Guild Wars 2 New Player Tips

Guild Wars 2 New Player Tips by greg

1. Purchase your gathering items asap. That’s a pick, an axe and a sickle that only cost a few copper and allow you to loot resource nodes.
2. There’s an option “melee targeting assistance” or similar that prohibits you from walking through enemies. It might be better to turn it off, depending on your preference.
3. Type in “/wiki” to open the GW2 wiki.
4. When playing on a foreign client you can instantly translate any game-text into English by pressing the right Ctrl button.
5. You can edit your own music into the game and have it play during different times as explained here:…_music_in_gw2/
6. Press the Cogwheel top right corner of your inventory
Press Deposit all collectibles to put all crafting materials into the bank. (which later can be accessed from the crafting UI from a workstation)
7. Press hide/show bags to make the inventory window into one big bag insted of seperate bags
8. Also, finish a zone 100% to get nice masterwork (green) loot and a black lion key. (all hearts, points of interrest, vistas and waypoints
9. Don’t delete your first character without first sending your backpack,goggles to your new char
10. After you finish a ? quest, go to the ? guy and check for gear upgrades, they usually sell great stuff
11. Be sure to save 10 silver for when you hit level 11, as you have to buy access to your traits
12. Don’t buy violet weapons from vendor in the Mists, it has no dps (its probably for WvWvW). Buy exotic orange weapons.
13. Trebuchet on Battle of Kyhlo is op, it deals 9-11k aoe dmg and you can rush it from start and shoot before enemies take first base (windmill/mansion).
14. Cannon on beach map can be used, you just need to carry cannonballs from nearby ship. It deals 5k aoe dmg and you can shoot both beach and docks with it )
15. Never run away once you’ve completed a Dynamic Event. Try to talk to the NPC’s around you are try to follow any of the conversations NPC’s may have. There may just be one or more events coming up within a minute or 2
16. The mails u receive when u complete a heart are not just mails….take the money inside
17. If you see a resource node don’t rush to it only you can mine it.
18. – you can join the Heart of the Mist by going in Hero – PvP – click Heart of the Mist icon in the top left
19. You can travel to every Capitals by going to Lion’s Arch (take the Asura Portal in any Capital)
20. You have the option “sell junk” in your bags (in the bottom right), it will automatically sell all useless non-salvageable crap.
21. Keybind your weapon swap (as a matter of fact, I suggest to keybind everything
22. I suggest to turn ON auto loot in the options (you just spam “F” when you zerg instead of looting every corpse)
23. You can adjust your mouse turning speed with the slider in the options.
24. EXPLORE EVERYTHING. I found an awesome jumping puzzle yesterday in Lion’s Arch. A dead pirate was messing with me all the time.
25. #1 ability is your auto-attack, so you don’t need to keep spamming it like I did…
26. Adjust your Camera rotation speed to very high to remove that sluggish feeling when you mouse turn
27. You don’t need the bank to access your bank items. Any crafting stations come with bank slots.
28. There are no mail boxes. You can send items away with a right-click, and collect them through upper menu bar.
29. There is a range indicator on your abilities. There’s a red bar below the skill if you’re out of range.
30. You can do every single crafting profession in the game. You can have two active at a time. It costs some coin to switch them out and the fee depends on how many recipes you have. You don’t lose the recipes you have when you switch.
31. DON’T pass up on a harvesting spot. It literally takes 2 seconds, it’s free XP, and you never know if you’ll want to take up a profession that uses it later… you can also sell the raw mats when the TP is up.
32. If you’re getting into areas with mobs that are too difficult, but you’ve done all the other events in that zone (happened to me around level 20), check out the other races’ areas! You get scaled down to match the levels in those zones and can do all of their quests and events while still earning XP and Gear to match your own level!
33. you don’t need to be there when an event ends in order to get credit for it..
34. stick around after a dynamic event, some npc’s turn into karma vendors, (just like haert vendors often do)
35. if you’re being chased by a ranged monster, you can use another monster(a neutral one like a boar would work well) to block the bullets, thereby angering the neutral monster and causing a fight between the two, letting you escape more easily
36. You can redye your armor on your hero page absolutely free.
37. You can /kneel in front of statues and idols to receive some short-term boons.

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