Ghost Recon Online Abilities and Tactics Counters Guide

Ghost Recon Online Abilities and Tactics Counters Guide by Mietz

I will focus on hard and soft counters for tactics and active abilities.


Hard Counter – An ability that directly counters another ability.
Soft Counter – A tactic or strategy that can counter an ability.

Specialist – Aegis Shield (also called “bubble” ingame).

Hard Counter: Blackout Device (Specialist)

Soft Counter:
1. Blitz (Assault) – Rush the unit deploying the bubble
2. Cloak (Recon) – Cloak and flank the unit deploying the bubble
3. Grenades (all classes) – Grenades can be thrown into the bubble where they will detonate doing splash-damage
4. Flanking – Flank the unit and charge into the bubble, hope to survive.
5. Aegis – Try to outlast the enemy shield while staying out of range
6. Wait – Just wait till the power runs out on the shield

Specialist – Blackout Device

Hard Counter: Blackout Device

Soft Counter
1. Movement – stay out of range and in motion

Assault – Blitz

Hard Counter: Blackout Device (Specialist), Blitz (Assault) – on impact both Blitzers will be incapacitated

Soft Counter
1. Heat (Assault) – Suppress the charge
2. Impact Grenades (all classes) – AOE-damage goes through the shield
3. Cloak (Recon) – Flank the Blitzer, his back is unprotected
4. Aim – Feet are unprotected, high-RPM weapons can deal a lot of damage during the charge
5. Ambush/Flank – have someone bait the Blitzer, shoot him in the back

Assault – Heat

Hard Counter: Blackout Device

Soft Counter:
1. Positioning – when heat is deployed the unit using it is very distinctly visible, even from behind cover
2. Cover – move into it
3. priority target – the unit using heat should be taken out by other unaffected team-members immediately

Recon – Cloak

Hard Counter: Oracle (Recon), Blackout Device, Vector Detector (Recon), Heat

Soft Counter:
1. Your awareness – Cloaked units still make sound. the cloak isn’t perfect either, there is a slight blur/distortion when the unit moves, peel your eyes and watch the minimap
2. Suppressive Fire – You can force cloaked units out of cloak when fired upon. If they have mk2 cloak, this will not work immediately, but you will drain their energy and make them scramble for cover. Spray and pray.
3. Covering – Have squadmates have your back when you advance (good advice for all situations)

Recon – Oracle

Hard Counter: Blackout Device

Soft Counter:
1. Movement – The Recon has to keep oracle up to track your movement, make him use up that energy for naught
2. Priority target – A Recon with Oracle is a priority target

Recon – Vector Detector – Team support ability

Hard Counter: none

Soft Counter:
1. If you get sniped even while cloaked, don’t sprint
2. Priority target – a blind team is a weakened team

Recon – Gunshot Detector – Team support ability

Hard Counter: none

Soft Counter:
1. Methodic movement – Gun and run, units can only have one support device, they cant both track your movement and gunshots. unless there are two with different support abilities of course, then you’re fucked.
2. Priority Targets – Recons die first

The ultimate best tactic for everything:
Coordinate and communicate with your team, it yields consistently better results than solo-play.
Be aware of what your team is doing and support them.

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2 Responses

  1. karkus says:

    so what you’re saying is…use the blackout device as it is the only thing really that counters MOST stuff and is countered by minimal abilities also.

    OP much?! :(

  2. Mousetrap ( GRO nick) says:

    there is a hardcounter to gunshot detector —- silencer attachments are not detected by the detector.

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