permanent defense of 25; while being attack gives you a certain % of recovering mana. At level 9, you will gaint a permanent defense of 60. This 60 defense will help you a lot in PvE and with average augmented equipments you can still tank well. I suggest you keep 9 SPs until you’re able to add this skill and max it straight away.

* Initially i thought this skill has a certain % of increasing defense and recovering mana when attacked so i ignore this skill. But i guess i was mistaken, so i would suggest this skill to replace Counterattack. You can also choose to max this skill and spent the spare SPs on counterattack but this is a MUST get skill.

Other Skills Explanation:

Smash : This skill is the best DPS skill for a knight, it has a decent cooldown and can be stacked thrice, dealing damage over time.
However this skill is effective only when it is stacked thrice, so it’s suitable for dungeon (i.e. boss killing) but not for PvP. In PvP the time and effort it takes to stack thrice is just not worth the points.

* If you decided to learn Smash, a level 6 Smash would be sufficient because it deals 70% initial damage and 50% damage over time.

Anger Induction : This skill is only used to increase threat (i.e. to make the target focus on you). Don’t be mistaken by the description when it says significantly increase threat. You cannot depend on this skill to maintain the threat for bosses. You should only learn this skill if you decided to learn Stubborn Cross.

* This skill should either be unlearned or level 5 to unlock Stubborn Cross. The main idea about threat is that you can maintain the target’s ‘attention’. This means that no matter how the other jobs outdamage you, you can ensure that the boss doesn’t change target and start running around.

Stubborn Cross : This skill is only good because you can draw a target’s attack for 5 seconds. In PvP / Seige War, that rule doesn’t apply, the 5 seconds is only applied to mobs / bosses. This skill is the only range skill for a Knight and it’s pretty awesome to have a range skill when you’re a melee character. In PvE, it’s a convenient skill to lure that additional mob when you have lured a group of mobs. In dungeon, it’s a life saver where you can save your party members when they are attacked. The range advantage makes that difference in saving them.

* A level 1 Stubborn Cross is sufficient, maxing it will only reduce the cooldown and increase damage slightly. So it’s like 8 SPs for 4 seconds reduced

** Personally i have learn Stubborn Cross and even max it so let me share what i know. Initially it’s really fun to have a range skill and be able to attract boss attack but after a while you will realise you can do fine without this skill. I can say that damage > threat, if your damage is not decent enough, no matter how you use Stubborn Cross you can’t get the boss’s attack. A Knight-Warrior with decent damage will be able to outdamage you by such a wide gap that threat doesn’t even comes into play. Furthermore at level 35, there isn’t much party that does dungeon. Most dungeon are done within their own Order / group of friends. Perhaps in the future when level cap is release, there is enough skill points and more public party dungeons then this skill can be considered. What i suggest is that you spend 6 SPs to test out this skill personally and judged whether it suits you.  If it doesn’t suit you then you can always depend on your level 15 skill reset reward.

Vigorous Shout : This skill reduces the accuracy of a single target by a certain percentage. I assume that this skill can be useful next time, when there is sufficient SPs. It is effective against players with high accuracy since it’s percentage-based. But for now, this skill isn’t neccessary at all.

Pain Control : This skill acts like a emergency HP pot when your HP falls below 20%. It can be useful at low levels though at high level the amount healed isn’t really that significant unless you invest more SPs in it.

Iron Will : This skill is not that good at the moment due to insufficient skill points. Also in PvE, your HP will most likely not fall below 15% and the DEF increase isn’t really going to help much unless you decided to max it. In PvP, it’s even more redundant.

Great Spiral Hack : This skill is the best AoE skill for a Knight but personally i don’t like the knock back effect during PvE. The second spin knocks all the mobs away and it takes time for them to walk back towards you before you can do anything.
This skill is good if you’re DEF is high enough to tank the mobs with ease. Because you can combo it (Spiral Hack – Shield Resonance – Greater Spiral Hack – Spiral Hack), you will barely take any damage and by the time the mobs walk back, Spiral Hack will be ready.

Guardian Spirit : This skill increases parry by certain percentage. At level 1, it increases parry chance by 30%, subsequent level increases additional 15%. At max level, it increases parry chance by 120%. This skill complements with Counterattack and Dodging and it’s is a party buff skill. It is good for PvE and dungeon but the mana cost is intensive.

* If you have average DEF then you can consider this skill, but you can only learn this skill at level 33. At level 33, if you managed to get +10 helmet & +10 armor then your DEF is good enough for you to farm without this skill.

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