Dynasty Warriors Online Frequently Asked Questions

Dynasty Warriors Online Frequently Asked Questions by S4V10RX

Well i decided to add the in-game FAQ so that other gamers can save some time looking for the answer. This In-Game FAQ is made and compile by gamers for gamers in Dynasty Warrior Online. Hopefully other gamers that is playing this game is able to contribute to it and share their knowledge with Dynasty Warriors online community. I will update this thread on a daily basis. Thanks.

For the past couple of days before the closing of CBT, I received a lot of messages from new players complaining to me that they hate the random battle melee mode where they got their arse kick by high rank player and there’s no teamwork during the random team melee mode which is very frustrating to them and I understand where they are coming from.

The best solution for this is to find your own team or a group of players that you are able to have a team work, join a guild and encourage the guild or the guild leaders to set up mock battle where you can practice with your guildies to peferct your playing skill. Also have a private match between your team/guildies with enemy team or guildies of the same rank.

The best thing to do this private match is by sending a private message to that particular person or create a new thread inviting people from Wei, Shu or Wu faction to join you, which is very enjoyable since you are going to play with players that have teamwork.

Also do not get discourage if the other team kick your arse in this game as the more arse kicking you get, you will realize that your teamwork and you tactics is improving. Take me for example, my arse got kick so much with those good players that is not even funny and yes it’s very frustrating but yesterday while i was waiting for WU team to have a private match, i decided to enter a random match to kill time and i’m the only person and i’m able to solo 4 enemy general of the same rank from Wei sadly before I can end the quick melee, i got D/C, yes I know this game D/C loves me so much but anyway hope this helps the new player and encourage them to love this game and play this game as this is a great game and I would like to thank Aeria for getting the publishing rights for it and bring this game to the NA and EU fans and gamers alike.

Fast way to become a guard rank on your first mission(credits goes to BryanKDWO1, ViolentK)

Fast way to become a guard (for new players)
After creating your character, you will enter a quest automatically.

Here is what you need to do.

1. Go near the officer in the center of the map.
2. Kill some NPCs, then the officr will retreat.
3. The system will ask u to do C1, C2, C3 and C4 (charge attack 1-4).
C1 means pressing “K” once.
C2 means pressing “J” and then “K”
C3 means pressing “J,J” and then “K”
C4 means pressing “J,J,J” and then “K”
4. You need to kill all the NPCs on the map as soon as possible. you can just go clockwise.
5. After killing about 200 NPCs, a guard in the center of the map will appear. Kill him.

If you can finish all of these within time limit, you will get grade “S” for the quest and receive 200 honor.

6. Finish guard quest in which you need to kill 500 NPCs and then a guard.

When you have killed 500 NPC and the commander, you’ll get the Guard Rank which is not really encourage for new players, but is up to the players choice, this Guard ranks is only serve as an option for people that do not want to do the in-game tutorial.

Here’s the link to the video of the tutorial on how you can get 200 honor on the first mission.

How does the days or the time in this game works? (Credits goes to Kenshou0297)

1 day in Game = 1 hour in real life
6 months in Game (Salary is paid every 6 months) = 7 days and 12 hours in real life
1 year in Game = 15 days in real life
2 years in Game = 30 days in real life

I just got promoted and I receive some quest, what should I do now? (Credits goes to T3xan)

To do the quests that u have now picked up but can’t go to battle find a Clerk which is near most taverns in West/Central/East plaza. Once found talk to the clerk u can do all quests that u find from now on by going to the clerk

Ok, so i only have 1 Lieutenant/Bodyguard available, how do i get more of them and how many different types of Lieutenant are there?

The best way to get Lieutenant/bodyguard is by joining the quick melee/battle and depending on your luck per se, sometimes the Lieutenant/bodyguard will show up. Base on my experience out of 10 battles, I’m pretty sure you will come across 3 or 4 out of this 10 battles. IN Close Beta, there’s only 6 different types of Lieutenant/bodyguard but in open beta, but in Open Beta there’ll be more which includes some of the more exotic one such as Panda, Bear, tiger and so on.

