Hawken Infiltrator Guide

Hawken Infiltrator Guide by Alnanaz

Hi there fellow comrades of mech mayhem, I am Alnanaz from the Black Steel Brotherhood and Im here today to give you a rough guide to the A class Infiltrator Mech. Im a new player who only played the open beta and have about 20 hours on the infiltator, leveling it from scratch without double exp etc.


You have just spent your hard earned HC on your shining new Infiltrator. You join a deathmatch and realise that you are getting gibbed by everyone else, even that tv head Fred.Well, welcome to the new world of class A mechs, where you are a tiny squashy squishy but fast fuzzy bunny. As a class A mech, you have very little armor, but you do pack a punch so make use of it. Below, I will talk about the different mechanics of the Infiltrator.

Speed, as one of the fastest mech in game, you have to use this to your advantage, be it engaging, kiting or running away. Speed is your bestfriend.

Small hit box, unlike the class b and c mechs, you are smaller compared to them, use this to your advantage by quickly dashing into cover after you fired to prevent damage on yourself.

Active Camo, the Infiltrator’s special ability. Some say its useless, I tend to disagree. There are 2 main ways of using this ability personally. First way is to use it to sneak up and attack your opponents from behind. I had a varying degree of success using it to engage unsuspecting enemies who are busy fighting against my teammates. Use it to harass the enemy backline while your team fights with them.

The second and more obvious use of this ability is to escape, however, when using the ability, you only go translucent and not totally invisbile. Against better players, they will still be able to see you and destroy you, so use it with caution when escaping.

Low Armor, with only 500 base armor. All it takes is a good TOW to your face to get you to half armor.

The most common tactic that I employ for the Infiltrator is the hit and run tactic. Basically, when you see a gap in the enemies line, go through it and deal some damage, BUT dont fight it out with them because you probably wont last long. With this, you either get to finish off already hurt enemies or damage new unhurt ones for your team to finish off. You are not a brawler so dont act like one.

The next kind of tactic that I employ is simply being annoying for the enemy team. I personally prefer to activate my camo and going into the backs of my enemy and staying there as long as I can to pester them. This comes with a downside which is death if you stay for too long and is unable to escape. However, when played correctly, you can take down 1 or 2 mechs easily due to the element of surprise.

Weapon Handling:
You start of with the assault rifle and the grenade launcher.
The assault rifle is pretty good for what it does and burst fire is needed at longer ranges. Pretty alright damage.

Now, the secondary weapon, the grenade launcher, this is what makes the Infiltrator a class of its kind imo. With the ability to detonate it manually like the tow. You are the kiting king. With the slower projectile speed, you are able to fire one off before dashing to cover while your enemy chases you. Use this to your advantage. Cover is your second bestfriend so use it.

At level 7/8 you get to unlock the HEAT cannon. This beast is awesome with enough practice. Charge and fire with your grenade launcher to take away at least 4 bars of armor at mid range. However, for beginners I still recommend the AR. Use the HEAT when you feel that you have already mastered the grenade launcher. It will be difficult at first but trust me, you will love it.

Youtube tutorial series

Update: Added a video tutorial episode 1 on the basic infiltrator guide.

Last but not least, the EOC repeater, the level 25 prestige primary weapon. Imo this weapon has potential to deal massive damage, IF you hit all 3 pucks without burst. It does roughly the same as a charged HEAT shot. If you charge the EOC and all the pucks hit, you would deal about 200 damage. This takes time getting used to as well. But if you can lead your target while firing toget all the pucks to hit, then you are good to go. This is my main weapon as of today.

This may not be the COMPLETE guide to the infiltrator, but I hope it is just enough for players who just bought this awesome mech. Ill upate this guide as and when I feel is needed. Feedbacks and comments are welcomed! And if you would like to see me in action with the infiltrator, dont forget to tune in to my stream!

Update:Added a full gameplay video using the infiltrator to give you guys a rough idea on how I play it.



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