KingsRoad Fighting Bosses Guide

KingsRoad Fighting Bosses Guide by Nemrage

Sup, I wanna share few blueprints i came to know of, as how to make fighting map’s bosses much easier.

1st: Lure boss out of its spawn area, this way it wont be able to summon aid, this works almost for all the maps except for the Serpents Cliff and few more.

2nd: As an archer you can kite(to keep mob at certain distance while attacking) almost receiving no damage this can be tricky on some maps, but can be done nonetheless. As a knight you can whirl out of special boss’s attacks, however you will have to wait till lvl 25 at which you get this skill.

Boss’ special attacks THAT CAN BE DODGED :

Kingsroad Creek – says HA before jumping

Executioner Camp – says Pathetic amateurs ( needs to be checked), performs slow maces smash

Brightwall Gates – says Now its the final stroke, performs slow maces smash

Brightwall Keep – says Wraaah then smashes fists into the ground, triggers AOE

The Forgotten Forest – raises in the air and summons lightning attacks, AOE

The Godwood – says Burn in hell, Inflames, launches itself in the air commences firestorm, AOE

The Lost Hills – says Bury you in rock, performs very slow downwards foot strike

Blind Man’s Pass – straightens and shouts, then smashes the ground

Sommar Village – has no special attack

Castle Sommar – performs very slow downwards foot strike , I didn’t catch what it said

Sommar Burial Ground – says Die mortal, performs very slow downwards foot strike

Sommar Sanctuary – says You will fail, performs slow maces smash

The Lightning Vale – performs very slow downwards foot strike

The Serpent’s Cliff – has no special attacks

Low level maps wont be listed.

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