Guns of Icarus Online Battle Stations Guide

Guns of Icarus Online Battle Stations Guide by HamsterIV

When I started playing Guns of Icarus Online I ran about the entire ship beat on stuff with my mallet and manning guns where I could. This came mostly from my experience with the original Guns of Icarus single player. However after a few matches with experienced crews I came to the realization that a crew fights best if everyone has a battle station and doesn’t run to the far end of the ship when stuff catches fire. I play mostly Buffer Engineer and have only been playing since official release. Still I hope this guide will help novice players get past the awkward “where should I go?” phase of learning the game. I am laying these out for a two engineer one gunner crew. The Captain’s post is always at the helm.

Spire: The gunner should be stationed at the main forward facing gun swapping to the port side gun if the ship looses angel on the target. One engineer should ride up top with the helmsman. This engineer is responsible for repairing the gas bag and the middle engine. In combat he should also man the light bow and starboard guns using the reload time to repair the gas bag. The second engineer should ride down near the hull repair point. The Spire has a lot of hull to hit, and in most combat all he does is beat on the hull and engines. If there is no damage to fix he should be buffing the main gun to give the gunner more killing power.

Pyramidion: One Engineer should be posted on the port forward facing gun so he can repair the gas bag in between reloads, and buff the Gunner’s gun if there is nothing better to do. I think it is better to have an engineer instead of a second gunner up top for when fires break out, but your mileage may vary. The second engineer should be fixing the hull and engines for most of the battle. If the helmsman does their job right this engineer will not be required to fire a shot. Sill he should be aware of enemy locations in case the port side turrets get a juicy target. A good captain will announce that is time for a broadside. The Gunner should man the starboard forward facing gun unless the Helmsman declares it is time for broadside, in which case he should jump down and get on what ever gun the downstairs engineer is not manning.

Gallon: I have seen two different crew configurations work well on this ship. Two Engineers up top, one fixing the gas bag and manning the stern gun, and one fixing the hull and manning the light port gun. Alternately one engineer fixing stuff upstairs and manning the light port gun, and one engineer downstairs buffing/fixing the guns and engines and manning the gun the gunner is not on. The gunner of course should be downstairs with the big guns.

Goldfish: This is my least favorite ship due to the amount of running between the gas bag and the nearest gun. The gunner is permanently stationed on the big forward facing gun. One engineer repairs the hull and side engines, the other engineer gets the middle engine and the gasbag. In the unlikely event one of the side guns gets a shot. The closest engineer should get on and start blasting. If there is nothing to fix the hull engineer can buff the main gun, and the gasbag engineer can buff the engines, but for most of the match these slots might as well be filled by bots.

Squid: I don’t have much experience on the Squid. It is a very small ship with many engines so running around doing what needs done seems like a viable strategy. Also the gun layout and captain’s piloting technique have a greater effect on what stations need manning at any particular time than any preset battle plan. If you have a good squid captain he/she will tell you where you need to be. If you have a bad captain your dead anyway, so don’t worry about it.

Junker: I have even less experience with the junker than the squid. From what I hear it is a death trap, and I have seen enough go down in flames to not doubt that opinion. Also there aren’t enough guns on the lower deck to justify two crewmen down there, yet it is a long run for a floater engineer to get down there in case of fire. I am very open to suggestions on how best to man this ship.

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  1. rear admiral feferi says:

    The way I usually play the junker is to have a gunner Manning the top guns (usually gats on the sides and an Artemis missile launcher up front). And an engineer Manning the bottom guns (flak). He repairs the engines as needed. The dedicated engineer scurries around the top deck repairing the balloon (as captain I can help with that too), the turning engines, and the hull. It requires a coordinated team but it’s devastating iif you can coax your crew into cooperation.

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