Hawken Siege Mode Guide

Hawken Siege Mode Guide by DarkPulse

Now, don’t get me wrong, I generally like Siege, even if, in its current state, it’s flawed due to the numerous issues mentioned (though I still doubt a team can pull that perfectly all the time).

What I can’t stand, though, are people who don’t seem to understand the few important parts.

Now, this is gonna be a partial rant, because I ended up dropping three matches in a row due to people not playing correctly and basically not even listening when I tried to direct them. However, to try to minimize this turning into a complete female dog-fest, I’m going to encapsulate into it some tips, so that newer players will – hopefully – understand more about what to do, so that they’re not caught with their proverbial pants down.

1. The key thing to go for first are the EU Trees. If you see more than two of your guys at one of them, and it’s awful quiet, odds are the enemy are over at the other one; zip on over and at least harass them (but grab some backup as there’s likely at least two guys there, unless you’re one of the elite and feel comfortable in 2v1s). Simply fight them as long as you can; your goal is to nudge them out of the collection radius. If you can do it without getting killed, even better, but the longer you keep them fighting, the longer you keep them from collecting EU and the better advantage you give your team.

2. Keep an eye on the EU left. If there’s you and one other guy there, and you need 250 EU to launch, grab 175, get out of there, dump it in your base and then immediately head for the AA. Keep in mind that the amount will decrease one per second (unless your team is dying like rabbits). If the enemy is getting close to launch, and you don’t have a tank full of EU, you should probably get to the AA, before they box you out.

3. Ship launches? Sitting at trees is useless. If you got a ton of EU, go back to base and dump it; if not, get your ass to the AA.

4. Once a ship is up, GET UNDER THE AA. This is basically what did me in, three matches in a row – teammates sitting outside of the AA, shooting into it for minimal damage, or shooting at the Battleship. This does absolutely nothing, because there are places people can hide to heal up, and this gives them a numerical advantage; in the case of the Battleship, the damage a player can deal is way less than an AA missile. Be a good little zergling, and get under the AA (there is a blue circle on the ground and the number of players on the mid-right of the screen will change to tell you you’re in) or get on the upper level of it. Killing them is secondary to pushing them out. Speaking of killing being secondary…

5. Once you actually have control, DON’T CHASE ENEMIES. If need be, let them slip away and heal – because, after all, that means you get a pause to heal too. This is what cost me one of my three matches; we had the AA, we held it for awhile, the enemy hadn’t even shot our ship – but then our team chased after a few of them. This left me in a nasty 3v2 (Which quickly became 3v1) and when I got killed, they were able to launch a few AA missiles, nuking our ship with ~500 energy to go. Needless to say, they were all there well in advance of their next ship launch.

6. Don’t be afraid of biting the dust in there (but, obviously, survival is preferred!). I’d rather have someone who’s at least in there doing, if nothing else, distraction duty so that I can fill a guy full of shrapnel. Every player counts, and the more at that AA, the better. Furthermore, it lets people like me at least go “well, they’re trying and they understand what I’m yelling!”

7. Even if they’re coming from all sides, stick close to the AA. Don’t go to them; you’ll just get your manly (or womanly) bits stomped into the dirt, and that single death can be the difference between holding the point and your side getting its clock cleaned. Chase them off a little bit if there’s room, but basically go no further than 1/3rd of a tank of fuel away from the AA at all times (unless it’s an emergency heal, or you can tell they’re all coming from one direction, et cetera). Make the enemy come to you, and the more suppressive firepower you can lay down, the better – nothing deters an enemy attack like a bunch of bullets and other stuff flying at their face. High-ROF weapons like Vulcan, AR, SMC, or Mini-Flak can be great here, as are explosives like TOWs and Grenades. If you got turrets, use ’em.

8. It’s rarely done, but sometimes some teams will slip one or two guys behind the lines to break a hold. Just be wary of it and ready to change things fast, because if they drop one or two of the defenders you’re in for a terrifying game of Mouse Trap. This will happen a lot more on Bazaar than it ever will on Titan, especially if yours is the team with the top spawn.

Now, on the odd chance that one of those people who I was playing with does read this: Sorry, but nothing irritates me more like a player who just doesn’t get things. I know not everyone is at the same skill level, but odds are the person who’s telling you “Get to AA!” isn’t doing it for his health. Stop puttering around and chasing enemies, get under the AA, and you’ll have a good shot at winning the thing.

Or don’t, and you get to eat the losses like I did.

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