How raise the affinity of your lieutenant? (credits goes to Kizuna and Caprontos)

Affinity is raised simply by the time spent with you in battle. The more you+Lt. go into battle the higher your Affinity will be raised. Takes a lot of battles though…

i gained one affinity level after around 30-35 battles (assuming one battle = level which is about what it averaged)

How do I raise the affinity rank of my lieutenant/bodyguard? (Credit goes to Metalsnake27 and orphen223)

After your Lt/bodyguard. reaches the max level (50 i beleive, or 20000 deeds) his affinty with you starts to go up. Once he reaches C rank, he will find items in battle as long as his motivation stays up, if it goes down, he wont. His rank will continue to go up as you keep using him and eventually he will get to rank B. However, his rank can go down if you dont use him long enough.

Highest rank for lieutenant that i got to was S with about 300+ games (not sure if theres higher)

My lieutenant/bodyguard is Rank C and they need food, what should i do? (credits goes to T3xan)

After your lieutenant/bodyguard fighting along with u, at rank C they start needing Food… as far as where to get food its been said they drop in matches but it seems to be a rare drop as this is Aeria. i’m sure when item mall gets added u will be able to buy food at the item mall too.

How to/Easiest way to get gold?

you can get gold easily by doing quest, try to get at least an A rank from your quest and you will be receiving 100 more gold then what the reward says. sell your stuff with the broker as you can sell it for higher compare when u sell it to the merchant. hope this helps

Updated: For quests that give you 100 gold for E Rank. A ranking it will give you 300 gold. S ranking it will give you 600 gold as a reward. (credits goes to Kensou0927)

How many bodyguards/lieutenant can i bring into the battle?(Credits goes to drakexd)

You can only bring one bodyguard into the battle and you can have a total 8.

During the open beta you can get exotic bodyguards/lieutenant such as panda bear, tiger and etc.

How do I get more weapons for my character beside the original 6 weapons?

You can get more weapons beside the original 6 in open beta, this is close beta and we are only able to use those 6 weapons. In japanese version from what I remember there’s a total of 48-50 different weapon that the user can choose. Don’t quote me on it as it’s been quite sometime since i play DWO japanese or taiwan server.

Am I able to synthesize, dye and so on for my gear or weapon?

You can temper your weapon but when it comes to the rest such as dye, this is only available during Open Beta.

I’m confuse about the ranking system and how do I level my character? (credits goes to GMVert)

In Dynasty Warrior Online, the way it was set up is that your level is your rank. This is the breakdown of the honor rank

0 honor – Recruit

20 Honor – Corporal

50 – Sergeant

100 – Lieutenant Major

200 – Guard

500 – Lieutenant Colonel

And more to come when we get an update.

The rest of the honor rank will be on open beta, at least this is what i heard from other forum members. Don’t quote me on it.

Can my bodyguard/Lieutenant walk with me in town? (Credits goes to drakexd)

When your Lt. reach rank B you have a option to let him/her walk by your side. And this is already included in the CB (Mine is walking with me in the town).

What does the city stats such as economics and etc do for you?(Credits goes to legendaryhero90)

the domestic stats affect differing parts of the economy for you.

1.the first stat alters the price of items sold to you by the Item NPC.

2. I believe is a form of luck. It raises your chance at getting better items in battles.

3. third, is the weapons stats. Lowers the price of weapons sold to you by the Weapons NPC and what level of weapon you may buy from him. (I believe this also affects tempering prices though im not exactly sure.)

4. fourth is for armor stats. lowers the price of armor sold at the armor NPC and allows for you to buy higher level armor from the NPC. (i think this stat also has something to do with the price of “activating” your armor and weapons.)

5. peace raises your weekly pay.

