Freefall Tournament Classes Basic Guide

Freefall Tournament Classes Basic Guide by probandit10

Hello, all combateers and snipers, this is a simple class guide about the 4 classes that are in Freefall Tournament right now. In the near future, there would be about 12 classes (or so).SCOUT
The premier in swift combat and speedy engagements.

Speed : High
Health : low/200
Shields : low/150

Weapons :

1) Sub-machinegun.
Great at suppresing the opponent with a hail of gunfire from above.

Rate-of-fire : fast
Ammo. Speed : Instant
Ammunition capacity : 45 per Magazine
Damage : Low
Accuracy : Moderate

2) Light Saber Chop Deadly close-range weapon for quick kills.

Rate-of-fire : slow
Ammo. speed : N/A
Ammunition capacity : N/A
Damage : high
Accuracy : N/A

A extremely powerful defender that can wipe out a base.

Speed : low
Health : high/400
Shields : high/250

weapons :

1) Heavy-machinegun
A purely devastating explosive rapid cannon.

Rate-of-fire : Moderate
Ammunition speed : moderate
Ammunition capacity : 40
Damage : moderate/high
Accuracy : moderate

2) Blitzkereig Mauler Better than the Light Saber Chop at close range engagement thanks to extra crush.

Rate-of-fire : Very slow
Ammunition speed : N/A
Ammunition capacity : N/A
Damage : Very high
Accuracy : N/A

A useful supporting unit that can place turrets or be the field medic.

Health : moderate/250
Shields : moderate/200
Speed : moderate

weapons :

A well balanced energy-based weapon which projectiles can richochet off walls.

Rate-of-fire : moderate
Ammunition speed : moderate
Ammunition capacity : 20 (constant blast )
Damage : moderate
Accuracy : moderate

2) Medical Wavebeam ( Real name unknown ) One of the few reasons why the tech is so useful in the field.

Rate-of-fire : constant
Ammunition speed : instant
Ammunition capacity : infinite
Damage : N/A
Accuracy : 100% hit chance

SPECIAL This weapon is used to heal people, not kill or do anything to enemies. If you find a injured ally, you cango up to himand shoot him with your Medical Wavebeam. He will slowly heal at a rate of 5-10HP/sec. If you are injured but your ally isnt, than you can go up to him, shoot the beam at him and it will shoot back at you, healing you too! In there is more than 1 ally in your area of healing, the other allies will all be healed too! Dont forget, you can heal turrets too!

A deadly precision sniper that can wipe anything out… from a distance.

Health : Moderate/300
Shields : Moderate/250
Speed : moderate

Weapons :

1) Assualt rifle
A rapid-fire weapon that is better than the Sub-machinegun by a long shot.

Rate of fire: high
Ammo. Speed: instant
Ammunition capacity:45
Damage : Low/Moderate
Accuracy : Moderate

2) Railgun A deadly sniper-like weapon that can dish out heavy damage if shot to heads.

Rate-of-fire: Slow
Ammo. Speed: instant
Ammunition capacity: 1 shot per energy load of 100%
Damage: Very high/50-100
*Accuracy: High/Low
*This weapon is unable to lock-on to targets. If used at long range, then it is very accurate. If you usually use the lock-on feature, then you will have trouble trying to use this weapon. The lack on locking is realistic. If it could lock, with this much damage, scouts would be rather useless.
Please comment on how you think about the different classes. Thank you so much!

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