Dynasty Warriors Online Showdown Basic Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Showdown Basic Guide by BestOfAllNoobs

This guide is to inform newer players on the basic strategies of Showdown. Simplified from other players strategy posts.

The five points i will cover are as follows

1. Difference between showdowns and Capture/Fighting Strength
2. What to bring to the battle (weapons, items, “Plan”
3. Description of Current Maps and how to navigate them.
4. Ways of fighting in Showdown and key places to keep an eye on.
5. Team strategy (for up and coming guilds use)


Showdown is a weekend even in which 12 of your faction players fight against 12 of enemy faction players. Like Fighting strength, you need to caputure and defend bases while they charge up. When they fully charge up they will deal damage to the enemy supply ( THE TWO RED AND BLUE BARS AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN ARE FRIENDLY AND ENEMY SUPPLY LEVEL).
and once on reaches 0. or time runs out, the battle is over, and the team with the lowest supply, loses.
But, there are three big things that set Showdown apart.

a. Bases are tougher.
Bases get a boost on defensive power. Captains are harder to kill, towers harder to destroy ect.
b. Killing troops/ Players DONT COUNT
Although your killing is recorded by the game, it has no effect on the health of enemy supply.
In each team’ supply base there are four HIGH DAMAGE gunpowder cases. If an enemy destroys one it will take out MASSIVE damage to your teams supply. The Supply base cases are worth about 40% of overall supply. This is not reason to have everyone run at the supply base tho, you cannot win on this alone. It is, in all actuality, a quick finishing move, to end the game fast after you have dealt enough damage to the enemy team first.
There are some more advanced guilds that can win on purely Defending bases alone…
But for now, just know the gun powder cases are there.


There are going to be alot of bodies hittin the floor at any givin time (i loved that song too Drowning Pool- Bodies).
You are going to need to be fully ready to take on the challenge of
a.Capturing bases and blowing up gunpowder cases.
while also b. Fighting off enemy players.

Here’s what you need…
You first need one of those Showdown/Fighting Strength weapons i had mentioned in the Mother post. Please go back there if you are coming here first. It needs Attack Damage and Defense.
Make it a weapon you like.

Now that you have the weapon you like, you will need an ITEM and a PLAN.
Going into showdowns without an item is a big NO NO even if it a simple stone belt. If you have a element weapon… use the orb that goes with it. If you dont wanna get gangbanged by multiple players, wearing a stonebelt or granitebelt will save you from them keeping you in the air for too long. Even using **** Amulet or one of the stat boosting items is the way to go. JUST DONT GO WITH NOTHING!!
You also need something that is exclusive to showdowns.. A PLAN..
here are the different plans…

ATTACK= boosts your attack power by 20% and decreases your defense power by 10%
DAMAGE= boosts your attack power by 20% and decreases your attackPower by 10%
DEFENSE= boosts your Defense and life power by 20% and decreases your Attack and Damage by 10%
MOVE= increses your running speed by 20% and decreases ALL OTHER STATS by 10%
ALL= increases all stats by 10%

Now starting off, if you are using one of the weapons i have shown you i would start with “ALL” and change as the battle needs it.


There are currently three maps on showdowns.
1. Fortress
Players start standing on top of a wall on both sides of the battlefield. Looks like a classic fight scene because both sides literally run at eachother and the battle begins.
There are Bases in the middle that will be the main area of fighting,
Also Teams must get the bases behind them and to the sides of the maps to do well.
The supply base is a far run, protected by a mountain you must run around and up.
Each supply base also has to computer genereals inside defending it, Tiger heads that spit fire, and Arrow guns that deal massiv attack power.
A castle has been split in two and the only way to get to the supply bases is to run all the way through the wetlands, which is a marsh and a narrow path with hills on both sides. Bases on this map are more of checkpoints. As they are placed in specific points of the map that can show you how far you have made it. There are two base points in the middle of the hills
3 Bases points in the marsh one
one base point at both of the ends of the hills.
and one base point inside both of the castle parts.
running in packs are a good idea. for if you die…. it is a long run back…
3. Mountain Path
You remembdr this from real battles. You should know it is a big map, There are 3 narrow passages, that get closer to the other side of the map. These three are connected by two wider areas going hoizontally. There are also Two more narrow passages that lead to each supply base. Bases are placed at EVERY CONNECTING POINT of ALL THE DIFFERENT PASSAGES.

There are also 4 laser walls that will block you from moving forward on the sides of the maps.
You need to Hit a shiny rock to turn it blue, when it turns blue… you can pass


A. Player Types
To be a productive memeber of the team you need to do 1 of 4 things, or if you can, all of the 4 things

1. The Capturer (Soldier):

The classic basic fighter. The Soldier fights for control of bases and moves to the needs of the other players. If you want to be a soldier simply capture the base close to you, defend it if there are enemies, and when it is good to go, run away and move to the next one.

