Guild Wars 2 WvW Professions Guide

Guild Wars 2 World vs World Professions Guide by Silent The Legend

Hello guys Im Silent and Im a WvW addict. Being the avatar of arrogance, Im gonna be doing a guide about all the professions in WvW. Hope youll like!
Oh its W.I.P., obviously.


Lets start with the Elementalist because its the most overpowered class for WvW right now.

This is the main build you should use. It gives you tons of AoE damage as well as support from Water magic and Signet of Renewal. Actually, you can build an entire army of elementalists and kill everyone on your way with close to no effort.

Elementalist Glyphs Fire Nuker


Your main objective is to nuke enemies in the ol’ good GW1 fashion. Your attunement to do so is fire. It gives you powerful AoE skills, including the almighty enormous AoE of Meteor Shower, that is enough to nuke people down easily.

Your second objective is to heal your allies through ice attunement. It gives you lots of support spells and also gives you AoE chill and vulnerability.

Air is strong because of Windborne Speed and Static field, but all the rest is worthless. Never camp it.

Earth isnt strong at all, its only useful if youre, for some reason, retreating and you need cover: in that case, Magnetic aura and Unsteady Ground are good.

You also have strong Glyph utilities, and the badass Fiery Greatsword for more nuker power.


Boost your allies speed with Windborne Speed while out of combat or at the beginning of a battle.

Camp fire attunement during combat situations. Nuke everyone down, following the targets the leaders give you. Glyph of Elemental Power->Static Field->Fire Attunement->Lava Font->Flame Burst->Meteor Shower is the way to go. Use Burning retreat to boost youre allies skills with burning(Combo field). Use Glyph of Storms if you need another AoE skill to finish off enemies.

Switch to Water if you need support(e.g.: the team is losing a big battle). In that case land Geysers and Healing Rains wherever you can, as well as AoE chill for a bit of defense.

If the team is losing hard, the team leader may call a more defensive setup. In that case, switch to Air, cast Static Field->Windborne Speed->Healing Rain->Geyser->Magnetic Aura->Unsteady Ground, and then camp earth set casting Shockwave and Stoning on everyone. It should support the team very well.

Your glyphs utilities are very strong. Your Glyph of Elemental Harmony heals you for a good amount of health, gives you a useful boon and recharges in 20s, thanks to Quick Glyphs, which is surprisingly strong. Try to avoid Fire GoEH: 1 stack of might is ridicolous. The best boon you can get is Regeneration, so try to cast is while in water attunement. If youre under heavy spikes, use it while under Earth attunement, and it will give you 3 seconds of Protection, and you can defend yourself thanks to earth spells, too. Instead, if youre retreating/running away/getting chased by an enormous zerg while youre all alone, try to cast it while in Air attunement. 10s of swiftness+Windborne+Condition removal from Water is enough to flee.

Your Glyph of Storms is a good additional AoE skill that will help boosting damage.

Glyph of Elemental Power has its own special usage. It gives you a random chance to inflict a condition based on you attunement. It will inflict the same condition even if you change attunement(e.g.:If you use it while in Water and then you switch to Fire, it will still inflict chill). This can be really tricky to use because its all about situations. During spikes, Fire is better, because of your runes and traits. Air is better if you need support. Air is better during retreats. Earth is better if the enemy team is retreating. Water isnt really that strong compared to the other conditions, randomly getting 2s of chill can be really useful, as well as useless, and tbh I wouldnt use it at all.

