Kartuga Beginner’s Guide

Kartuga Beginner’s Guide by TyRioNBlacK

1. The beginning – registration
2. Display
3. Shipyard
4. Inventory & Equipment
5. Quests
6. Skill book
7. Skill tree
8. Map
9. Units
10. PvP Tournaments
11. Options
12. Support
13. Premium function: gems

1. The beginning – registration:

Kartuga is a free online MMOG game. For the registration, please visit beta.kartuga.com. If you filled out the fields, you should receive an e-mail. Confirm it, and login into your account.

Choose a ship:

There are 3 ships in Kartuga. Destroyer, Engineer, and Protector.

If you have chosen your ship, press “Play” at the bottom of the screen and then lets begin the huntin’.

2. Display:

1. PvP Duell bar:

PvP (Player versus Player) Tournaments are the main parts of Kartuga. To join a match, accept an invite, or establish a team, and invite your mates. Read more here.

2. Resources bar:

There are 3 coins on your coin bar. Golds, gems and ship parts. You can buy crew, ammunition, bonus, and other important matters by coins. Gems are the rarest matters in the game. Its very hard to find, and easy to spend. Use Shipparts to expand your ship, and research technologies.

3. Toolbar:

The toolbar is the main bar in Kartuga. Here you can find the most important menus, like shipyard, and inventory. From left to right:

– “Buy gems’ function: If you want to have gems ( I’m sure you want) click on it, and buy your gems NOW.
– Contact list: You cant find your friend? Sometimes forget their names? Use contact list to methodize your friends, and chech out who’s online.
– Shipyard: One of the most important menus in the game. Buy ammunation, crew, bonuses, and uprage your ships.
– Quest log: You can find your accepted quests here, and some informations about these quests.
– Ranking (Not available, yet)
– Skill book: You skills to defeat enemies easily. Every ships has different skills. Use your skills to win.
– Skill tree: If you are on a new level, you have the ability to spend a skill point. Use skill points to research skills, and use them to defeat enemies.
– Inventory & Equipment: Maybe this menu is the most important of all other menus. Set up your extra ammunations, use your crew’s bonuses, and activate your special abilities.
– Guild: Are you alone? Need some friend to defeat archenemies? Establish a guild, and invite your friends to fight together against the enemies.
– Option: The screen is too big? Or too small? You dont like low graphics. Use the options button to set up for your own comfort.

4. Minimap:

Are you looking for ships, or quests? Look at the minap, and find portals, ships, quests-givers, and other important functions in the game.

5. Quest list:

Need a clear overview about the quests? Just have a look at your quest list, and look how evolve your quests.

6. Portals:

The world of Kartuga is enormous. Use portals to travel to another sea, and to escape from enemy ships.

7. Skill bar:

You want to use a new skill? Grab your skill from the the skill book, and move it into your skill bar. To use these skills, press button ‘Q’, ‘e’ and ‘F’. To use bonuses, grab your bonuses from your Inventory, and move to your skill bar. To use bonuses like bombs, and heals, press ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ buttons. You can see your experience, and your level on this bar as well.

8. Chat window:

Need some help? Have question? You can talk with other players via using the chat function. Want to invite them for a guild? Ir want to talk them in private? Click on their names with right mouse button, and choose your option. You can see the important system informations, and informations about your last kills.

3. Shipyard:

Shipyard is one of the most important menus in the game. Use shipyard to buy ammunation, research technologies, and upgrade your ships.


To buy a new item/use a new technology, you have to research the technolgies first. Click on the choosen item, and choose “research” function. To research, you have to have enough shipparts. You can earn ship parts by destoying enemy ships on the battlefield. You get the same amount of shipparts as experience. Some items are unavailable to research by coins. You need gems to research them.

How to buy:

If you have researched a new iten/technology, you are ably to buy them. Click on the choosen item/technology, and choose “buy” function. To buy new item/tgy you have to have Kartuga coins. You ce get kartuga coins by destroying enemy ships on the battlefield. Some items are unavailable to buy by coins. To need gems to buy them.