2. The Defender (Guardian):
The Protecter of assets. The Guardian Stays at friendly bases and Holds them AT ALL COSTS. If something is taken, take it back quickly, THIS IS YOUR BASE AND NOBODY ELSE CAN HAVE IT is what you should be thinking. If it is needed ONE OR TWO Guardians are in the Supply base helping stall or kill the Rushers (the next type or player). MAKE SURE THERE ARE NOT TO MANY DEFENDERS IN THE SUPPLY BASE, as it is a waste of people.

3. The Rusher (Demoliton):The random guy that you see bolting straight at the enemy Supply base. Demo-men are not really needed if you have good enough Soldiers and Guardians. Demo-men run straight at the Enemy supply base, blow everything up and then they become either Capturers or Defenders.


4. The Confronter (Meat Head):

The guy that fights anyone at any time nomatter what happens or where they are. This guy is using a confront weapon killing enemy players. He is usful if you are winning and defending bases… but in a heated battle he is just a waste of a player, since he can’t get any of the damage bases. IF YOU ARE A CONFRONTER IN SHOWDOWN, at least try to capture human bases or fight near a base. DO NOT fight in random areas of the map. This is a waste of time.

B. Exact strategy for each type.
1. Soldier: Your goal is to make all the bases be friendly. What you want to do is run to the nearest base capture, make sure it is secure and then leave it for the defenders to camp out in. You need to be resolute with what you are doing. Do not be side tracked with other players running around, if you do you will probably become a meat head. You want to use a elemental orb, or a stat boosting item. Use the “Plan” ATTACK DAMAGE DEFENSE or ALL. DONT USE MOVE because it will make you weaker in all stats, and since you are in the thick of the fight, this is not good. Attack players in groups, dont be a lone wolf, hit players in the backs or when they cant defend themselves. When an enemy is on the floor with no mosou, stand over them swinging so when they get up they will not be able to run.
When victory is near, Become a rusher, Switch to DAMAGE or MOVE and run at the supply base to finish the job.

2. Guardian: Head to the nearest base. You should have ATTACK DEFENSE OR ALL as the plan.
Capture the base if it is not yours, When it is yours set up your tent because you are protecting this thing. A good thing to do is to stand right at the door and blast lasers, or swing in every direction if an enemy gets near, that way they cannot get by you. Be precise about it tho. You ARE trying to hit them you know.
If a base is so well protected that you dont need to anymore (as in it is far back in the map) move up to a more active base and defend that one, but if somebody runs by you, turn around and dont let them get to that base you left.

3.Demolition: your job is obvious. Use MOVE at the start to get closer to the supply base but THEN SWITCH TO DAMAGE when you get close, so you can blow those Cases up fast.
When you are done doing that refer to the SOLDIER technique.

4. MeatHead: KILL EVERYBODY. I would have to say you are a dumb, sad sad person if you are a meat head anyway. Next Battle try to be a capturer or defender instead…

C. Places to keep an eye on.
You always need to look at the map in showdowns, and in any other game mode. If you are capturing, look to see what area needs the most troops, or what area is lacking assistance or attention. If you are Defending, PRESS THE MAP BUTTON TO SEE THE INSIDE OF YOUR BASE COMPLETELY, but also make sure you know whats going on in the full scale battle too if you are needed for other things. Rusher, Use the map to plan the fastest route to the supply base. Look for random moving red dots on the map, these are enemy players that will most likely try to stop you. AVOID THEM. YOU WANT TO BE UNSEEN until you get close to the supply. If you catch everyones attention running up there you are sure to be surrounded and dealth with, execution style. MeatHead… Just get near a base before killing somebody, They need you there…


Now this part is why your team keeps losing. Too many dont read up or train for game modes like this. You reading this far will put you at an advantage over everyone else that has not.

If you are playing with friends all in the same game, here’s what you do.
It’s what I personally coined a couple months ago called the CAP N’ 50!!!

How to perform the CAP N’ 50.
Absolutly nobody goes for the supply base. YOU MUST DOMINATE BASES. Hold bases off for as long as you can and dont let the enemy do damage to your own health.
You COULD win doing this alone, but that will take a while.
That is where the 50 comes in.
ONCE THE ENEMY SUPPLY IS DOWN TO HALF, A sizeable group of teammates run in a pack to the enemy supply to end the game in victory. A Good party will have One of each class, Soldier, Guardian, Demo, and yes… even a meat head to stop enemies from getting to the ppl hitting on the cases.

If you do not plan on performing the”50 SB rush” part, You must be able to hold every base on the battle feild, or all but one or two.

Well there you have it, that is the basic way to play showdown. I hope it was simplier than the older posts.

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