Dynasty Warriors Online Selling Items Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Selling Items Guide by mabarnett1229

You know when you see those things that look like “++=-X” or “p/c”, “m/f”, and “c/m”and you just want to know what it means but no one will tell you? Well have I got good news for you!

This Tutorial will go into great detail about what all those things you don’t understand mean and how they may effect the value of the things you deem useless that you find after battle.

You may be selling a weapon to the merchant that could be worth over 20 or even 50 THOUSAND (Yes, THOUSAND! $_$ ) gold in Dynasty Warriors Online. So pay close attention and this will help you make a little bit more gold than you would by just selling things to the Muffin Ma… I mean… Merchant.

Materials Needed for This Course Include:

  1. An account with Photo Bucket or Image Shack or other website with which you can upload photos and share them on different sites with a code that they give you
  2. A functioning screen capture method or software/program such as Growler Guncam, Bandicam, or just a working PrtSc/SysRq button on your keyboard
  3. A “Mule” (Only if you want to “travel” and sell to different factions in DWO)

Key Terms/Important Words to Know

Stats – The numbers shown on the weapon; Comes in two magnificent flavors: BBQ Base and Unbelievable Upgrade.
Emblems – The moves listed as Emblem 1 and Emblem 6; Otherwise known as c1 and c6
Elements – The power or type of affiliation that the weapon would work well with; Otherwise known as “ele”.
Mods – Modifications that can be done to a weapon that make a chosen stat higher; Come in two different flavors: Sweet & Sour Simple and Dangerously Delicious Detailed.
BB – Blue Bars: These “Bad boys” give the upgrade stat chosen a nice permanent boost. Each bar is worth a boost of 1 point and you can have a total of 4 on each stat and 5 on the elemental affinity of all weapons (And the ele on all armors).

Let’s Get Started

Farming is what you make of it. For some, it is a time where your friends and you can have fun and bloody up the battlefield. While for other, it is a way to make serious amounts of gold.

If you are reading this, then you are looking for a way to make more gold than you have been making. Good for you! I’m glad you found this post! ^_^

Now… Down to the gritty of this bitty.

Farming is where you go into battle and get weapons, items, and armor… and even lieutenants. But there is something that is special about the weapons that you may get that items and armor don’t have: A hidden value. When you see something like this:

you might think of it as “trash” and send it right to the Merchant of… well… cheapness… cause let’s face it… the guy is ripping you off. You had to BLEED for these goods and he doesn’t… eh hem… anyway…


Here we have a nice shiny Iron Sword. To you it may look like nothing worth anything, but to someone else it may look like the next best killing machine made of steel.

Now the stats of this Iron Sword are not the best, but they are a perfect example of those “+”, “=”, “-“, and “X” thingys that we always see in these forums.

The weapons Upgrade stats are marked with a “+” preceding the number and are enclosed in parentheses. Each of these numbers has a set of numbers that corresponds with it. There is a “low” number, a “normal” number, and a “high” number which are often referred to with a minus sign(-), equal sign(=), or plus sign (+) in the forums. But when you see an “X”, this only means that the person talking about the weapon is not interested in the value of that particular stat, basically saying, “This stat is useless on this particular weapon. *DELETE! BANG! RAWR! MEW! :3*”.

Take a look at the Upgrade stat of the attack. This rank 3 Iron Sword has an attack Upgrade stat value that is higher than the normal by 1. You may not think it to be much But in actuality, that 1 point could mean the difference between life, death, and sausage … Anyway. So what would that make the stat set of this particular weapon so far?

You guessed it! +????

“Why?”, you ask. Well, since the attack Upgrade stat is higher than the normal attack Upgrade stat, and it is located first in the stat set (attack (+), damage (?), defense (?), life (?), musou (?)), the “+” will be the first in the line of the stats. So you have +???? as the stat set so far.

That is the attack.

Now on to the damage. For Iron Swords, people don’t really use damage so this stat would most likely be marked down as “X”. But since this is a tutorial to show you how to read these numbers and signs, you will learn the value of this Upgrade stat. Since it is higher than the normal damage stat for the rank 3 Iron Sword by 1 point, it will be marked as “+”. So what does that say about your stats now?


You guessed right… I hope…

It mean that the stat set is now ++???. This means that the attack Upgrade stat and the damage Upgrade stat are both above the normal stat value by 1 point each, which gives them the rating sign of “+”.

Are you catching on? Good! I’m glad to see that you are paying attention.

And now for the defense Upgrade stat of this rank 3 Iron Sword. It is also higher than the normal Upgrade stat value of a rank 3 Iron Sword. So this means what?

That’s right!
Our stat set is now +++??. Things are starting to look promising, right? Yeah!

Now… you may be thinking to yourself, “Where is he getting these numbers?” Well in order to be able to tell the value of a weapons Upgrade stats and whether they are “+”, “-“, or “=”, you must refer to the Dynasty Warriors Online Wiki that Yurisaki is compiling and look at the weapons list, choose the weapon you want to evaluate, and match the numbers as you see them. And if you don’t feel like doing the match of finding out if the numbers are a “+” or not, then you need the direct source located at NiuBloc’s Weapons Stats, which is a list of the weapons and the only numbers shown are the numbers that mean “+” in the stat set. So you can go to that site and just see if the numbers on your found weapon match the numbers that are an automatic “+”.

Okie dokie. With that outta the way, let’s see what you’ve learned with a short quiz. We have here a rank 3 (r3) Iron sword (I. Sword) With the stats of +++??. Using the resources/links provided in this tutorial, find out what the signs that would be for the life Upgrade stat value and the musou Upgrade stat value.