New Items/technologies:

From left to right:

– Ammunition: Use ammunition to sink enemy ships on the battlefield. If you run out of ammunition, you can buy them in the shipyard. The ‘Pathetic balls’ are free, use them if you dont wat to spend gems for expensive balls. But notice: ‘Pathetic balls’ are weak. Use another balls to cause higher damage.

– Boosts/Bonuses: Use bonuses to cause higher damage, or speed up your ships. Buy bombs, and reduce incoming damage.

– New technolgies: The new technlogies are very important. Upgrade your ship to cause higher damage, and expand shooting angle. Btw your ship will be bigger, and formidable.

– Cannons: Big ships, and boosts are not enough to win a war. You must have powerful cannons, to cause damage as high as possible.

– Crew: Hire crew to get boosts, and expand firing angle, and increase firepower.

– Unlock slots: Buy new slots to store more skills, boosts, and items.

Inventory & Equipment:

Are you out of Ammo? Need bonuses to increase damaga? To change your items, and bonuses open the Invetory by pressing “I” button on your keyboard.

Here you can find different kind of items. Ammunations, bonuses, crew, cannons, and ship technologies. To use them grab these items, and move to their spot. If there is another item, that item will be changed to the new item.

– On the topside, you can see your crews. They give you bonuses while you are fighting, and they can increase your shooting angle.
– On the left side you can see your current cannon, and your ammunations. Advantages:
– The grey one is for free, but not so powerful
– The orange one is very useful, it gives you bonuses against enemy ships
– The red ones are the best against towers
– The blue ones are the best against enemy ships

Unlock new cannons and ammunations in the shipyard to increase your firepower. Each guns has different bonuses, and advantages.

On the right side you can see your bonuses. Use bonuses to increase your speed, throw bombs, reduce incoming damage, and increase firepower.

On the bottom, you can see your unutilized items.

How to unlock new spots:

There are two ways to unlock new spots:

– Reach a specified level to research the spots in the shipyard
– Reach a specified level to get access for spots


To accept quests click on an “!” mark:

If you have accepted the quest, you can see the quest on the quest log menu:

To open quest log press “L” on your keyboard.

Here you can see;

– The names of the quests
– The tasks
– A little description about the quest
– Your reward

There are two kind of quests: Main quests, and side quests.

Main quests can be solved once. These quests will guide you through the game.

The side quests can be solved in every 20 minutes. These quests are approximately the same as main quests, but you get less experience points, and rewards.

The accepted quests are marked with “?” mark, and the solved quests are marked with “✓” mark.

Skill book:

To open skill book press “J” button on your keyboard.

Each class has different skills. For example Destroyer has ‘Aimed shot’, and Protector has ‘Feel my Pain’.

If you have researched your skill in the skill tree (see below), you are able to use them. Grab your skill from the Skill Tree, or from the Skill book, and move to your skill bar.

Each skills have advantages. In this picture, you can see the Protector’s skills;

– Close The Hatches: ‘+50’ armor
– Fell My Pain: +4 damage

You can activate them by pressing ‘Q’, ‘E’ and ‘F’ buttons on your keyboard.

Skill tree:

To open Skill Tree, press “N” button on your keyboard.

When you reach the next level you are able to spend a “Skill Point”. To spend skill points open the Skill tree, and choose a bonus icon. The first icons are skills, like Aimed shot, and Feel My Pain (see above).

If you have spent your skill points click on the “Save changes” button. If you want to change the composition, just click on the “Reset skill tree” button, and you are ably to spend your skill points again. Notice: It costs Kartuga coins

How to unlock new skills:

To unlock new skills, you must spend a number of skill points. For example to unlock the skills in the grey background, you must unlock the skills above ( and sometimes spend more than 1 skill points on them).

You can spend more Skill Points on a skill, and ther bonuses will increase, of course.


You can see your Mini-Map on right side of the sreen, and click on the “Open Map” button, or Press “M” button on your keyboard to open the Map.

Use your map to find your Guild mates, Auto-Ships, and quests.

Currently, there are 5 seas in the game: Nort Cape, World’s End, Emerald Waters, The Blood Sea and the Sea of Tears.

You are able to see where you are in the sea by zooming in or out.

Fast Travel:

Use Fast Travel to reduce travelling time, and jump to the choosen location immediately. It costs Gems.


Use “?” menu for more imformation about colors on the sea.

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