Hawken Newbie Tips

Hawken Newbie Tips by Spliff_Craven

This is my welcome and introduction to all new players:

Greetings Pilot & Welcome to Hawken!
We all start out new and inexperienced. This is a thread to help you guys off on the right foot.
Read this post & I will help you make yourself the best possible player you can be.

Here’s my experience and suggestions to new players:

  • Go a Few Rounds with Your Starter Mech. See how people play other styles and pick one that says “I can do that” to you
  • Buy the Mech: Battle with it a few more rounds. Pay attention to the “extras” being used. Turrets, Radars and Scramblers used correctly can easily turn the tide of battle. Shields and regen shields can extend team survivability and also make the difference. Pick the ones that really appeal to you.
  • Respec the Mech: Now that you have some Ideas on how you think you can fit in to battle, buy the items you selected. Specialize in these. It can make all the difference. Also check out the Internals. Internals can give you a bit of a battle edge {sometimes at a cost so be careful what you pick}
  • Test it out: You get to try the new and improved you on the battlefield. Remember you can change your internals if you wish to try other things, just buy them and equip them.
  • Use a MIC in game or Pay Attention to Typed Messages: Team communication really makes the difference. Winning teams have goals and each others backs. Co-ordinating an attack secures the win. If you don’t know what’s going on or where to provide your best support for the team; how can you expect to win?
  • Play Your Role: You need to play your best to enjoy any game. Don’t be a player you’re not. Going with a class you aren’t familiar with is only gonna aggrivate you and your team. If you die quickly or often evaluate your position in the game. Hang back and take pot shots or come around the mountain and blindside the enemy.
  • Choose the Right Match: If you like soloing; Don’t play a objective oriented mode like Silos or Siege. If you like team based action; don’t play a deathmatch {unless it’s a team deathmatch}.

Ultimately you need to be comfortable in the role you choose. You are what you bring to the match. Be the best you, you can be.
We were all noobies once but we learned we became deadly.


If you have questions: Ask a Pro.
Most of us would be glad to help. It’ll only make the games better.

Now My fellow pilots. Take what you’ve learned here and bring it to the battlefield!

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