If you came up with +++=- then you… GET A COOKIE! ^_^ YAY! *Happy dance*

+++=- is the right answer and you have now learned about the meaning of the stats signs. Now since the damage would not really be needed on a weapon such as this, the overall stat set evaluation would look like this: +X+=-.


Now on to the emblems of a weapon.

When you see things that look like “p/e”, “c/m”, or “m/f”, these things are the emblems requested/specified. As we said before, the emblems are the parts of the move set that are listed at the bottom of the weapons description. Can you tell me what the emblems of this weapon are?

If you said anything along the lines of emblem 1/c1/e1 is pierce or “p” and emblem 6/c6/e6 is crescent or “c”, then you can pat yourself on the back with a fish because you are right. The emblems are specific to every weapon and have different things about them that people really pay close attention to and desire. For instance, some emblems have attributes that allow them to tap into the element that is tied into your weapon. These emblems “activate” the elemental affinity of your weapon during battle and cause amazing things to happen such as a lightning element has a chance to stun your enemy or a vorpal element can drain the musou out of your foes (Works great against musou spammers, btw). At the weapons list link above you will be able to find ALL of the emblems and type of attributes they possess listed under each weapon.

Emblems are (from what I am told) the most important part of the weapons that buyers look at. There are some players who don’t even care about the emblems and just use the weapons anyway.

Back to the point – here is a key that will help you remember the emblem names:
Crescent – C
Moon – M
Pierce – P
Thrust (that’s what she said ;]) – T
Fan – F
Eclipse – E

You will never see someone say “f/m” or “e/c” because Fan and Eclipse emblems can only be in the 6th emblem slot.

Let’s Get Selling!
Now that you know about the stats and emblems, you are ready to go out there and farm your heart out in search of great weapons.

But wait… what do you do when you FIND those weapons that everyone is looking for? What do you do with these +++++ perfectly excellent emblem’d weapons that you have found?

Well, I’ll tell you what You have to do in order to make it known to the world that you have just found a perfect pair of tonfa with a +++++ stat set and c/c, p/c, or c/p emblems.

When you look inside your armory or your list of weapons, find the weapon you want to sell and use what ever method of screen capture that you have chosen (I prefer the PrtSc button), and save that image to your hard drive. This will enable you to cherish the memory forever… or at least until you sell the masterpiece you just found lying around on the ground…

Once the file is saved, you can now go into your documents folder (or where ever you have chosen to save the files from the game) and look at the picture of the weapon.

Now that you have a picture, you can go to your online photo sharing website of choice, upload it, and keep it there. This will enable you to share this picture with family, friends, the world even; and you will also be able to free up space on your hard drive. Everyone loves free hard drive space… right?

Now you are ready to post this picture in a “store” on the forums in the section titled “Barter”.

Here is where you will find Merchants of many kinds willing to pay a price that is way more suitable than that of the in-game merchant.

And now that you know the stats of your weapon (because you looked at the websites above and compared the corresponding numbers and you are a smart cookie :3), you can now list the weapon and the stats and the emblem.

For example, the weapon shown above will be listed as follows:

R3 I. Sword +++=- (or +X+=-) p/c

This is where things get fun. Now that you have uploaded your picture to the site of your choice, you are given a couple of codes or links to use in order to share it in a post like this on a forum like this.

That code is called the image code. This code basically consists of the link at which your picture is located (Direct link) surrounded by “tags” called IMG tags. These tags act as a command in the forum to let the server know that you want to show an image. When you surround the link with this set of tags ([IMG] and [/IMG]), that link will generate the picture you want to show. As you see above with the I. Sword.

Now that you have your weapon posted, you may want to extend your services to outside of your faction and make a “mule”.

Making an A… Mule… for Yourself

A “mule” is simply another account that you have access to that you can use to take this back and forth from faction to faction. In order for this to work smoothly, I suggest you buy (with AP) a shipping desk and use a second computer to gain access to the mule and your main account at the same time to make a friend request between the two charaters. If you do not have access to a second computer, have a friend that you know you can trust access your “mule” in order to make the friendship request so that you can send weapons to your “mule” with the shipping desk. And if you can’t find a friend, find me and I will be happy to get you set up. You can always send me a message to my inbox, or whisper me in game, as I said before. And trust me, I won’t be doing anything to your account because I already have my own 3 accounts. This one, my mule, and my random “Pester the heck outta people for no reason” alt located in … Blah blah blah blah! :3

So yeah, I would be more than willing to spend some time just helping you add your mule to your friends list. But that’s it… I don’t make burgers for anyone… anymore… >.>

Things will be really hard if you do not have a shipping desk so I strongly suggest you obtain one IF YOU WANT TO TRAVEL.

The mule account is an account that contains a character on it that has basically failed the very first test, keeping them below 200 honor (My Mule has 6 honor). This is done in order to allow free reincarnations for as long as the account is active. This way, you are not bound by the laws of “stay in one town only or pay”.

Class Dismissal

I do hope this little tutorial has helped you in your quest to learn about weapons and everything that has to do with them. If you have any question, feel free to contact me directly through a message. You can whisper me in game about anything if you are apart of the Cao Cao faction. My in-game name is Tenshi.BH2 and I am always willing to help… even when I am in a bad mood… which is a lot of the time…


And if you are wondering how much people are willing to pay for weapons, then I will give you an example of how lucky you can get when selling things on the forums.

The following example is not a lie or an exaggeration:

I posted this weapon in my shop a few days ago…

I listed the stats as +X+++ and the emblems I knew were good for a nice confront weapon.

This one weapon right here earned me for my patience and whopping 50,000 gold! Can you believe that?! I know you can’t but I can assure you that I made sure my mule got there to that man and got that man his Bronze Pike on the double!

I hope this tutorial helps all of you who read it. I sure do Wish I had something like this when I wanted to know what things meant in the world of DWO.

Bye! ^_^

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