Ghost Recon Online General Tips and Tricks

Ghost Recon Online General Tips and Tricks by BigGhostDaddy

0. Things to keep in mind

  • Stay Alive: You are more useful to a team alive than dead
  • Focus on capturing points instead of kills
  • Focus on team play, the best team will have most chance of winning
  • Don’t do anything stupid.
  • Allow everyone to have fun:
    • Don’t camp outside the enemy spawn. Let the other team come out of it so they have a fair chance of capturing the point.
    • Don’t farm. Finish the match quickly instead of giving the other team a point/overtime.
    • NEVER (RAGE)QUIT. You don’t just fail your team, but also yourself. No matter how bad it goes, stand and fight.

1. Moving around

  • It’s very important to move around (of course). However always try to move as a team. Sticking together will increase your strength and slims the change of losing ground/being overrun.
  • Camping == sitting still == big chance of losing. You can sit at the same location, but move if:
    • Your team moves.
    • When an area is being captured and you can cover the same location/choke points from there
    • Someone asks you to cover another location or assist somewhere.
    • After shooting someone or a group. If you keep moving around, the enemy will have a harder time to track and take you out and you will have the advantage that they don’t know where you are (exactly)
  • The only kind of person that has an advantage staying behind is the sniper. Anyone else should be more up front, helping cap a point or defend one.
  • Running is fast, but it makes more noise (A recon device can detect you) and there is a delay before you can shoot. So run to the front lines (as assault, specialist or SMG recon) but start walking so you can react quickly to wild enemies appearing. Exception: Running from cover to cover is not a bad idea.
  • Be aware of your environment. Keep following things in mind: Squad mates location, (possible) enemy locations, covers, choke points, flanks and camper spots.
    =>A good trick in tracking enemies/finding enemy locations is watching where your squad mates dies (if it comes to that).
    =>Listen carefully for footsteps, gunshots, devices being activated/deactivated.
    => When a teammate activates a device, react properly:

    • Blitz: Following and kill anyone the blitz user downed
    • Heat: Move up in the direction the assault uses heat. He is suppressing the enemy.
    • Aegis: Join the specialist under the bubble to protect the user inside the bubble or to help the push.
    • Blackout: Finish those who are hit by the EMP effect
  • Originally Posted by WhiteR
    Hi all! Rush and cover!!! = Victory :D
    => Rushing can give you an advantage as you can set up before the enemy arrives. I do not advise this for people who don’t know the game that well

  • => Video posted by Oracle

2. Communication

  • Use ‘;’ (semicolon) for team chat and ‘:’ (double colon) for match chat (default buttons).
  • There are many languages on this tiny planet. I suggest you use English to have most chance of being understood.
  • Coordinate/orginize your team. A well organized team will have a bigger chance of winning.
  • Let people know what point you will attack (and how if you would like some cover).
  • Let teammates know when you are going to use a device.
  • Use a microphone if possible or get one if you don’t have one yet. It’s easier to coordinate using the might of the voice.
  • If you die, let your mates know where and by who. If your killer had support, mention that. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT WHEN BEING ATTACKED FROM BEHIND!
  • Tell people when you will (try) covering them, when you will follow them/want them to follow you.
  • Laser designators can provide some very basic and vague information (‘T’ by default). Check the “Tips and Tricks: weapons” thread for more information
  • Be friendly against each other:
    – If you are saying something offensive add a smiley at the end :)
    – Don’t rage (especially not against team mates). It’s not only bad for the heart, but it will decrease the amount of fun everyone will have (except for trolls).
    – Be constructive and guide the lost ones: don’t say “Learn to play noobs”, but say “There are some interesting threads on the forum about playing this game, I suggest you go and read them”
    – Do not involve mothers/sisters/… in this game. I suggest you go to COD if you have the need to lie about your sexual experiences.
    – Don’t call everyone who is better a cheater/hacker. If you really believe someone is hacking, make a video and send it to tech support or put it on the forum. Fraps can record a video for 30 sec for free

3. Taking cover

  • Taking cover is essential for surviving. So use it.
  • You get weapon bonuses.
  • There are 3 stances in cover: Standing up, crouched and in prone. It’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages (imagine it in 2 dimensions with you taking cover):
    Standing up: Small and high
    Crouched: width and height about the same
    In prone: Low to the ground, but further away from the wall
  • Don’t sit on a side where someone already is. There is no collision detection between squad mates, but that doesn’t mean you should become one with someone. You cannot shoot through your allies, and when you both peek from cover to shoot someone you are going to have a bad time (most likely).
  • Prefer taking cover over lying down on the floor (for the bonus). Lying against a wall is better than lying next to the wall.
  • Try to see yourself behind cover from enemy locations.
  • A foot or the top of your head could be sticking out enough for a sniper to shoot/kill you.

4. Capping points

  • Capturing points is the only way to win a game. So your focus should be on that rather than on shooting enemies.
  • If your team is capping a point, try to get inside the point to speed up the process.
  • If the enemy team is capping a point, try to get inside the point to prevent further capture or to slow it down.
  • You can easily know how many enemies are capping a point by checking the number top right of your HUD (see image) minus the teammates inside the area.

    Example: right top it says 5 and only 1 person of your team is inside the area. Now you know there are 6 enemies capping.
  • Don’t be stupid and cap a point on your own (with no teammates around)
    => The enemy will know where you are (and will most likely overrun you)
    => You are more useful alive than dead.

5. Combat

  • While playing you will most likely encounter enemies. Make sure you see and shoot them first to increase your chances of winning.
  • Watch where you throw grenades! Notify team players when using explosives (if needed).
  • Watch your ammo and reload after every fight. During a fight, switch to your secondary weapon and reload the main first afterwards before your secondary.
  • DON’T ENGAGE IN FIGHTS YOU CANNOT WIN. If you are facing 2 or 3 enemies and you are not well positioned, move out to safety or sit still. Suicide is not an option.

6. Stealth

  • Being stealthy can save your live and/or give you an advantage.
  • Equip a silencer
    => Easier to attack from behind undetected
    => Makes you more difficult to detect/pinpoint your location
  • When behind cover, go in prone mode and stay still. There is a good chance the enemy will just run past you.
  • Try to move around in crouch mode. You make less noise. Also avoid reloading and running, for the same reason.
  • 1 person is harder to detect. So you could go solo, however check “7. Solo play” for more team oriented solo play (meaning you play on your own, but to help the rest of your team).

7. Solo play

  • Not advised, however if you truly wish to play on your own, at least make sure your team benefits from it
  • Hunting and killing enemies will not help your team win the game. Prefer helping with capping points or covering choke points.
  • Originally Posted by Micha
    When there is a possibility to flank enemies i try to do this, because my team might be stuck and when i wipe out the enemies from behind my team can proceed capturing without getting shot by campers. In this case playing as ambushing solo “rambo” might be more effective than sticking to my team because of the increased surprise effect.
    => For flanking it’s not a bad idea to do this on your own (see “6. Stealth” why)
  • To scout (with the intention of providing intel) ahead you can go on your own. If you do this, I suggest you shoot only when you can win the fight.

Don’t forget to add your own tips ‘n tricks to this thread!

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