Hawken Promo Codes List

Hawken Promo Codes List by The_L1ne

Hi Community,
i just wanted make a guide for all promo-codes/give-aways and such stuff about hawken. right now there is a give-away of some free HP if you type in “MACHINIMECH” in the redeem-code-section at the website. You will get a bit less than a new mech

If you got other codes please feel free to add them

I will try to list them here:

1. completely free for Hawken Users:

  • (valid)New code for 5K HC for ‘fans’ of the Emerald City Comicon: Found here:
    http://www.playhawken.com/eccc2013, thanks to bacon_avenger
  • (upcoming!)
    HAWKENPAXEAST (valid after 3/22/2013)

    HAWKENSXSW (valid after 3/8/2013)

    HAWKENGDC (valid after 3/22/2013)

2. not completly free (registration needed or sth. comparable):

3. expired promos:

  • 18.12.12 – 19.12.12 – “MACHINIMECH”-code for 6000 HC, thanks to machinima:
  • 18.12.12 until 01.01.13 – grab a free copy of this comic: http://www.comixolog…comic/DIG002550 get 2000 HC, thanks to Kana
  • doubled HC on last weekends of december for everybody + 5000 HC vie Christmas-e-mail (you have to check the “send me news”-box in your settings to get it. if you don’t, open a support-ticket) !

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