As if it isnt enough Glyph of Renewal has its own special usage, too. This is, tbh, really strong, and I can smell Overpoweredness in WvW from a mile away, so try to use it as its best, and it will be a pain in the ass for the enemy team to deal with. When youre dying, the best attunement is Fire for sure. Theres nothing better than getting you AND your ally revived. Try to precast it if youre sure youll die, so that youll get a lower CD. Water is good at the beginning of the battle when you lose less people, or when you have single downed players scattered around the maps. In that case, getting a new player back is really really strong. Also, if your happy warrior rushed in the middle of the enemy army, and he died, I would let him there. However, if you need to resurect him, for reasons unknown, use Water attunement and youll have a new fresh meat shield that will absorb damage for a while. Air is useful if your team retreated a little and your midline is in enemy army’s midline. In that case, run like Road Runner and res people with the Air GoR, but never ever use Air Glyph of Renewal unless youre in this situation. And last but definitely not the least, Earth GoR resses THREE PEOPLE. Yeah, you read well it arent blind because of fa*s. Theorycrafting a bit, a full army of elementalists with Earth GoR can res themselves forever.

And the elite skill: Conjure Fiery Greatsword. I’ll tell you this: TWO Badass gigantic fiery swords that inflict 6 stacks of burning with 5s of recharge, AoE 5s recharging Cripple, create a Combo field every 10 secs, and Meteor shower every 15 seconds. Why not Glyph of Elementals? Because try to avoid your unmanageable elemental from getting in AoEs in the middle of gigantic WvW battle.

Runes and equipment

Runes of Flame Legion give you power and boost your burning A LOT. I wouldnt recommend using something else. Sigil of Superior Fire for more AoE damage. Full Berserker’s for more power as well as precision as well as vitality as well as critical damage.


The thief should be played with a similar build to what you usually see in sPvP.

The thief is an average profession for WvW right now. It gives you lots of AoE conditions and nice CC thanks to Venomous Aura, but sadly it is slightly underpowered right now.

Venomous Thief


This thief is meant to spread AoE CC conditions that can be really difficult to counter if the enemy team is missing strong AoE Condition removals.

Your main weapon is the shortbow. It gives you AoE Bleeding, Poison and Blind, Disabling shot to cripple pesky melees and trick shot bounces between targets.

Your secondary weapon is Sword/Dagger. Its just a support weapon, with Stun breaker+Condition removal+Boon removal+AoE cripple+Stealth.

Your elite skill is Signet of Malice, because every target struck heals you so gogo AoEs.

Also, as you may have understood by the name of the build, you have 3 Venom utilities and the Elite is Basilisk Venom.


Your main objective is to spread CC conditions. Period. You arent a good AoE spiker, nor a supporter(Deception skills are ridicolous, if you want to play support play Guardian which is 1000 times better). Dont even try to spike people down, because you just cant spike them, you dont have the damage output to do so, you can spike one person down and then youll be out of initiative and in the middle of the enemy team, which isnt good with the paper forged armors thieves have. But, as condition spreader, youre probably the best in the game.

Shortbow is strong because it gives you AoE Bleeding and Blind AND Poison AND Damage AND The Almighty And Terrible Disabling Shot. The first must-use skill is Cluster shot, which is AoE damage and 3 stacks of bleeding. It is good to pressure enemies, but its flight time is terrible and you just cant be in the middle of the enemy army spamming Cluster shot because its like shouting: “Hey look, right here where you see things exploding, its me, a thief, in the middle of your army, easy kill!!!”. The best you can do is to 1) Use it in close-quarter combat, in that case its really useful 2) Use it on stationary targets (Melees or Noobs) or 3) Use it and pray God that it lands on someone, and Im not even joking. When the battle has been going for a while, the enemy team will start suffering AoE pressure. That’s your chance to shine. Mash that 4 button harder than any thief has ever done. AoE Poison(And Lotus Poison’s Weakness) or Poison Combo field, both are good and very situational, use the best and youll see your enemies dying slowly and with terrible pain. Infiltrator’s Arrow is good for movement(Around the map and around the battle) and its good for AoE Blind on balled warriors, but dont use it to jump in the middle of the battle because its like youre trying to use melee CBomb(See above). Disabling shot is good if youre under heavy spikes(3-Dodge-3-Dodge-3-Cya) or if youre being chased by melees. Trick shot is a decent AoE damage… and its everything you can do when you dont have initiative, right?

