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Knight Age Frequently Asked Questions by Distearate

Q: Where do you hatch a pupa egg?
A: You hatch the egg by talking to a pupa master which is in every major town in the game. The starting one is in Yann Town. You can identify these places by looking at your map and finding a white circle.

Q: How and what do you feed your pet?
A: You can feed your pet by pulling up the pupa window and clicking the feed pet icon in your skill bar. Then you feed your pet armour or weapons that you don’t need by clicking it.

Q: Do pupae evolve?
A: They do not evolve. You can merge pupa to get random stat bonuses.

Q: How do you get boss pupa?
A: You get boss pupa from doing hard mode dungeons, which has a low chance of dropping or doing events hosted by GM’s. (Game Masters)

Q: How do you get different pupa?
A: Each color egg has a different pupa. Now you can get different kinds of pupa from the same color egg depending on the effect that’s on the egg. Us closed beta players ranked them in tiers. There is Tier 1 which is your most commonly found egg that has no special effect. Tier 2 which has an effect above the egg. Tier 3 has an effect around the egg. Please note the higher the Tier, the more difficult it is to find.

Q: Where do you find more rare pupa eggs?
A: They spawn by monsters of higher level, so any place you know that has high level monsters you are most likely able to find a rare egg if you are lucky.

Q: How do you repair/sell gear?
A: By talking to any npc that sells things. They will have a repair option. To sell things you have to left click the item.

Q: What is the level cap?
A: Currently the level cap is 35.

Q: How do you get different mounts?
A: You can buy different mounts at the mount stable in Yann Town, get mounts from certain events, get a mount from a boss drop or buy one from the item mall.

Q: How do you hide your costume?
A: You hide your costume by going into your character window, click costume, and hover over the part you want to hide and a button appears for you to click to hide it.

Q: Which is better, questing or grinding?
A: Depends, if you have experience boosts I would go with grinding and using job board, if not questing is the better route.

Q: What are coins/standard coins used for?
A: They are used for entering harder difficulty dungeons and to identify gear.

Q: How do you identify gear?
A: In front of the pupa master’s building there is an npc that will identify your item for a fee.

Q: How do you learn crafting?
A: There is a crafting teacher in the Forest of Heroes (Bry’s Dark Ones Watchdogs Camp)

Q: How do you unlearn a crafting skill?
A: You can’t ingame, but the item will have an item that you can buy that will unlearn the skill for you.

Q: How do you augument (enchant) a weapon.
A: You can by visiting any blacksmith in a town.

Q: What is the highest level you can augement (enchant) an equipment?
A: The highest level is +20

Q: What level augument does a piece of equipment break at?
A: Anything under +4 will only lose one enhancement level, anything +4 through +7 will be reset back to 0 if failed and anything +8 and above will be destroyed if the enhancement fails.

Q: What do you need to create a guild?
A: You need to be level 10 and have 1 gold to be able to create a guild. A guild can be created in any major town by talking to an Order of Knights manager (Guild Manager).

Q: Are classes gender locked?
A: Classes are gender locked.

Q: Are you able to reset your skill points without cash shop?
A: Yes, at level 15 you get a skill reset that resets your skill points.

Q: How do you get catalysts?
A: They drop from monsters.

Q: Can you combine catalysts to get higher level ones?
A: No you can’t, you have to get one from a monster drop.

Q: Can I still get gear drops from monsters lower than me?
A: Yes and no. You can get drops if they are like 5 levels lower. Any lower and you won’t get anything.

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