Freefall Tournament Light Classes Basic Guide

Freefall Tournament Light Classes Basic Guide by PhragX

Now that the old classes got revamped and the new classes have been introduced for quite a few weeks, it’s time to start discussing pros and cons and strategies. Why? Because it’s awesome. And you want to be awesome. And awesome people play awesomely. The actual skills can be read about in-game, so I won’t waste space for that here; instead, let’s talk tips, tricks, and strategies.

I’m opening up with the light-chassis classes because, frankly, they’re my favorite. And they’re both awesome. Now, some of you might be saying to yourself “But PhragX, if we all share our secrets, we’ll lose our competitive edge! (Q_Q)”

Nonsense! If there are more competitors, you have to learn new strategies which make you more versatile. In a single word, you’ll be more ________? Awesome — that’s right! See, you’re learning already! So let’s get to it. All contributions will be considered and some will be added, so if you know a thing or 2 about playing as light-chasses, killing light-chasses, or teaming with light-chasses, post it here!


Here we have the Scout (old) and Assassin (new). This may be the least durable group in the game. However, they are both extremely good at melee and have decent mobility options and situational ranged attacks that can make or break a fight.

– Excellent 1v1
– High mobility (Scouts = aerial movement; Assassins = sneaky cloak)
– Best movement speeds in the game
– Can often kill a target very, very quickly
– Can steal kills rather easily (for all you kill/death ratio checkers)

– Poor capturing skills (generally a kamikaze approach)
– A bit squishy
– Comparatively weak ranged attacks
– Non-explosive F-bombs makes for harder combos
– They have low survival chance if they approach someone head-on


1) If you play Scout, DO NOT STOP MOVING. Ever.
2) Without question, Scouts have the best aerial. Period. Some classes can hang for a while, but they can’t move like the Scout does. You can probably play a whole match without touching the ground if you try (except at spawn, of course).
3) If you jump in one direction, immediately use Q or E to quickly change directions and become more unpredictable.
4) Save Q move for emergencies: when you chase or get chased or really need to get to a capture point.
5) Scout jetpack allows short constant or burst use, allowing for a lot of maneuverability.

1) Stay in the air most of the time. Running on ground is great for hiding or sneaking up on someone, but it’s harder to maximize speed.
2) The Dope Saber Chop (sword’s R) is easily the best and preferred choice for entering melee-range. You move very quickly through the air and do really good damage when you arrive. Plus, your sword’s already out, so start swinging away.
3) Alternatively, you can use the Dope Saber Dash (right-click + left-click). This will lock onto a target and swing your sword, giving you a short but fast hop in their direction. Some players spam this move to reach high speeds and auto-target enemies at the same time.
4) Use E move if:
– your Chop is on cooldown
– your target is trying to run away (you can stun him)
– your target has you locked-on and will kill you (stun him or fly behind a corner)
5) Your gun is a good approach IF you are somewhat near your target already/your target is moving. It’s also good to quickly help an ally who is already in a fight.

General Combat Tips
1) Submachine Gun is much faster if you don’t target-lock (right-click). Only target-lock if there is a lot of range or you have bad aim. When you do target-lock, your target has more time to escape or fight back.
2) Focus on 1v1 fights: you’re quick, but if an enemy target-locks you, it will hurt.
3) Haze bomb is excellent on a capture point. Enemies standing on it will have a harder time to defend the point; your teammates will have an easier time protecting it.
4) The effects of haze bomb last a few seconds AFTER leaving it. This means you can drop the bomb on a crouched gunner, a tank, blaster, etc. before you enter melee range. They’ll fail to target-lock you or might run away (in some cases, this gives you time to hit them without getting hit).
5) Feel free to hurt an enemy, rack up some poison, then move on to the target. There’s a rhythm to it, but it’s nice. By the time he realizes he’ll never reach a health pack in time, you’ll already be poisoning your next victim.


1) 2nd-highest movement speed in the game
2) Air-time isn’t as good as Scouts, however:
– Use Knyphoon (blades’ R) to gain some horizontal distance
– Use blades’ (right-click + left-click) to gain some distance, even you don’t have a target locked-on
3) Use cloak wisely: use it to approach OR to escape
4) Opposite the Scout, I recommend Assassins stay on the ground most of the time. Once an Assassin is seen, he cannot escape so easily—use walls and objects to your advantage.
5) The jetpack for Assassin is not great. You can get height, but it’s hard to stay in the air.

1) Blades’ (right-click + left-click) is a good approach. It boosts speed a little, does good damage, and puts you in melee range with your blades already out. Plus, it adds poison effect to the target.
2) You might approach with Knyphoon (blades’ R). It will do great opening damage, but it can be difficult to gain the right momentum from this attack to reach your target and get several hits in.
3) You can open up with a Panic Bomb. The target will get poison damage and will not know his friends from his enemies. While he figures out who to attack, you can sneak up and use any combo you like.
4) Your gun is a good approach IF you are somewhat near your target already/your target is moving.

General Combat Tips
1) Needler Guns are much faster if you don’t target-lock (right-click). Only target-lock if there is a lot of range or you have bad aim. When you do target-lock, your target has more time to escape or fight back.
2) Needlers do less damage and less poison damage than your melee moves. Use Needlers for chasing or quickly helping an ally fight.
3) Focus on 1v1 fights. If an enemy target-locks you, it will hurt. You can quickly kill any target, even a Tank before he pops open a shield.
4) Panic Bomb can be great for trolling enemies. Use it on players guarding the capture point, use it on snipers, use it on Blazers, use it anywhere you can hit 2 or more enemies with one Panic Bomb. Even if you die, you’ll probably take 1 or more enemies with you.
5) Poison acts like a tracking device: you’ll see green numbers pop up from your victims, even if they’re on the other side of the wall. Sometimes, Needlers are great for just planting poison on someone you can follow them.

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