Basic FAQ for weapons mods, tempering and etc.


Attack: attack increases your damage to players, troops, and any thing that has flesh

Damage: what people tend to think is wrong damage needs to be renamed to siege, it increases the damage… you do to buildings,urns,towers,juggernauts or basically anything that doesnt bleed. IT DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR DAMAGE VS PLAYERS.

Musou: bigger musou bar

Life: bigger life bar

Defence: lets you take hits better, most important stat on your weapon to be blunt

Stating your weapon and you!!
what i generally tell everyone is have 2 sets of weapons

1) your first set being for capture enemy base maps/quests
with this weapon i usually stat it as 1-2 defesce, 3-4 points on life,0 point musou, 2-3 point on attack as much damage as you can get, with 3-4 point of damage you add to your weapon, you do insane damage to buildings/juggernauts, if your using a axe you even kill them in 1 combo

for base fights damage and possibly attack are the only stats you need to upgrade really if it turns into a long fight get defense so you can safely ignore any player while you cap a base

2) for your second set you need a weapon thats good against players, or will easily kill troops, i usually put 4 defensee (nothing even hurts you anymore cept axes/flame musous when you have 4 defense can increase to 5 if you want) 5/5 Life attack 0-2 musou and 0 damage

-dont ignore defense 1 point of defense makes a world of difference i die from 1 combo against a good player without defense but with it at 1 point i can suddenly survive 3 more combos. i actually 1 shotted a player before because i had 5 attack and he had 0 defence
high attack is also nice because you can rip through them fairly easy. damage is useless since you wont be attacking bases, and musou is useless because thats only used 1/10th of the fight.

Emblems (copied orillion123s post in another topic on this)

Pierce: are simple forward-centered attacks.

Thrust: forward-centered attacks involving movement (character may move forward while performing it).

Crescent : swirly-ish attacks of some kind. (example: for the spear, the character grabs it in the center and makes it spin to hit things multiple times with both ends of it – short range, though. In fact, it’s pretty much hug-range.)

Fan: attacks 180 degree attacks in front of you.

Moon: generally full 360 swings.

Eclipse: full 360 attacks that have increased knockback/knockup in return for less damage than the Moon equivalent has.

rating the types of weapons i would say

axes: shortest range, high damage and attack, very slow movement speed. good for base fighting or troop farming and the special which is Advance+ is aggression

spears: not as long ranged as you think it has medium attack range, normal movement speed, has a very low defense. poor in commander fights, good for troop farming.Advance+ is reach

twin maces: very high defense really poor attack, good running speed not sure what special it has rare to see a twin mace. Please let me know the Advance+ for this weapon.

twin swords: very low attack and damage,normal attack range, fastest running speed, decent musou, fast attacks. good for commander fights, bad for base captures. Advance+ is rally

twin picks: what people do not realise is twin picks have a fairly long range being such small weapons.Advance+ is aggression

cudgel fast movement, normal attack and damage, short range but can become long with special, musou is hard to aim. good for everything. Advance+ is reach

I’m a Lt Colonel, what should I do if i want to join veteran battles and how do i modify the points in my weapon to make 16/16?(Credits goes to FFOX91 and Gazami)

Veteran battles can only be played by Lt.colonels who have a weapon that has the minimum of 16/16 tempers or over,its kinda impossible to do that now since you dont get much gems out of battles and there is no cash shop mall yet also because now you wont be able to play 4/4 battles against people the drop rate will be much lower (and your character is to weak and its cb).

you just need your alchemy or whatever that skill is called to be high enough and you need the brown bags to element the weapon to make it 16/16 and the best thing to modify your Weapons,Gear,Items is by trial and error,succeeding or failing to dye or element or mix items raises those 3 stats.

Also if you use your weapons for 51 times, it gains a modify point, when that happens you can choose your weapon at blacksmith and modify it. Some modify requires 2 modify points.

This is what it looks like.

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