KingsRoad Knight Mob Luring Build Guide

KingsRoad Knight Mob Luring Build Guide by Yakuza

Hi to all i’m a new player in KingsRoad, I’ve been playing since December( P.S. it is an awesome and cool game). Anyway i was experimenting build for knights and i found this build much better, since the “Feel Awesomer” Edition update buffed up some skills like maim,charge etc.
so further more here’s my guide for Mobs Luring Knight Build

First, try to get BURN early , burn boost your damge to 32%(max) giving you an extra sting on every hit, plus it has a burn buff that damages your enemy by a bit.
Only allocate 9-10 points (some people already told this) because you might get some equipment that boost your skill.

Burn 8-9 points

Next is FORTIFY, it is far the most IMPORTANT part of being a knight , (why would they call you a “knight” if your armor is low anyway )
Fortify is really important because of the update “Feel Awesomer” Edition , the armor now makes you really tick
I may suggest only putting +8-9 on fortify, like on burn you might get some equipment on boosting fortify( you may like to max it if you wish )

Fortify 8-9 points

Next we have CHARGE i found this really helpful because of its low cool down and its damage was buffed up, this skill is really helpful especially if your are boss rushing and luring tons of enemies. 171% of your attack, 2 seconds cool down and low valor cost(10 valor on max)

Charge 9-10 points

You may want to get RUMBLE, the stun is effective enough for you to whirl in the middle of the fight my build was only +1 on rumble. Why only +1? The valor cost high(10 in +1 while 15 on max points) and cool down is 15 seconds , and knight has low valor. Some builds max their rumble to get that 5 seconds stun, but not me

So +1 on rumble( PS try to get rumble boost equipment)

Next we have STAMINA , also great skill for knight because of its health boost which makes your knight more tick and solid
You may want to max this also or, you may allocate the points 9-10 (Stamina boost equipment)

+ 9-10 points on Stamina

Last is WHIRL, i got the whirl to +5 only, because its damage was lowered in the “Feel Awesomer” Edition update. Whirl is also great skill because its a combo for rumble and charge.
Try doing this, lure mobs(enemies) , gather them in a straight line then charge, rumble then whirl, the smaller/lesser mobs drops dead leaving you Captain mobs(third strongest mob in the dungeon)

+5-10 points in Whirl

If you’ve maxed out all the skills that i have noted a while ago, allocate the remaining points on Maim, Cleave or Spike since this skill were really buffed up in the “Feel Awesomer” Edition.

+9-10 on BURN
Max or +9-10 on FORTIFY
Max or +9-10 on CHARGE
+1 on RUMBLE
Max or +9-10 on STAMINA
Max or +5 on WHIRL
Allocate remaining points on Cleave, Maim or Spike

Feel free to use consumables, since its not for display only LOL. Use consumables especially on mob luring.

so there you have it!
hope you like it!

P.S. i would like to attach some picture, but i dont know how to, wish someone could help me

Yakuza lvl28 knight superior set 5.2k armor 87 damage

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