Your second weapon set is just for self-support. It gives you Stun breaker, cond removal, Boon removal, AoE Cripple and Stealth. Not a very good weapon to use, but its the best you can get, all the other weapon sets are SO weak in WvW that I dont even know how to use them. Dancing Dagger is good to cripple group of Melees. CnD is good if youre in the middle of the enemy army, for any reason, in that case CnD-Dodge-Dodge-Shortbow-Disabling Shot-Disabling Shot is a ridicolous combo that can save your life. All the main hand weapons left were horrible so I took the best I found. The sword gives you a cond removal and stun breaker and the Flanking strike removes one boon, but I wouldnt really use that skills unless youre in a 1v1 situation.

Steal is very good in WvW. You might want to steal from Rangers(Always steal from rangers first, if you can, their marijuana three is an AoE heal and removes 2 conditions every second. Sadly, rangers and their longbows are always on the other side of the map) and Necros, but almost everything that deals AoE damage/Inflicts AoE conditions/Supports allies is good, so study Lowell’s Thief Guide.

Talking about the utilities, Signet of Malice is incredibly strong while using AoEs. It heals you everytime you HIT something, and in WvW everyone and everything is balled, and with CBomb+300 Compassion you can get infinite heals. If youre dying, dont use it, Ill explain why later on.

The venoms are the second soul of the thief. They synergize EXTREMELY well with CBomb and they are really strong because of Venomous Aura, which applies all the venoms you use on yourself AS WELL AS your allies. In WvW youre gonna be with large armies 90% of the times, so you can expect you+5 people with Venoms. Also, Leeching Venoms affects you AND your allies, so you can expect mad heals and damage. You need to cycle your venoms so that Leeching affect you 4 times, which is great. No need to say that Residual venom+Venomous Aura is great.

Try to precast your venoms before a battle, so that you can cast them again in the middle of it, getting 2 cycles of venoms instead of one, for more initial spike power.

Your first venom is Spider venom, which allows you to stack EVEN MORE poison on enemies, which is amazing.

Your second venom is Ice Drake Venom, which isnt very good by itself, but that, with a well placed Venomous Aura, will snare many people and increse enemy army’s CDs.

Your third, and best, Venom is Devourer Venom. With a well placed VenAura you can Immobilize a S**TLOAD of people. This means that with a good guild leader youll have 1) 20000000 stacks of Immobilize on a single part of the battle(Easy kills) or 2) Enemy army will have strange lag spikes, because “We were moving a second before and then whats up now  move out of the AoEs I cant” etc. Which leads you toooo…

Basilisk Venom, which, with a ridicolously well placed VenAura will freeze enemy computers for a while.

A thief has an hidden utility skill called: “Chuck Norris and thieves dont really die, they just go in downed state”. Yeah, you got it. Thief’s downed state in WvW is RIDICOLOUSLY POWERFUL. A good WvW thief might die at most 50 times in his career. Why? Because you can shadowstep in the middle of your team and youre untouchable. You can go in stealth and be untargettable and invisible to enemy radars. Unfortunately, long range heat seeking missiles dont exist in GW2 so downed stealthed thieves in the middle of their team are almost unkillable. So dont use Signet of malice unless youre overextended and you cant really teleport to your teammates.

So remember to cycle you venoms AND use your venoms near other people, and, even if rather weak overall, your build will be really effective. This build is all about balled people.

Runes and equipment

4x Afflicted + 2x Orrian because, summed to Expertise and Potent Poison it gives you +100% Poison Duration, 45% Bleed duration and condition damage. Full Sigil of Superior Doom because NEED MOAR POIZON, with the current setup its very very useful. Full Carrion because it boosts Cond Damage, Power and it gives you some points in Vitality which are very useful to the Thief since its base 12000 hp.

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