Guns of Icarus Online Absolute Basics Guide

Guns of Icarus Online Absolute Basics Guide by Keon

The things that matter are some very simple things. That’s what this tutorial is about. Showing people those very simple things that can get them out of noobland and into a respectable career as a airman.

1: Which ____ is ____

The hammer is the biggest repair and the slowest cooldown. Use it to repair things almost always.

The small wrench is the best rebuild. If something is in red, hit it with that, and not the hammer.

The big wrench is an all-rounder, but in general you shouldn’t take it unless you really have to.

The guns, you can learn from firing them once. If the shot dips, you know to aim higher. If it doesn’t go that far, remember that. If your captain says to get on a gun that you can’t find, just ask. If your captain says to get on a gun you do know, get on it and gun. The best way to learn is not through reading about stats, but to get in there and shoot.

The skills, just choose a few. You will want a spyglass. You will want at least a type of wrench. As an engie, you want to be able to put fires out. Other than that, don’t mind them until later.

2: Your job on a ship.
You are not constrained to one job on a ship. If the ship’s hull is fine, don’t keep bashing it as engie, go down and take some potshots with the guns. If your gun is broken as gunner, don’t shout to the engineer, grab your hammer/wrench and smash that gun right back into perfect shape. If you are captain, you usually need to stay on the helm, but on some ships, if something is really close, like the balloon on a goldfish, you might want to repair it.

3: Target practice:

The thing you need next is just to get good at firing the guns or hitting things and repairing. Other people could give you detailed ideas on how to fire the guns, I just will advise you to listen to your captain and try and learn for yourself.

The rest of the details can be overwhelming and are just stats to memorize. If you learn how to hit and what to do, you will be better than any person who knows how to use his skills optimally but is afk, or sits on one gun, or so on. As you learn, you can incorporate those skills into your play, and there are many guides on how to do so.

Many people forget the order of things. A fully min-maxed ship/player combo will do nothing if you can’t repair your own guns. A perfect build will fail if the engie stays on the hull at all times. So don’t worry about the build. Experiment! Get your own game down before worrying about what the absolute optimal load out is.

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