Hawken Essential Optimizations Guide

Hawken Essential Optimizations Guide by h0B0

This topic is to show what the most important optimizations are in early OB according to me.

Considering maxing anything in the optimization only yield 3-4% increase i have come to the conclusion that extra mobility more often than not will make a bigger impact on the battlefield. Furthermore, with careful usage of fuel i find myself rarely running out. The increased in move speed is barely noticeable and in most cases if you are in a position where you need to run away more often than not you will die. Even when piloting an A-class with full mobility.

For these reasons i have come to the conclusion that the following 5 optimizations are by far the best.

1. Increased dodge speed and Reduced dodge cooldown: With a little bit of practice we all get a hang of the dodging mechanic. This dodging mechanic will help you avoid incoming damage and possibly increase your own damage by dodging corners and getting your first shot off sooner. The reduced dodge cooldown means you can do this more often and therefore is essential. The increased dodge speed makes your dodge maneuvers more efficient and can be a deciding factor considering it will take you less time to get further away from the AoE blast you are trying to avoid.

2. Decreased repair startup time and Increase repair rate: Repairing is an essential part of gameplay. When repairing you are left vulnerable and you are not dealing damage to enemy mech. For those reasons i like to lower my time spend repairing and choose these optimizations.

3. Increased acceleration rate: Although i have said most mobility optimization feel lackluster i believe this one is essential because it allows your mech to achieve its maximum walking speed faster. Even if the difference is marginal there is nothing more vulnerable than a mech standing still or moving at slow speeds. One could argue that a quick tap of the boost helps you reach max walking speed but i have to point out that boosting will get you noticed on the radar and stealth is a great advantage that you want to utilize.
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Edit: Decreased heat generation does not affect the time of sustained AR fire noticeably (0.03 seconds but this might be caused by human and/or software issues.)
It is important to note that explosive damage optimization affects the damage of the HEcharge.

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